Animals That Start With B

The badger is an example of an animal that starts with the letter B.
The badger is an example of an animal that starts with the letter B.

Animals have both a scientific and common name. An animal's scientific name is based on a binomial nomenclature system, and is written in Latin. However, animals are often known by a common name, which are written in the local language. In English, an animal's common name can begin with any letter of the alphabet, between A and Z. More than 30 animals have names that start with the letter B, including the butterfly, baboon, and bee. This list of animals exhibit different characteristics and are found in almost all types of habitat.

Examples of Animals that Start with the Letter B


A baboon is a mammal that is mainly found in Africa and some parts of Asia. There are five species of baboons, including the guinea baboon, olive baboon, yellow baboon, Chacma baboon, and Hamadryas baboon. Baboons are ground dwelling mammals, prefer to live in open savannah, open woodland, or hills, and have an omnivorous diet. 


Badgers belong to the families Mustelidae and Mephitidae. They generally have short but wide bodies, with short legs that are used for digging. The face of a badger is black with white markings, while its body is generally gray in color. These mammals are omnivores and primarily live in trees, but can also live on land.

Bald eagle

While most eagles would be categorized as animals that start with the letter E, the bald eagle is an exception. Interestingly, the bald eagle is not actually bald, as its name might suggest, but was named based on the white feathers on its head, which are different in color from the feathers on the rest of its body. The bald eagle has become a national symbol of the United States and is common throughout the country, as well as parts of Canada and northern Mexico. The species is a carnivore, feeding mainly on fish and meat.


A bandicoot is a marsupial that is somewhat similar to a rat or mouse. Its body is covered in fur of varied colors, and it has a long tail that narrows towards the tip. There are 22 sub-species of bandicoots, all of which belongs to the family Peramelidae. The marsupial is an omnivore, feeding mainly on plants and insects.


The bison is an ungulate that resembles cattle and true buffalo, but has a different body structure. The species is mainly found in North America and has become a symbol of the Great Plains. It stands at a height of 2 m from shoulder to feet, and its horns can be as long as 60 cm. Despite its large size, the bison can run up to speeds of 65 km/h. Male and female bisons, known as bulls and cows, respectively, live in different groups and only come together during mating season.

Additonal Examples

Other animals that start with the letter B include the black mamba, black rhino, blue crab, blue whale, boa constrictor, boar bobcat, bonobo, booby, buffalo, bullfrog, and buzzard.

Where Do Animals That Start with B Live?

Animals that start with B live in various environments. Some animals, like the baboon, bison, buffalo, blue rhino, bat, and boa, live on land, while others such as the basking shark and beluga whale live in water. In the wild, some of these animals live in trees and are classified as arboreal animals, while others live in open fields.

List of Animals That Start with the Letter B

Bald eagle
Bearded dragon
Beluga whale
Bengal tiger
Black mamba
Black rhino
Blue crab
Blue whale
Boa constrictor

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