Countries With G20 Schools

Eton College is one of the G20 schools in the UK.
Eton College is one of the G20 schools in the UK.

The G20 schools is an association that is made up of 50 schools spread out across 20 countries that were founded in 2006 by David Wylde, a South African and Sir Seldon Anthony from the UK. The schools are based on innovation and excellence, and membership is by invitation only upon which the existing members take a vote on the same. The decision to allow a school into the group depends on two factors, the reputation of the school in question as well as the status of the principal. The primary purpose that drives G20 schools is the need to provide a platform to discuss issues that affect learning and their functions as school leaders. Some of the countries that have G20 schools include.

Countries With G20 Schools


Australia has six schools that belong to the G20 Group. They include the Carey Baptist Grammar School which is a Christian school that has four campuses in Victoria. The school was established in 1923. Cranbrook School is also another member located in Bellevue Hill in Sydney, and it is an Anglican school that was built in 1918. Others are Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, St Peter’s College in Adelaide, Melbourne Grammar School in Melbourne, and The King’s School in Sydney.

United States

Five G20 Group schools in America include the Buckingham Browne and Nichols located in Cambridge, Massachusetts founded in 1883. Harvard-Westlake School located in California that was established in 1900 and has both a boys and girls campuses. There is the Philips Academy Andover also located in Massachusetts. It is among the oldest schools in America having been formed in 1778. The Philips Exeter Academy is another G20 school found in New Hampshire that was founded in 1781. The last G20 School in America is the University Of Chicago Laboratory Schools which is a private co-ed day school located in Chicago. It was formed in 1896.

United Kingdom

There are five G20 Schools in the UK that include Millfield which is a co-ed school located in Somerset, which was built in 1935. Eton College is another G20 member located in Windsor. It is a boarding school for boys and was established in 1440. There is also the Marlborough College which is located in Marlborough and was established in 1843. It is both a boarding and day school. There is the Stowe School situated in Buckinghamshire. It is a co-educational school that started out as a boys-only institution in 1923.

South Africa

South Africa is second on the list with four schools that are affiliates of the G20 Group. The schools are the Diocesan College, established in 1894, which is an all-boys school located in Cape Town. There is St. Andrew’s College, an Anglican boy school, found in Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape region. It was built in 1855. St. John’s College in Johannesburg is also another all-boys school that was founded in 1898. The last member of the G20 Group in South Africa is St. Stithians College which is a Methodist church school located in Johannesburg. It is a mixed school, and it was founded in 1953.

G20 Schools Conferences

Every year the G20 Group of schools holds conferences in different cities in member countries. The first-ever meeting was held in 2006 in the UK at Wellington College in Berkshire. Since then the conferences have been held in South Africa, United States, Australia, Switzerland, China, India, Peru, and Jordan among others. The latest edition of the Conference was held in 2016 in China.

Countries With G20 Schools

RankCountryNumber of G20 Schools
6Hong Kong1
14South Africa4
15South Korea1
21United Kingdom5
22United States5

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