Export Economies Most Driven By Agricultural Raw Materials

Crop seeds, animal feed, fertilizer, and similar goods are important export commodities for Ethiopia, New Zealand, and others to make the list.

Productive soil and outstanding growing environments, together with cultured farming techniques and unconventional agricultural tools, are responsible for the optimal environments in productive pastoral, forestry, and cultivation activities. Many of the primary merchandises account for around half of all the imports-exports. There are tons of raw materials used in farming. Raw materials such as biomass waste, plastics, cow-dung, coal, crude oil, chemicals, fuels, sea-water and pharmacological goods are used in farming.

World Leading Countries in Exports of Agricultural Raw Materials

Exporting is not a small endeavor, whether it be in agriculture, industry, or services. The top three countries that export agricultural raw materials on a high scale are as follows.


Ethiopia lists such agricultural raw materials as cotton, ensete, and khat among its primary exports. The tools used in farming by Ethiopia include sickles, elite axes, shafts for plows, plowshares, cultivators, shafts made of light metals, and even beasts of burden forced into agricultural labor. All of these tools are primarily made up of metals. Plowing up the land with the use of these types of tools is uncertain and consumes a great deal of time. Ethiopia shares around 19% of the agriculture raw material exports relative to the total export goods. Other countries such as Somalia, Kenya and even Djibouti primarily export them.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most net export-driven and efficient economies with a large share of its exports derived from farming products. New Zealand portions around 12% of the raw materials of agriculture distributes relatively to the entire goods, which were to be exported. Seed crops such as mucilage vegetables, beets, brassica vegetables, herbage, fodder, and other vegetable crops are fashioned in and distributed by New Zealand. Crop seeds, animal feeds and fertilizers are one of the major exports of New Zealand which other countries provide them as well. Countries such as Japan, China, and the United States export farming products to them.


Togo is a country that stakes a share of around 11% of agricultural raw materials among that merchandise which it produces to be exported. Crops such as coffee, great cocoa, and soft cotton are the chief crops, and also the crops of food such as corn, sorghum, millet, cassava, and the yams are cultivated and exported to other countries as well. They export crops to the countries such as Ghana, Benin, Australia, South Africa and many more.

Role of International Trade in Modern Farm Supply Systems

Exporting is one of the primary functions in international trade markets, and includes operations where farming products are produced and shipped into other countries for mutual benefits. The export economies depend on the productivity of agriculture as well as on the products that are provided by one country to other country. Export economy is a different kind of business where the farming cultivated crops and products are to be exported. The industry of farming has appreciated an extreme discount in the labor wants in the earlier century owing to mechanization development. Moreover, the work discounts are also predictable as modern mechanization and digitalization produces more efficiency. Exporting economies also grows up the value of a country in all aspects of farming.

Export Economies Most Driven By Products Used In Farming

RankCountryShare of Agricultural Raw Material Exports Relative To Total Goods Exports
2New Zealand12%
6Bosnia and Herzegovina7%


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