10 Animals With the Strongest Bites

A bit bites down on a toy.

Most of the people are scared of animal bites, which can cause a lot of pain or even death. An animal bite is both scary and painful and may last several days to heal or cause permanent damage to the body. The pain caused by the bite can be measured using a unit known as pounds per square inch (PSI). It is the pressure that occurs when a single force is put on one square inch of an area. The bite force quotient (BFQ) measures the size of the body of the animal that bites. The following have the top spots on the PSI scale.

Animals with the Strongest Bites


With a bite of about 3,700 PSI, a crocodile is among the animals with the strongest bites in the world. Their large, powerful jaws make their snouts deadly traps from which escape is nearly impossible for prey. Saltwater crocodiles are responsible for several human deaths and water bites. They feed on anything including animals as large as (baby) hippos.


Although an alligator is a smaller in size than some of the mammals listed herein, its snapping bite is enough to slice through finger bones with ease. Alligators possess the second strongest bites in the world with a force of 2,125 PSI.


Tiger is one of the most menacing predators in the cat family. They are the largest of all big cats and can force a bite up to 1,050 psi. Tigers bite with a force that is almost twice as that of the lion. With such a bite force, Tigers do not need any assistance in bringing down their prey. Tigers bite the throat of the prey to cut the flow of blood to the head.


An attack from a bear is relatively common, especially towards those hiking or camping near their territories. The bear’s 975 PSI bite can crush a bowling ball or a human skull. They bite for food or as a way of protecting their territories.


Spotted hyena has an aggression and a biting force that rates as one of the most powerful among mammals. Its bite is about 1100 PSI, which has the power to crush the bones of a giraffe. The spotted hyena’s scavenging behavior is responsible for the strong jaw as the strong jaw is needed to penetrate to the marrows.


Gorillas have the ability to bite with the strength of 1,300 PSI. The jaws of the gorilla are adapted to chewing strong hard plants which have also given it a strong neck muscles capable of delivering a strong bite.


Jaguars have the most powerful bite compared to other big cats and the second most powerful bite among mammals. They have powerful jaws which can deliver a bite of up to 1350 PSI, enough to puncture both a skull and brain. Jaguars kill by biting the head of its prey. They also feast on turtles because of their ability to break a turtle’s thick shell.


The hippopotamus is one of the feared animals on the planet because of their powerful bite. Although hippos are herbivores, they can attack and bite other animals and human. Their bite is measured at a whopping 1825 PSI. Their mouths are filled with teeth which can be as long as two feet each.

Great White Sharks

A great white shark attack is considered by many as the deadliest encounter with an animal a human can have. The shape and size of its teeth make it extremely dangerous. It does not need an excess force to tear through its prey, as its razor teeth with a bite force of 625 PSI chop off whatever comes into contact with its mouth.

Challenges of Measuring Animals' Bite

Several animals are excluded from the list of animals with the strongest bites. These animals could probably have even a stronger bite compared to the listed animals. The animals are excluded from the list because of lack of research and difficulty in measuring the intensity of the bite. It is costly to measure the animal bite as sometimes life is also risked when conducting measurements. Some of the listed animals also have only a few species measured, making the average measurement somehow inaccurate

10 Animals With the Strongest Bites

RankAnimal Name
2Spotted Hyena
3Great White Shark

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