Dive In With The Sharks From The Safety Of Your Homes During Lockdown

Jillian photographing a juvenile lemon shark in Bimini. Image Credit: Duncan Brake.
Jillian photographing a juvenile lemon shark in Bimini. Image Credit: Duncan Brake.

Social distancing, lockdowns, quarantines…these are some of the words haunting us now. Given the frightful rate at which COVID-19 is spreading across the world, claiming lives, and paralyzing economies, it is natural for us to be anxious. However, hope and a positive attitude towards life can work miracles and that is the need of the day. If you are an outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, or simply anyone curious to explore the world around you, you can do so without stepping out of your home. How? By experiencing the extreme adventure and adrenaline rush of diving with the sharks via the webinars hosted by Shark4Kids from Monday, March 23. The schedule upto April 3 is provided below.

What Is Shark4Kids?

Shark Education Tour in Ontario Canada. Image credit: Credit: Wellington School Board 

An organization founded by Jillian Morris Brake, and based in Florida, US, Shark4Kids educates and inspires students in all parts of the globe to learn about sharks and save them. 

The team at Sharks4Kids hosts numerous events and conducts educational tours in various academic institutions to enlighten students and teachers about marine life conservation. They also host Skype classrooms to teach students in remote parts of the world.

Dive In With The Sharks From The Safety Of Your Homes

 Teaching students in the Bahamas about sharks and rays. Image credit: Duncan Brake 

A very thoughtful approach during these stressful times, Sharks4Kids has come up with a series of webinars that can be attended absolutely free of cost on their website here

These webinars will continue for the next four weeks and possibly longer. Shark scientists, videographers, divers, and others will deliver exciting and informative presentations, talks, and video tutorials.

Some of the upcoming webinars are as follows:

Tuesday, March 31, 10 am EST: Why Sharks Matter with Dr. David Shiffman

Tuesday, March 31, 7 pm EST: Tail Of Two Sharks with Dr. Jodie Rummer

Wednesday, April 1, 11 am EST: Deep Sea Sharks of the Twilight Zone with Dr. Dean Grubbs

Wednesday, April 1, 1 pm EST:: How To Draw A Shark (Age 7-11) with Dr. Julius Csotonyi

Thursday, April 2, 10 am EST: Shark Adaptations with Shark4Kids Founder Jillian Morris

Thursday, April 2, 1 pm EST: Behind The Camera Look At Photographing Sharks with Ron Watkins

Friday, April 3, 1 pm EST: Looking Into The Eyes Of Sharks with Megan Burt

So, while you stay back at home during the pandemic, enjoy the feel and thrill of the outdoors, and enhance your marine biology knowledge with the aid of Sharks4Kids.


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