Countries With the Largest Mormon Populations

A Mormon temple in the United States.
A Mormon temple in the United States.

Mormons are a group of believers who are associated with Mormonism. Currently, a large percentage of the Mormons are members of the Latter-day Saints church (LDS Church). Mormonism is the central spiritual tradition of the LDS movement which was started during the 1820s and 30s by Joseph Smith. After Joseph passed away in 1844, his members followed Brigham Young to create the Utah Territory. The number of Mormons has grown from 3,090,953 in 1971 to over 16,118,169 in 2018.

Countries With The Highest Number Of Mormons

The United States

The United States is home to the headquarters of the LDS Church and over 41% of the Mormon population. Joseph Smith began LDS movement in New York, but the largest percentage of Mormons live in Utah. Utah is home to over sixteen temples, and this includes their center in Salt Lake City. Other states with the most Mormons include California, Idaho, Arizona, Texas, and Washington. Some of the states with the smallest percentage of Mormons include Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware, and New Hampshire.


Mexico has the highest population of Mormons outside the U.S. with their number increased from 1,197,573 in 2010 to 1,417,011 in 2018. The LDS church did their first missionary work in Mexico in 1874 right after the Book of Mormons was translated to Spanish by Meliton Trejo and Daniel Jones. The first person to be baptized by the LDS-church was Plotino Rhokanaty. A group of Mormons from Arizona and Utah territories moved to Chihuahua in 1885 and helped establish settlements of Colonia Dublan, Colonia Juarez and others in Sonora and Chihuahua.


Brazil had over 1,326,738 Mormons in 39 districts, 256 stakes 8 temples, and 34 missions as of 2016. The initial members of the church were immigrants who had joined the LDS church in Germany before relocating to Brazil. James Faust was one of the earliest Mormon missionaries in Brazil.


The LDS Church had over 765,393 members by June 2018 in 73 districts and 102 stakes, 2 operating temples, 21 missions, and 1,218 congregations in the Philippines. The first Mormons to the country were George Seaman and Willard Call who came to the Philippines in 1898. Aneleta Fajardo was the first Filipino to become a Mormon in 1945. Numerous servicemen like Kendall Schaefermeyer were the first Mormon to do some missionary work in the Philippines. Kendall Schaefermeyer taught over 20 members and baptized 4 Filipinos in 1957.

The Beliefs Of The Mormons

The LDS Church has a scriptural canon which is made up of some writings and revelations called the Perl of Great Price and the Doctrine and Covenants which were written by John Smith, the book of Mormons, and the Bible. The Mormons define the word of God as anything written or spoken by a prophet while he was under inspiration. They believe that the Book of Mormons was drafted by ancient prophets; therefore, it accompanies the Bible. They believe in a peaceful world governed by God who wants to bring the people to eternal life and immortality. They believe that human beings are the spiritual children of God and that God has a plan of how they will become like him.

Countries With the Largest Mormon Populations

1United States6,592,195

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