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The Korean Peninsula, located in East Asia, extends southwards from the Asian continent for approximately 1,100 km (683 miles). 

Since the end of World War II, it has been divided into the countries of North and South Korea. Prior to the division of the peninsula, it was simply recognized as Korea. 

It's surrounded on three sides by water, including the Sea of Japan (East Sea), Yellow Sea, Korea Strait, Cheju Strait and Korea Bay.

It's separated from the Asian continent and bordered on the north by the countries of China and Russia. 

The Korean Peninsula's land area is 219,140 sq km (84,610 sq miles), with a total coastline length of 8,458 km (5,255 miles). For specific details on either North or South Korea, please follow the map links.

Korean Peninsula Map, Map of North Korea, Map of South Korea

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