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Countries With The Most Female Smokers

As per World Bank estimates, Kiribati, Serbia, and Chile have a high prevalence of female smokers in the population.

As the number of female smokers is steadily growing in many countries across the globe, it is affecting their health adversely. Smoking, in both men and women, damages the tissues of the lung diseases, triggers heart attacks and also induced the deadly disease of lung cancer. Other sorts of health problems are also associated with smoking such lowered bone density in women after menopause, cataracts, gum diseases resulting in the tooth loss, depression, irregular or painful periods, etc. Smoking is also linked to environmental issues like air pollution and water Pollution as cigarette butts loaded with carcinogens are often discarded near water bodies, etc.

Top Ranked Countries with Female Smokers

Kiribati tops the list of countries with the highest prevalence of female smokers in the population (43%). Serbia (40%), Chile (37%), Austria (36%), Greece (34%), Croatia (32%), and other countries like Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lebanon also have high numbers of female smokers.

Many health issues have been reported in Kiribati in the recent years, and the country has the highest rate of tobacco smoking among females in the world. Tobacco usage is working as an epidemic as 29,000 people are reportedly using it each day. The death toll among the population related to smoking is said to be nearing more than 130 people every year. If the tobacco industry continues to flourish in the future as it is doing now, the smoking-related death in Kiribati is expected to increase further. Smoking has also spoiled the spirit of the beautiful country of Serbia as 20,500 people die due to tobacco-related illnesses every year, and a reported number of 21,64,000 adults use tobacco each day. The Chilean health sector also bears the brunt of the adverse effects of smoking because more than 10,800 people die due to tobacco usage in this country. The percentage is higher in women too and as a consequence, the infant and general mortality rates are also high nearing 11%. This fact is related to female smoking habits during pregnancy. The European landAustria is also not far behind because if the occasional and daily smokers are combined then the data crosses more than 46.5%, and its average comes out to be 21% across the whole Europe. The patterns of smoking of females are also close to that of the males and have resulted in increased number of death tolls.

Measures to Curb Menace of Smoking

The death toll across the globe is increasing day-by-day due to smoking, and the government of every country is trying their best to make their countries tobacco-free. The measures adopted to curb smoking are to stop advertisements related to the promotion of tobacco, increasing tobacco taxation, ban on smoking in workplaces or public areas, organizing health campaigns, etc.

Countries With The Most Female Smokers

RankCountrySmoking Prevalence in Females (% of adults), 2012
6Croatia 32
7Bosnia and Herzegovina31
10Czech Republic29

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