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Comerica Park is the new home of the Detroit Tigers. Editorial credit: James R. Martin /
Comerica Park is the new home of the Detroit Tigers. Editorial credit: James R. Martin /

Detroit is the home of all four of Michigan's major-league professional sports teams: the Detroit Tigers (baseball), the Detroit Lions (football), the Detroit Red Wings (hockey), and the Detroit Pistons (basketball). Each of these teams have set records in the various competitions that they have participated in.

4. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions is a professional men's football team that takes part in the National Football League. The team joined the league in 1930, and has won four NFL championships in 1935, 1952, 1953, and 1957. The Lions hold the record for the second-longest trophy drought, and is one of four teams to have never competed in the Super Bowl.

Their team uniform consists of helmets which are silver and silver pants and blue or white jerseys depending on their games. This was revealed on April 13, 2017.

The team is currently coached by Jim Caldwell and owned by Martha Firestone Ford. The lions President is Rod Wood and their general manager is Bob Quinn.

The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers who have been their main rivals. Their preseason rivalry with the Cleveland Browns is due to their matches for The Barge Trophy, played since 2002. Their other division opponents are the Minnesota Vikings.

Their home matches are played at the Ford Field stadium, and are broadcasted by the Detroit Lions radio network and Detroit Lions television network.

3. Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers is a professional baseball team which is a member of the Major League Baseball. It is a member club of the American League central division and was founded in 1894. They have won four World Series championships and four American League central divisions. They have also been given a wild card once. Despite the team finishing the 2017 season with a bad record of 6-24, they got a number one pick in the 2018 draft in the MLB.

Their team uniform consists of navy blue, orange and white. Their logo is a letter D with an old English typeface. They are also the only team in the MLB that has a different color on its kits which is not present during its home game.

The team is coached by Gardenhire Ron who was the former Minnesota Twins captain. The team is managed by Al Avila who is also the president of baseball operations in the club. The Tigers club is owned by Christopher IIitch. He took over after the death of his father Mike llitch on February 10, 2017.

The Tigers also have affiliations with advanced as well as rookie teams. The team has sporting rivalries with regional neighbors the Cleveland Bears and the Chicago White Sox. The Cleveland Indians fans once taunted the Tigers over the city’s bankruptcy in a game that the Tigers won in 14 innings 6 to 5. These two teams play central division.

Their home games are played at Comerica Park. Their matches are aired on the Detroit Tigers Radio Network and Fox Sports Detroit. Their matches can receive uninterrupted coverage only if the other Detroit teams are not having their matches on that day.

2. Detroit Pistons

The Detroit Pistons is a professional basketball team that participates in the National Basketball league. The Pistons were founded in 1941. The Pistons have won the NBA championship four times. They also plays in the Eastern Conference Central division in which it has won the conference seven times and the division nine times.

The team colors are royal blue, red chrome, and white. The team logo consists of a basketball with a thick circular blue ring and the name Detroit Pistons is written at the center of the basketball.

The pistons are coached by Stan Van Gundy who is also the President of the club, and Tom Gores is its owner. The pistons general manager is Jeff Bowler.

The team has rivalries with the Boston Celtics, the Chicago Bulls, and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Throughout their history, they have played at several venues. Recently they moved from The Palace of Auburn Hills to the Little Caesars Arena. The move was approved by both the city authorities and the NBA board. The Auburn Hills complex will be demolished and rebuilt for sale. Their matches are aired by Fox Sports and through the flagship radio WXYT FM and affiliate stations.

1. Detroit Red Wings

The Detroit Red Wings is a professional ice hockey team that plays in the National Hockey League. It is a member of the Eastern Conference Atlantic division. The Red Wings is one of the most popular brands in Detroit. It was founded in 1926 and has won the hockey championship eleven times. This team has the highest number of wins in the Stanley cup competition and it is number three in the list of teams with the highest number of league wins. They have won the Presidents’ Trophy six times, the conference championships six times, and the division championships nineteen times.

Their team colors are red and white. Their logo is a wheel attached to a wing and the team’s name is inscribed on it. This logo carries the red and white color of the team.

The red wings are coached by Jeff Blashill and it is owned by llitch holdings. Their general manager is Ken Holland and their team captain is Henrik Zetterberg.

Their matches are aired by talk radio WXYT FM and Fox Sports Detroit. They get coverage unless there is a conflict in the broadcast schedule as a result of a major Detroit team playing on that day. They also have affiliate stations that help to publicise the Redwings matches in Michigan and in the south-west region of Ontario. They recently moved to their new home ground Little Caesars arena after playing in the Joe Louis Arena.


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