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Countries Where You Can't Find Coca Cola

Two countries do not sell Coca Cola products within their borders.

Coca-Cola is one of the top and oldest brands in the world whose history dates back to the nineteenth century. The drink was invented as a patented medicine by John Pemberton in 1886. Pemberton was bought out by Asa Griggs who opened "The Coca Cola Company" in 1892. Asa’s marketing strategy transformed it into the world’s top brand that it is today. Currently, the company sells over 1.8 billion servings daily in all corners of the world except in North Korea and Cuba.

Where Is Coca-Cola Not Sold?


Cuba was among the first few nations outside the United States to bottle Coca-Cola soft drinks back in 1906. Coca-Cola thrived in Cuba until 1960 when Fidel Castro’s government started seizing the assets of all the foreign companies in the island state. Fidel Castro conducted an armed revolt known as the Cuban Revolution which resulted in the ousting of President Batista. After Castro took over, he started the nationalization program. The government nationalized all the assets owned by foreign nations particularly American companies on August 6, 1960. Coca-Cola moved out of Cuba in the early 1960s and has never returned. Currently, the United States holds a financial, economic, and commercial embargo against the Republic of Cuba. Therefore, no American firm including Coca-Cola is allowed to trade with Cuba.

North Korea

Imperial Japan annexed Korea in 1910, and after the Second World War, it was split into two states: South Korea was occupied by the US while North Korea by the Soviet Union. The US imposed trade sanctions on North Korea during the 1950s, and they tightened the sanctions after the North Koreans bombed South Korea in the 1980s. Trade between North Korea and the United States was restricted from 1950 to 2008 under the 1917 trade with the Enemy Act. Currently, various states have imposed sanctions on North Korea because of their nuclear program. North Korea has been a Coca-Cola free state since the 1950s. Recent reports suggest that Coca-Cola was sold in a restaurant in the country’s capital city. The company announced that they don’t sell it in North Korea and if their products are sold in the country, it’s not through their official channels.

Countries Where Coca-Cola Was Temporarily Not Sold

Coca-Cola was temporarily not sold in Burma, India, Vietnam, and East Germany for various reasons.


Coca-Cola announced their plans to re-introduce their soft drinks in Myanmar (Burma) in June 2012. Coca-Cola entered Burma in 1927 and sold their products for thirty-five years. Coca Cola was reintroduced in Burma some few months after the trade sanction was lifted.


Coca-Cola opened their first bottling plant in New Delhi in India in 1950 and operated for twenty-seven years. Coca-Cola exited India after the government implemented the Foreign Exchange Act. Coca-Cola was reintroduced in India in 1992 after the government opened up the state for foreign investment.


The US lifted the arms embargo on Vietnam in 1994 and soon afterward Coca-Cola was reintroduced in Vietnam.

East Germany

Coca-Cola re-entered East Germany in 1989 after the Berlin Wall fell. East Germany authorities deemed Coca-Cola illegal and saw it as a symbol of imperialist’s authority, but after the Berlin wall fell Coca-Cola employees gave out free Coke cans to the people.

Countries Where You Can't Find Coca Cola

Rank´╗┐Countries Where Coca Cola Is Not Sold
2North Korea


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