Countries With The Highest Rates Of Sexual Experience Among Adolescent Boys

Alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics abuse often makes adolescent boys susceptible to sexual experiences.
Alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics abuse often makes adolescent boys susceptible to sexual experiences.

Adolescent sexual activity is a major concern all over the world. Early pregnancies and the high prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases are a result of teenagers engaging in sexual activity because they are not adequately informed. Boys are more likely to have sex earlier than girls because girls are culturally expected to remain chaste. Data from a survey carried out by the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine ranked the following countries as having the highest rates of sexual experience among adolescent boys.

At-Risk Countries


Nearly half of the 15-year-old boys (47%) in Ukraine were found to have had some sexual experience. Out of all the countries in Europe, Ukraine is the highest rated with HIV/AIDS infections. Alcohol and drug use are widespread among teenage boys in the country. Use of alcohol amongst adolescent boys exposes them to engage in risky behaviors such as sex. The male culture in Ukraine is inclined towards dangerous living and encourages risk taking among boys. Poverty in the country has forced significant numbers of boys to live on the streets. Most parents of the street boys are alcoholics and drug users. In some cases, boys are subjected to sexual or physical abuse at home which prompts them to run away to the streets. Living on the streets exposes teenage boys to risky sexual behaviors.


35% of 15-year-old boys in England had participated in sexual activities. England also ranks high in the number of teenage boys engaging in reckless alcohol consumption and use of cannabis. This inclination to drug use makes England’s teenage boys more likely to engage in sexual behavior. Many adolescent boys in England have access to the internet and watch pornographic content. Media is also seen to be extolling early sex experiences through film and music. Most parents of sexually active teenage boys in England spend more time working and do not monitor their children.


Macedonia ranks third with 34% of its 15-year-old boys having participated in sexual activities. Boys in Macedonia have more liberated attitude and are more inclined to reckless lifestyles because of their independence. The culture in Macedonia puts less pressure on boys and girls to abstain from engaging in sexual behavior, alcoholism, smoking, and narcotics addiction. Peer pressure among teenage boys also contributes to engaging in an early sexual behavior.


33% of 15-year-old boys in Greece reported being sexually experienced. Drug use by teenage boys, especially alcohol, contributes to increasing sexual experience among teenagers. Parenting roles also play a significant part in cases where the parents are absent or too busy with daily jobs to monitor their children’s activities. Access to the internet by boys exposes them to pornography which influences them to engage in early sexual activities.

A Cause Of Concern

Other countries with high numbers of 15-year-old boys having had a sexual experience are, Scotland (32%), Israel (31%), Portugal (29%), Slovenia (28%), Wales (27%) and France (25%). Drug abuse especially alcohol and smoking is a transcending factor in the majority of these countries. Sexual education in some countries is incorporated in the school curriculum to increase awareness and help in educating young teenagers. High levels of sexual experience among adolescent boys are a concern as it puts them at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

Countries With The Highest Rates Of Sexual Experience Among Adolescent Boys

RankCountryPercent of 15-year-old Boys Reporting Being Sexually Experienced

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