Cities With the Most Green Space

Path through Moscow's Kolomenskoe Park.
Path through Moscow's Kolomenskoe Park.

Large cities around the world vary greatly when it comes to the size and functions performed by the public parks and gardens in their landscape. A research data on 34 major cities presented cities with the highest percentage of public green space. The top 5 cities are Moscow (54%), Singapore (47%), Sydney (46%), Vienna (45.5%), and Shenzhen (45%).

Cities With The Most Green Space


Moscow is one of the largest cities in Europe in terms of population and size. It functions as the capital of the Russian Federation and a political power center. Moscow has been shaped around a fortress named Kremlin and a set of 7 skyscrapers known as the “seven sisters” that were fostered by Stalin after World War II. Moscow city enjoys the largest green space full of fresh lush green gardens, forests and flowerbeds. This is because of the huge number of parks that cover an area of 450 square kilometers including more than 100 square kilometers of natural forest containing elk, deer, and numerous bird species. Major parks include Gorky Park, the sparrow hills (Vorobyovy Gory), VDNKh, Aptekarsky Ogorod, and Izmaylovo recreational forest.


The city of Singapore in Singapore displays itself as the Garden City and has the second largest green space. The meteoric economic rise of Singapore initiated a landscape plan that has seen tall buildings surrounded by green gardens. Urban planners have continued to bring in nature to every part including the new developments which must have plant life in the form of green roofs, vertical gardens, and magnificent green verdant walls. The urge to go green has been mandatory since 2008 in an effort to keep Singapore both sustainable and life supportive. The initiative to expand the city's green space has been successful through an incentive program which replenishes greenery lost on land with greenery in the sky through high rise gardens and terraces


Sydney is a state city of New South Wales which is situated along the east coast of Australia. It has the third largest green space due to the numerous parks located within the city such as the Hyde Park, the Domain, and Prince Alfred Park. In addition to the parks, there are other green spaces such as the Royal Botanic Garden which is famous for hosting scientific and leisure activities.


Vienna city is the capital and largest city of Austria. Vienna has numerous parks and gardens such as the Stadt park and the gardens of the Baroque palace which make it the fourth largest green space. According to statistics, there are 120 square meters of green space for every single person who lives in Vienna thus making it one of greenest cities with over one million people.


Shenzhen is an important city located in Guangdong province, China. It is a branch of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis which is North of Hong Kong. Shenzhen has the fifth largest green space derived from the numerous parks and open spaces available for picnic and recreation.

Importance of Green Space in Cities

Green spaces play a significant role in the environment whereby they filter pollutants, dust, and other harmful particles from the air. They also provide shade which lowers temperatures and waterways become better due to reduced soil erosion.

Cities With the Most Greenspace

RankCityCountryGreenspace (percentage)
6Hong KongHong Kong40%
10LondonUnited Kingdom33%

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