The Three National Parks Of Bosnia And Herzegovina

A scenic view of a waterfall in the Una National Park of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
A scenic view of a waterfall in the Una National Park of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Southeastern European nation that is situated on the Balkan Peninsula. The country is bordered by Croatia, Serbia, and Montenegro. The country also has a 20 km long coastline on the Adriatic Sea. The central and eastern parts of the country are mountainous in nature while the northeastern part is mainly flatland. Nearly 50% of the land in Bosnia and Herzegovina is forested. Seven major rivers flow through the country.

Importance Of National Parks In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Keeping in mind the over-exploitation of natural resources, the need to establish national parks in Bosnia and Herzegovina was recognized by the government of the country. Thus, the three national parks were established, and the management teams of the parks were assigned the responsibility of protecting the flora, fauna, and other natural features of the national parks from exploitation by humans.

Today, these national parks of Bosnia and Herzegovina play an important role in biodiversity conservation, cultural heritage conservation, and socioeconomic development through tourism.

3. Una National Park

Una National Park is the most recently established national park in the country. Established in 2008, the park is located around the Unac River and the Upper Una River. The main aim of establishing the national park was the protection of the valuable habitat in and around the relatively unspoilt rivers. Waterfalls and white water rapids enhance the scenic beauty of the Una National Park.

2. Kozara National Park

Kozara National Park is a national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina that is straddled by the four rivers of Vrbas, Sana, Sava, and Una. Deer, foxes, ducks, hares, boars, pheasants are some of the commonly observed fauna of the national park. Walking, hiking, herb picking, biking are some of the activities allowed in a small section of the national park.

1. Sutjeska National Park

The Sutjeska National Park is the oldest national park in the country and was established in 1962. The country’s highest peak of Maglić (2,386 meters) is part of this park. The park is also of historical significance since it was the site of the 1943 Battle of the Sutjeska during the Second World War. Another important feature of the Sutjeska National Park is the Skakavac waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in the country which is formed on the Perućica river. The Drina and the Piva rivers are the biggest rivers flowing through the park. Several other rivers, streams, and lakes are also part of the park. Thick forests cover 66% of the land area of the park, and the rest of the landscape is covered by meadows, mountain pastures, and rocky ground. Bears, wild cat, fox, wild goats, boar, wolf, marten are some of the mammalians inhabiting the Sutjeska National Park. Over 300 species of birds including the rock partridge, peregrine falcon, blackbird, etc., reside in the park habitat.

The Three National Parks Of Bosnia And Herzegovina

RankNameFounded inArea (km²)
1Sutjeska National Park1965173
2Kozara National Park196734
3Una National Park2008198

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