About Bosnia And Herzegovina

There is just something about the Balkans, and Bosnia and Herzegovina truly embody it. Not entirely landlocked, Bosnia and Herzegovina has only a very small coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Though today a very fast-growing and peaceful country, the recent history of Bosnia and Herzegovina was plagued with a brutal civil war. In the 21st century, tourists from across the globe have re-discovered the country's rugged outdoorsy-ness and undeniable charm. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina Trivia

What Languages are Spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnian, Serbian, and Croatian are official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

What Languages Are Spoken in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

What is the Biggest City in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Sarajevo is Bosnia and Herzegovina's largest city and capital of the country. Banja Luka and Luka are the second and third biggest cities in the country.

The Biggest Cities In Bosnia And Herzegovina