Countries Where Transportation Is The Major Source Of Greenhouse Gases

Combustion emissions spew from these cars traveling along a city street.
Combustion emissions spew from these cars traveling along a city street.

According to World Bank Report 2015, the most common greenhouse gases emitted as a result of human activities include carbon dioxide from fossil fuel consumption and poor land use such as deforestation and "slash and burn" land clearing for agriculture. Methane gas is a result of waste management and biomass burning. Nitrous oxide gas results from poor fertilizer use while fluoridated gasses are produced as a result of various industrial processes. Around 25% of carbon dioxide gas emissions are attributed to transportation, and these gases have major implications in global warming and other facets of climate change. Some of the leading countries in greenhouse gas emission due to transportation are highlighted below.


Paraguay has a network of rails, roads, airports, and rivers but a significant improvement is needed in the transportation system for efficiency. Paraguay road system is less than 60,000 kilometers, with thousands of kilometers, especially in rural areas, unpaved. The railroad company is owned by the government. The railway line is 971 kilometers. Most of the transport in Paraguay is by road with most of the paved roads found in busy towns. Overcrowding of roads has led to increased emission of carbon dioxide. A significant level of greenhouse gas is also produced by water vessels because of its frequent use as it is considered cheaper means of transport. 93% of all gasses emitted are generated by the various modes of transportation in Paraguay

DR Congo

DR Congo’s terrain provides an enormous challenge to road and rail transport due to difficulty in road and railway line construction. Economic mismanagement has also derailed the development of a proper infrastructure in DR Congo. However, water transport has been a dominant means of transport due to the navigable waterways. Due to the large water vessels, pollution by ships and motorized boats has added to the increased pollution by motor vehicles. Transportation contributes to a total of 92% of all carbon dioxide emitted in DR Congo


Togo is one of the countries in Africa that has shown significant growth in the transport industry. Most of the roads are now being paved to improve road transport. Air transport has also improved significantly. Most of the transportation activities are concentrated in towns and urban areas leading to congestion and increased air pollution. The emission of carbon dioxide produced as a result of transportation has risen to 77.2%.

The Republic of Congo

Transportation in the Republic of Congo includes air, water, and land. The railway system is one of the oldest built in 1930 by slaves. There are over 1,000 kilometers of paved roads. Maya-Maya and Pointe Maire are the two international airports in the Republic of Congo. The country also has a port on the Atlantic Ocean and along Congo River. These means of transport have contributed significantly the amount of carbon dioxide gas emission with 73.1% of all carbon dioxide emitted coming from motor vehicles, water vessels, and planes

Other Countries With High Emissions Transportation Sectors

72% of Gibraltar Carbon dioxide emissions come from transportation while 69.8% of all gasses emitted in Mozambique are carbon dioxide gas emitted through transportation. Other developing countries with high percentage of carbon dioxide emitted through transportation include Benin, Cambodia, Costa Rica and Albania. Motor vehicles such as large commercial vehicles, buses, and motorcycles are the major emitters of Carbon dioxide on roads while large ships and water vessels take the lead in the water. The concentration of emission of these greenhouse gasses is in the major cities with large transportation terminals such as ports, roads, and rail yards.

Countries Where Transportation Is The Major Source Of Greenhouse Gases

RankCountry% of CO2 Emissions Coming From Transportation
2DR Congo92.0%
4Republic of the Congo73.1%
9Costa Rica67.6%

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