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Wales History Timeline

  • (1000 BC) Hill forts built during Iron Age
  • (500 - 100 BC) Celts settled in Wales
43 AD - 500s
  • (43 AD) Romans invaded Britain
  • (78 AD) Romans conquered Wales
  • (100 AD) Irish raiders settled southwestern Wales
  • (500) Saxons invaded Wales
  • (516) Battle of Mount Badon stopped the aggressive expansion of the Saxons
700s - 1000s
  • (784) Saxon King of Mercia, built Offa's Dyke, created boundary between England and Wales
  • (1040) First Prince of Wales, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, secured borders
  • (1063) English invaded; Gruffydd ap Llywelyn killed
  • (1066) Normans invaded; King Harold of England killed; Marcher Lordships established on Wales' borders
1200s - 1300s
  • (1215) Magna Carta signed
  • (1276 - 1277) First Welsh independence war
  • (1277) Treaty of Aberconwy signed, ended war; Edward I began building castles
  • (1282 - 1283) Second Welsh independence war
  • (1284) Statute of Rhuddlan ended war; Wales incorporated into England; new counties created
  • (1301) King Edward I bestowed title "Prince of Wales" upon son, Edward II
  • (1349) Black Death swept across country, 40% of population died
1400s - 1500s
  • (1400 - 1410) Third war of independence led by Owain Glyndwr against England
  • (1402) Laws passed prohibiting Welsh from gathering, holding office, carrying arms and living in forts
  • (1410) King Henry IV supressed Welsh rebellion; the long war against England ended
  • (1455) War of Roses began in England
  • (1485) War of Roses ended; Henry Tudor (Henry VII) became first Welsh King of England
  • (1536) Henry VIII enacted Act of Union; began dissolution of monasteries
  • (1563) Bible published in Welsh language
1600s - 1800s
  • (1642) Civil War broke out in England
  • (1644) The Battle of Montgomery was the first battle during Civil War in Wales
  • (1651) Battle of Worcester ended Civil War; Charles I executed; Charles II exiled
  • (1750) Industrial Age began; Wales became largest producer of iron and copper in the world
  • (1800) First of great Welsh canals built
  • (1811) Wales became non-conformist nation, broke with the Church of England
  • (1831) Merthy Uprising sparked by workers in debt; troops brought in, more than 24 citizens died
  • (1839) Rebecca Riots occurred, toll gates destroyed in protest against high fees
  • (1850's) Coal fields in South Wales developed
  • (1867) Great Reform Act gave vote to male householders; Welsh Liberal Party formed
  • (1891) U.S. passed McKinley Tariff, caused severe financial blow to Welsh industry
  • (1900 - 1903) Strike at Penrhyn Slate Quarry longest labor dispute in history; 3000 workers walked out
  • (1913) Explosion at Senghenydd's Lancaster Pit killed 439 miners
  • (1916) Lloyd George first Welshman to become British prime minister
  • (1925) National Party (Plaid Cymru) founded
  • (1934) Explosion and fire killed 266 miners at Gresford
  • (1955) Cardiff became capital of Wales
  • (1966) Slag pile collapsed on school at Aberfan, 144 children and teachers killed
  • (1977) National Party (Plaid Cymru) founded
  • (1978) Welsh Act introduced in favor of government assembly for Wales
  • (1979) Welsh Act defeated
  • (1984) Year-long miner's strike virtually ended coal industry in the country
  • (1996) Sea Empress grounded off Wales in heavy sea, spilled over 18 million gallons of oil
  • (1997) 1997 Referendum passed, gave Wales assembly in government
  • (1999) Tony Blair, British prime minister, opened Welsh national assembly (first self government in over 600 years)
  • (2001) Thousands of sheep tested positive for foot-and-mouth disease were slaughtered
  • (2004) Fox hunting in Britain (including Wales) outlawed by British government
  • (2005) Charles, Prince of Wales, married Camilla Parker Bowles
  • (2006) Four members of Rhyl Cycling Club killed in road accident near Abergele
  • (2007) Snow storms caused schools, businesses to close, over 500 people trapped in cars; smoking ban for all enclosed public spaces went into effect
  • (2008) Last deep mine, the Tower Colliery in South Wales, closed; customs officials recovered 22 million counterfeit cigarettes in container from Dubai
  • (2010) Unemployment rate in Wales higher than any other home country at 9.2%; Cheryl Gillan became first woman to hold post of Secretary of State for Wales
  • (2011) Prince William of Wales married Catherine Middleton

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