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Nepal Geography

Nepal's Information

Flag of Nepal
Land Area 143,351 km2
Water Area 3,830 km2
Total Area 147,181km2 (#93)
Population 29,033,914 (#45)
Population Density 202.54/km2
Government Type Federal Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $71.52 Billion
GDP Per Capita $2,500
Currency Rupee (NPR)
Largest Cities

Despite being such a small country, Nepal is extensively diverse in terms of topography. Mountains and rugged hills cover almost 75% of Nepal's land area, and beyond the perpetual snow lined mountains exists the tropical region of Tarai.

The Tarai Region (in the south) along the border with India, is a low stretch of land, containing Nepal's lowest point: Kanchan Kalan at 229 ft. (70 m). This area is Nepal's most significant agricultural region.

In addition to Tarai, Nepal is home to two more distinct horizontal regions:

The Hill Region (central) consists of mountains, hills, flatlands and deep valleys, with elevations ranging from 1,968 to 9,842 ft. (600 to 3,000 m).

The Himalayan Region (north) contains 202 mountains rising to more than 19,685 ft. (6,000 m) and 13 mountains rising to more than 26,246 ft. (8,000 m) high, including, of course, Mt. Everest, the world's highest mountain at 29,035 ft. (8,850 m), and the enormous Annapurna massif.

Also within the Himalayan region is the Kali Gandaki Gorge, which by some measures is considered the deepest gorge in the world, and (over the past several centuries) has been utilized as a trade route between India and Tibet.

The snow-covered mountains of Nepal are replete with cold water rivers; the four major ones (from west to east) are the Kail, Karnali, Narayani and Kosi.

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Nepal Trivia

What is the Biggest Ethnic Group in Nepal?

The Chhetri are the largest ethnic group in Nepal, representing just over 16% of the country's population.

Largest Ethnic Groups In Nepal

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