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Morocco Facts

Morocco's Information

Flag of Morocco
Land Area 446,300 km2
Water Area 250 km2
Total Area 446,550km2 (#57)
Population 33,655,786 (#39)
Population Density 75.41/km2
Government Type Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
GDP (PPP) $283.00 Billion
GDP Per Capita $8,400
Currency Dirham (MAD)
Largest Cities
  • Name: Morocco
    (long form) Kingdom of Morocco
  • Capital City: Rabat (620,996 pop.)
    (1,670,192 metro)
  • Morocco Population: 32,649,130 (2013 est.)
  • World Populations (all countries)
  • Currency: Moroccan Dirham
    (conversion rates)

    Moroccan Dirham
    Ten Moroccan Dirhams
  • Ethnicity: Arab-Berber 99.1%
  • GDP total: $174 billion (2012 est.)
  • GDP per capita: $5,400 (2012 est.)
  • Land Sizes
  • Language: Arabic (official), Berber dialects, and French is often the language of business, government, and diplomacy
  • Largest Cities: (by population) Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Sale, Marrakesh
  • Name: From the Spanish Marruecos (Portuguese Marrocos) meaning, "Land of God."
  • National Day: July 30
  • Religion: Muslim 98.7%
  • Symbols
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Morocco Trivia

What is the Biggest City in Morocco?

The Atlantic port of Casablanca is by far the largest of all Morocco Cities, and one of the most important cities in all of North Africa. It has a population of 3.5 million people.

The Biggest Cities in Morocco

What is the Largest Ethnic Group in Morocco?

The largest ethnic groups in Morocco are the Arab and the Berber people.

The Ethnic Groups In Morocco

Is Western Sahara A Country?

Western Sahara is a disputed non-self-governing territory in northwest Africa. It is sandwiched between Morocco to the north, Algeria to the northeast, Mauritania to the south and east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The territory is contested by the Kingdom of Morocco and the Polisario Front based in Algeria.

Western Sahara: a Country or Part of Morocco?

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