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Countries With the Largest Anglican Populations

These countries have the largest groups of citizens who identify as Anglican.

The Anglican Communion is a communion that traces its roots back to 1867 in London, England. With an approximate 85 million followers in the world, the communion is the third largest. The Archbishop of Canterbury is the focus of unity who is considered as being the first in a community of equals (primus inter pares). The majority of the 85 million followers occupy regions that were colonized by Britain or had some form of British settlements. Consequently, most churches belonging to the union are known as Anglican churches such as the Anglican Church in America, and many others.

Countries with the Largest Anglican Populations

Unsurprisingly, the country with the largest population of followers is the foundering state, the United Kingdom. The Church of England has an incredible following of 26,000,000 people. In the second position, the Church of Nigeria has about 18,000,000 believers while the Church of the Province of Uganda is third with approximately 8,000,000 followers. Closing the top five is the Anglican Church of Kenya with 5,000,000 and a tie in the fifth place with the Church of South India and the Anglican Church of South Africa with 4,000,000 followers each.

The Anglican Church of Rwanda is in the last position of the list with a meager 1,000 people. The other church with less than 10,000 devotees is the Anglican Church of Australia with approximately 3,900 people. Other churches in the bottom five are the Church of Bangladesh (16,000), Church of the Province of South East Asia (23,000), and the Anglican Church of South America (23,000).

Going by the figures, it is clear that the Brits were able to spread Christianity in all the countries they colonized, especially Africa. The African countries in the top five have a combined Christian base of a massive 35,000,000 people. This figure translates to approximately 41% of the total Christian population globally. Even India was colonized by Britain. Together with the UK and India, then the top five have a whopping combined believer base of 61,000,000 people.

By comparison, the bottom five states have a total contribution of 76,900 people. Percentage-wise, this total is equal to less than 0.1% of the total following. Some figures, such as Australia, are interesting since Australia was also occupied by Britain. A crucial point to keep in mind is that a majority of the Australian population, a little over 50%, identify as Christians while 13.3% identify as Anglicans. Other countries such as those in South America have a small following due to the dominance of Catholicism.

Branches of Anglicanism

Within the Anglican Communion, there have been dissenting groups that have branched off from the main church and formed groups of their own. For example, the issue of same-sex marriages has been a matter of contention for a while. Some Anglican churches, such as those in Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, and a few others have all voiced agreement over same-sex marriages. Consequently, it becomes even harder to pinpoint the exact number of Anglicans. Therefore, the figure of 85 million should be considered an estimate.

Countries With the Largest Anglican Populations

RankAnglican Church Number of Members
1Church of England26,000,000
2Church of Nigeria18,000,000
3Church of the Province of Uganda8,000,000
4Anglican Church of Kenya5,000,000
5Church of South India4,000,000
6Anglican Church of Southern Africa4,000,000
7Province of the Episcopal Church of South Sudan3,500,000
8Anglican Chuch of Tanzania2,000,000
9Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America2,000,000
10Anglican Church of Canada1,600,000
11Church of North India1,500,000
12Province of the Episcopal Church of Sudan1,100,000
13Church of the Province of Central Africa900,000
14Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi800,000
15Church in the Province of the West Indies770,000
16Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Polynesia 581,000
17Church of the Province of the Indian Ocean505,000
18Province of the Anglican Church of the Congo500,000
19Church of Pakistan500,000
20Church of Ireland410,000
21Church of the Probinv of West Africa300,000
22Anglican Church of Melanesia200,000
23Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea167,000
24Episcopal Church in the Philippines125,000
25Anglican Episcopal Church of Brazil120,000
26Anglican Church of Mexico100,000
27Church in Wales84,000
28Anglican Church of Korea65,000
29Church of the Province of Myanmar62,000
30Nippon Sei Ko Kai57,000
31Scottish Episcopal Church44,000
32Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East40,000
33Anglican Church in Central America35,000
34Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui29,000
35Anglican Church of South America23,000
36Church of the Province of South East Asia23,000
37Church of Bangladesh16,000
38Anglican Church of Australia3,900
39Province of the Anglican Church of Rwanda1,000

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