Laboni Beach – the Most Popular Beach in Bangladesh

The side-by-side beaches of Cox Bazar combine to form a stretch of sandy beaches of around 75 miles long.
The side-by-side beaches of Cox Bazar combine to form a stretch of sandy beaches of around 75 miles long.

Laboni Beach is a tourist attraction in the seaside resort town of Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. It is the main beach of three beaches that are side by side in Cox's Bazar's beaches, that combine to form a stretch of sandy beaches of around 75 miles long. Laboni is also the closest of these to the town of Cox's Bazar. Getting to the beach from town is easy, with traveling by rickshaw or motorized rickshaw being among the most popular and memorable ways of doing so. The best time to visit is from November to March, when there is typically little if any rain at all. 

4. Tourism

Tourism is the main reason why the area around Laboni Beach thrives today. It always throbs with tourists even during the rainy months, except when there's especially heavy rainfall in the monsoon season. Still, some locals and curious tourists even come during the worst of the monsoon months to view the waterfall in the nearby Humchari National Park. It is easy to get to Laboni Beach from Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Close to the beach, there are many vendors that sell tourist souvenirs and also beach accessories. Some of these shops sell tee shirts and jewelry including shoes and bags. There are also hand-made clothes and hand-rolled local cigars to be had for keepsakes.

3. Uniqueness

Laboni Beach puts on a spectacular show for tourists and locals alike at sunrise and sunset. That includes the waters of the sea which change their hues with the time of day as well. At night, the shoreline water glows with phosphorescent organisms. The beach area is safe at night in that it never completely empties of people and, as an added security measure, the area is protected by the local tourist police. Laboni is known for its many beachside activities, and tourists come to swim, bike, jog and relax. The Bay of Bengal also imparts its wonderful vistas unto the eyes of keen observers. Two beautiful islands are also accessible from this area. One has temples and the other is a storm shelter for local fishermen.

2. Habitat

Laboni Beach is in the vicinity of the Humchari National Park. The park is home to hundreds of bird species, with some being endemic to the area. The animal population in the park is composed of elephants, tigers, fishing wildcats, wild dogs, leopards, boars, and a variety of reptiles, with amphibians also populating the beach areas. The park has a tropical forest with hundreds of species of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.

1. Threats

Tourists are generally safe on the beach, as there are usually a number of beach police personnel patrolling the area. However, swimming presents different hazards of its unto those who are careless or inept swimmers. There are undertows in the water currents close to the beach, and these can carry swimmers far out to sea. Conversely, humans may pose a danger to the environment by littering on the beach. When this litter is swept out to sea, the marine life that gets tangled up in the litter may have little or no chance at all of survival if they fail to break free. Meanwhile, environmental concerns from the government has changed the status of Humchari forest into that of a National Park.


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