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Bangladesh History Timeline

Bangladesh's Information

Flag of Bangladesh
Land Area 130,170 km2
Water Area 18,290 km2
Total Area 148,460km2 (#92)
Population 156,186,882 (#8)
Population Density 1,199.87/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Republic
GDP (PPP) $628.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $3,900
Currency Taka (BDT)
More Information Bangladesh
Largest Cities

2700BC - 700BC

  • (2700BC - 700BC) Harrappan civilization lived in Ingus and Ganges Valleys
600 - 1500
  • (600 - 625) King Shashanka ruled Bengal
  • (750) Gopala, founder of Pala Dynasty came into power by election
  • (900 - 1000) Chandra dynasty ruled in the Harikela region (southeast Bangladesh)
  • (1095) Hemanta Sen declared himself king, founded Sena dynasty
  • (1204) Muslim rule began under Ikhtiyar Uddin Muhammad Bin Bakhtiyar Khalji
  • (1204 - 1226) Khilji Maliks ruled
  • (1226) Iltutmish, Sultan of Delhi, invaded Bengal, killed Ghiyasuddin Iwaj Shah, the last Khilji ruler
  • (1281 - 1324) Mahmud Shahi dynasty ruled
  • (1328) Army of Delhi Sultanate defeated and killed Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah I, last ruler of the dynasty
  • (1436 - 1486) Shahi dynasty ruled
  • (1487) Jalaluddin Fateh Shah assassinated by Habshi slaves
  • (1494 - 1538) Rule of Hussain Shahi dynasty
1500 - 1800
  • (1534) Portuguese arrived at Chittagong, received trade permits
  • (1575) Battle of Tukaroi fought between Sultanate of Bangala and Mughal Empire
  • (1584) Mughal Subahdar Shahbaz Khan captured Sonargaon, defeated Mughal army and reclaimed lands
  • (1608) Subahdar Islam Khan led expedition into Bengal, subjugated local rules, moved provincial capital to Dhaka
  • (1757) At the Battle of Paulashy, British East India Company defeated Nawab of Bengal, established company rule in India
  • (1770) Bengal famine caused deaths of over 15 million
  • (1793) Permanent Settlement Act imposed
  • (1857) Indian Rebellion broke out
  • (1858) East Indian Company dissolved, British Raj rule began
  • (1905) Decision to partition Bengal announced
  • (1930) Revolutionary Surya Sen led Chittagong raid
  • (1934) Surya Sen hung by British rulers
  • (1947) British colonial rule over India ended, Bangladesh, as part of Pakistan, gained independence
  • (1947) Muslim state comprising East and West Pakistan established on either side of India, separated by more than 1,500 km of Indian territory
  • (1948) Students went on strike in protest of omission of Bangla from official use
  • (1949) Awami League established to campaign for autonomy for East Pakistan from West Pakistan
1900s continued
  • (1952) Police opened fire on students protesting the Bangali Language Movement
  • (1958) Constitution abrogated, martial law declared in Pakistan
  • (1960) Cyclone and tidal wave hit Bay of Bengal, over 6,000 killed in East Pakistan
  • (1969) Mass uprising in East Pakistan
  • (1970) Awami League won election victory in East Pakistan, West Pakistan refused to recognize results, riots began
  • (1970) Cyclone struck East Pakistan, 500,000 killed
  • (1971) Awami League leaders proclaimed independence of province of East Pakistan, the new country was named Bangladesh
  • (1971) Nearly 10 million Bangladeshis fled to India as troops from West Pakistan were defeated by Indian forces
  • (1971) Operation Searchlight and Bangladesh Liberation War caused human rights abuses by Pakistan Army, many thousands killed, eight to ten million fled the country
  • (1971) Pakistan Army committed massacre at Chuknagar, killed thousands
  • (1971) India became first country to recognize Bangladesh
  • (1972) Sheikh Mujib became prime minister, began program to improve living standards
  • (1974) Floods devastated most of grain crop; 28,000 died
  • (1974) Bangladesh famine caused deaths of over one million people
  • (1974) Pakistan recognized Bangladesh
  • (1974) Bangladesh joined United Nations

Bangladesh Trivia

Where is Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is a country located in South Asia.

Fun Facts about Bangladesh

What is the Longest River in Bangladesh?

The Brahmaputra River is one of the greatest in Asia and the longest to pass through Bangladesh, covering a length of 1,802 miles, and also cutting across India, Bhutan, and China. It starts from Kailash in northern Tibet and ends in the Bay of Bengal.

Major Rivers Of Bangladesh

What Language is Spoken in Bangladesh?

Bengali or Bangla, the official and national language of Bangladesh, is also the language spoken by the majority of people of the country.

What Languages Are Spoken In Bangladesh?

What is the Major Religion in Bangladesh?

Most Bangladeshis are Sunni Muslims, while Hindus are the largest religious minority in the country.

Religious Beliefs In Bangladesh

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Bangladesh?

The largest ethnic group in Bangladesh are the Bengali people, at 98%.

Ethnic Groups In Bangladesh

What is the Biggest City in Bangladesh?

The largest city in Bangladesh is Dhaka. The latest UN report labels Dhaka as the fastest growing mega city in the world, estimating the growth will see its population reach as high as 10 million or even more in the near future.

The Biggest Cities In Bangladesh

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