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San Marino History Timeline

300's AD – 1800's
  • (301AD) San Marino founded by Marinus, a Christian stonecutter who sought refuge from religious persecution on Mount Titano
  • (1243) First Captains Regent appointed
  • (1463) San Marino awarded the towns of Florentino, Montegiardino and Serravalle by the Pope
  • (1599) San Marino's constitution provided for a parliamentary government pagan
  • (1631) San Marino's independence recognized by the Papacy
  • (1739) After a civil disobedience campaign, and appeal to the Vatican; the Pope restored San Marino's independence
  • (1797) Napoleon invaded Italy; Napoleon respected the rights of San Marino
  • (1815) San Marino's independence recognized by Congress of Vienna
  • (1849) Garibaldi, Italian soldier and nationalist, given refuge in San Marino from Austrian forces
  • (1862) San Marino signed friendship and cooperation treaty with Italy
  • (1940-45) World War II; neutral San Marino hosted 100,000 refugees
  • (1978) San Marino became communist socialist coalition, Western Europe's only communist-led government
  • (1988) San Marino joined the Council of Europe
  • (1992) San Marino joined the United Nations
  • (2002) San Marino signed treaty with OECD; San Marino removed from the OECD's blacklist and placed on the "grey list" of the tax havens
  • (2005) San Marino set up a central bank with supervisory powers
  • (2006) San Marino approved new regulations on fund management
  • (2008) UN added San Marino's historic center, Mount Titano to its World Heritage List of protected sites; center-right coalition won parliamentary election
  • (2009) G20 leaders agreed on stronger measures against tax havens; five senior executives at San Marino's largest bank and oldest financial institution, Cassa di Risparmio, arrested on suspicion of money laundering; San Marino government took steps to ensure the country complied with OECD rules on financial transparency

San Marino's Information

Flag of San Marino
Land Area 61 km2
Total Area 61km2 (#190)
Population 33,285 (#214)
Population Density 545.66/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $2.02 Billion
GDP Per Capita $65,300
Currency Euro (EUR)
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