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Did you know that the capybara, the world's largest rodent, is an excellent swimmer? Or that giant pandas spend an impressive 12 hours per day eating? We share our planet with some pretty amazing beings, ranging in size from the massive blue whale to the tiny bee hummingbird. Some animals live in the ocean (like the walrus and the manatee), some live in the rainforest (like the tamarin and the anteater), and some even live in the barren desert (like the sand cat and the oryx). There are, sadly, endangered and extinct animals. Learn more about the fascinating creatures of the world in this Animals Facts portal. 

Did You Know?

What is the Most Venomous Snake in the World?

The inland taipan inhabits the semi-arid parts of central east Australia. It achieves an average length of 5.9 feet with a maximum length of 8.2 feet. The inland taipan’s venom measures as the most toxic with a murine LD50 value of 0.025mg/kg.

The Most Venomous Snakes In The World

Are Opossums and Possums the Same Animals?

While both possums and opossums are marsupials, they are, technically and scientifically, two very different animals. The opossum is a mammal belonging to the family of marsupials located in North America. Possums, on the other hand, are marsupials of Australian origins. The possums were given that name because of the close semblance to the opossums of North America.

What Is the Difference Between a Possum and an Opossum?

What are the World's Fastest Birds?

The Peregrine falcon, a bird of prey, is the fastest bird in the world and can fly at a maximum speed of 240 miles per hour. They are a common bird that can be found all over the world, from North America to Australia. The golden eagle is the second fastest, and can reach a maximum speed of 200 kilometers.

The Fastest Birds In The World

What Kind of Animals Live in Japan?

Some of the animals that are native to Japan include the red-crowned crane, the steller's sea lion, the Japanese pond turtle, the green pheasant, and the sika deer.

Animals Native to Japan

What Animals Eat Spiders?

Some of the animals that eat spiders include wasps, monkeys, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

Which Animals Eat Spiders?

Which Fish Species Are Found In The Philippines?

With more than 20,000 miles of marine coastlines and an abundance of freshwater resources, the Philippine archipelago houses an astounding collection of native fish. The Manila Sea Catfish, Picturesque Dragonet, Tikos Rough Triggerfish, Philippine Luminous Roughy, Bloch's Gizzard Shad, etc., are some of the native fish species of the Philippines.

Native Fish In The Philippines

What is the Most Threatened Whale Species?

With only a few hundred surviving individuals, the North Atlantic Right Whale is the most threatened whale species in the world today being classified as critically endangered by the IUCN. These whales are found in two distinct populations, in the western North Atlantic and the eastern North Atlantic.

Endangered Whales

What reptiles are native to Italy?

Native reptiles of Italy include Tyrrhenian Wall Lizard, Italian Aesculapian Snake, Sicilian Pond Turtle, and Sicilian Wall Lizard.

Native Reptiles Of Italy