About Argentina

Argentina is the second-largest country in South America and the third most populated. Argentina is known for its cosmopolitan cities, wine exports, and of course for being the birthplace of tango. However, Argentina is also a magnificent gateway to the south pole, a hotbed of "futbol" enthusiasts, and a paradise for nature-lovers. True to its name, which comes from the Latin word for "silver," Argentina is a source of valuable minerals, which contributes to the economic prosperity of the nation. Tourists to Argentina are particularly drawn to the wilderness of Patagonia and the bustling urban center of Buenos Aires. 

Argentina Trivia

What Languages Are Spoken in Argentina?

Spanish is the most spoken language in Argentina. Argentina is the fourth most populous Spanish-speaking nation in the world after Mexico, Spain, and Colombia. Italian ranks second among the languages spoken in Argentina.

What Languages Are Spoken In Argentina?

What Kind of Government Does Argentina Have?

Argentina is a presidential democratic republic where the President is the Head of State and the Head of Government, and the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The government operates in three branches, the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary.

What Type Of Government Does Argentina Have?

What is the Biggest City in Argentina?

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is also its largest city hosting a population of 2,776,138 people.

The Biggest Cities In Argentina

Which Are The Native Plants Of Argentina?

Argentina’s varied climate and terrain creates the ideal environment for the growth of a great diversity of species of flowers, trees, and grasses. The country is home to over 10% of the global varieties of flora. These include Darwin’s Barberry, Yerba Mate, Darwin’s Slipper, Santa Cruz Water Lily, etc.

Native Plants Of Argentina

What is the Tallest Mountain in Argentina?

Aconcagua is the highest mountain in Argentina with an elevation of around 22,838 feet.

Highest Mountains In Argentina

Where is Argentina?

Argentina is one of the largest countries in South America.

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What Kind of Fish Come From Argentina?

Fish species that come from Argentina include the Argentine hake, the Buenos Aires tetra, and the tadpole codling.

Native Fish Of Argentina

Who are the Indigenous Peoples of Argentina?

Some of the indigenous groups of Argentina include the Mapuche, the Kolla, the Qom, the Wichi, and the Diaguita.

Indigenous Peoples Of Argentina