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Brunei Darussalam Geography

Brunei Darussalam's Information

Flag of Brunei Darussalam
Land Area 5,265 km2
Water Area 500 km2
Total Area 5,765km2 (#163)
Population 436,620 (#173)
Population Density 82.93/km2
Government Type Absolute Monarchy Or Sultanate (locally Known As Malay Islamic Monarchy)
GDP (PPP) $33.73 Billion
GDP Per Capita $79,700
Currency Dollar (BND)
More Information Brunei Darussalam
Largest Cities

Brunei sits mostly within the Borneo lowland rain forests, and its landscape is a fertile, hilly lowland - with the exception being the mountainous areas in the east.

The highest point of the country is Bukit Pagon at 6,069 ft. (1,850 m) along the border with Malaysia.

Numerous rivers drain the land, including the Belait, Pandaruan and Tutong. Subsequently, the coastal areas along the South China Sea are a wide swampy plain.

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