Flowers That Start With W

Water lily.
Water lily.

According to the Guardian, there are approximately 400,000 flowering plant species in the world. However, the number of flowers that exist on Planet Earth is still unknown. A flower is the reproductive part of the flowering plant (angiosperm). Apart from aiding in the reproduction of flowering plants, flowers are objects of romance, religion, as well as a source of food. There are many different flower names, some of which are very difficult to pronounce. Like human names, flower names help in the unique identification of flowers. Below are some of the flowers that start with the letter W.

Flowers that Start with W


Wallflower, also known as Erysimum cheiri, is a flower of a plant in the family Brassicaceae. The flowering plant is native to Europe but has been introduced in other places and cultivated as a garden plant. Wallflowers are small flowers of about 2 inches. They are fragrant flowers of all colors with the most common colors being yellow and orange. Each wallflower consists of 4 sepals, 4 petals, and 6 stamens. The three common varieties of wallflowers are the Alpine, Siberian, and English wallflower.

Water Lily

Water lilies are freshwater floral species popular for their beautiful and fragrant flowers. There are 60 different species of water lilies. The flowers are of varied shapes and sizes but generally range from 7-13 cm wide. They are radially symmetrical and display either pink or white petals. The tapering petals are broad but narrow towards the center. The flower looms above the heart-shaped, green, floating leave

Wax Plants

Wax plant is a plant with long, slender vines covered with thick, green leaves. The inflorescence comprises of numerous flowers grouped in an umbel. The flowers are light pink but the color may also vary from near-white to dark pink. These flowers are star-shaped. The flowers are covered in tiny hair and are usually scented. Wax plant flowers are common between spring and late and late summer.


Wedelia is a flowering plant belonging to the sunflower family. The flowers closely resemble that of the sunflower. These flowers comprise of bright yellow ray floret of between 8 and 13 per head. The rays' average length is about 11 mm. Wedelia is native to Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean where it is widely cultivated as ornamental soil cover.

Wild Rose

Wild rose is native to the Pacific Coast of the US where it is grown in the USDA plant hardiness zones 5-10. The wild rose flowers appear from spring to end of summer, with a few blossoming in fall. The flowers are made of a pale yellow center surrounded by five pink petals. These flowers grow quickly and easily in their native habitat. The flower is two-inch wide and opens flat. It is sweet-scented and preferred by honeybees.

Types of Flowers

Flowers are broadly divided into two groups; monocots and dicots. Monocot plants have flower parts threes while dicots have flower parts in fours or fives. Flowers can also be classified as perennial, annual, ephemerals, and biennial. Dicots account for approximately 75% of all flowers while the rest are monocots.

Flowers That Start With W

Rank´╗┐Flowers That Start With W
2Water lily
3Wax Plants
6Wild rose
7Wild Senna
8Wild violet
9Wind dandelion
11Winter jasemin
13Wishbone Flower
15Woodruff Flower
16Woolly blue violet

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