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Countries Most Affect By Terrorism

Terrorism and the number of fatalities vary depending on the country, with Iraq, Afghanistan, and India reporting the most terrorist attacks.

What is Terrorism?

Different state and non-state actors use different versions to define terrorism. For instance, a government may claim that rebellious factions in the country are terrorists while at the same time the same faction will call the government terrorists. However, in simple terms terrorism may be referred to as the calculated use of force with the intention of creating fear, and intimidation. Terrorism usually has a political or ideological motive, mostly to change government action towards certain policies or acts. Terrorism also aims to spread a message to the larger population at the expense of innocent victims.

Countries Who Experience the Most Terrorist Attacks


Since 2003, thousands of Iraqi people have been victims of acts of terrorism. Often, these acts of terrorism include things such as bombings, car bombs, and suicide bombs. Often times, the perpetrators target crowded public areas such as markets, bus stations, and mosques. Iraq has been given the unfortunate title of the "world capital of terrorism".


Like Iraq, terrorist attacks ravage Afghanistan, shaking the population's sense of safety and security. Although there is a system of authorities who are responsible for protecting citizens from terrorism, called the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces, terrorism still remains a large threat to civilian populations. Unfortunately, the situation in Afghanistan does not seem to showing signs of improvement.


Terrorism is a major concern across India. According to the Indian government, terrorism generally has nationalist motivations or religious roots. It may also be motivated by political ideologies or with the aim of creating zones for drug traffic, which is known as "narcoterrorism". Terrorist attacks can happen anywhere in India, although the regions with the longest history of terrorism-related violence are Jammu and Kashmir.

List of Countries By Number of Terrorist Attacks

RankCountryTerrorism Related Incidents
15Democratic Republic of the Congo169

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