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Where is Kansas City, MO?

map showing the location of Kansas City

Kansas City is a city found in Missouri, The United States Of America. It is located 39.10 latitude and -94.58 longitude and it is situated at elevation 290 meters above sea level.

Kansas City has a population of 459,787 making it the biggest city in Missouri. It operates on the CDT time zone.

Quick facts

Country The United States Of America
State Missouri
Population 459,787
Elevation 290 m over sea level
Time Zone CDT
Longitude -94.578570
Latitude 39.099730
kansas city description
Kansas City, the largest city in the state of Missouri, is a beautiful and historic American town.

It's often called the "City of Fountains" or "Paris of the Plains," because (reportedly) it has more fountains than any other city except Rome and is second only to Paris for its number of boulevards.

A few of Kansas City's famous native sons include Burt Bacharach, Jesse James, Harry S. Truman and Walt Disney's first animation studio. Many visitors to this city would surely add KC's world-famous barbeque, jazz clubs and tasty steaks to famous attractions.

Positioned within gentle rolling hills on the banks of the Missouri River, Kansas City offers a never ending variety of attractions for kids and adults.


  • While residing in Kansas City, Walt Disney created one of his most famous and beloved characters: Mickey Mouse.
  • One of the world's most identifiable icons, the McDonalds Happy Meal, was first served in Kansas City.
  • The American Royal BBQ contest held in Kansas City is the largest in the world.

kansas city attractions

  • Union Station Kansas City
    All aboard! Union Station, one of Kansas City's most prominent landmarks, is home to a world class science museum, theaters, fine restaurants, shops and a permanent rail exhibit with vintage rail cars. As a "must stop" for a Missouri vacation, it is possible to catch the train at Union Station Kansas City, check out the Gottleib Planetarium or visit the Science City, a fun, interactive science center with more than 50 hands-on exhibits.
  • World of Fun
    Worlds of Fun is literally jam-packed with 175 acres of exciting rides and fun-filled attractions! Roller coaster lovers have plenty to choose from: the Timber Wolf, Spinning Dragon and the heart pounding Mamba, one of the world's top 25 roller coasters. Other popular rides include the Fury of the Nile and the Detonator, a ride that shoots visitors up 200-foot towers. With a wealth of children's rides and a full scale water park, there is plenty to do in this playful oasis on the banks of the Missouri.
  • Kaleidoscope
    A world of imagination and excitement for children to create one-of-a-kind artwork, unique puzzles or the tallest skyscrapers in the world using scrap material provided by Hallmark Cards. Children use colorful crayons, beautiful ribbons, shiny paper and markers to create whatever their imagination desires. Children and their families can also attend Family Art Sessions and Independent Art Sessions are open to children aged 5 to 12 at the Kaleidoscope 'Imagination Machine'.


Kansas-city has a population of around 467990, of which 226664 (48%) are male and 241326 (51%) are female. The average age of the inhabitants of Kansas-city is 36.44, meaning that the average person is below the national median age of 37. For every male, there are approximately 1.06 females, meaning that the population is relatively evenly distributed between males and female(s).

Of Kansas-city's 467990 residents, around 451493 (96.50%) identify as having a single race. The majority of the population is white, which consists of 59.70% of the population. Of the remaining population, 135255 are black/African Americans (28.90%), 2007 are native Americans (0.40%), 12283 are asians (2.60%), 937 are pacific islanders (0.20%), 21404 are other (4.60%).

The median income of households in Kansas-city is $45821.00, meaning that most of the households are above the poverty threshold for families of three. Of the total population, 9.70% of households reported an annual income of less than $10,000.

Kansas City, MO Zipcodes

The city of Kansas City has 62 zipcodes recognized by the United States Census Bureau: 64012, 64030, 64052, 64053, 64055, 64064, 64068, 64079, 64081, 64082, 64101, 64102, 64105, 64106, 64108, 64109, 64110, 64111, 64112, 64113, 64114, 64116, 64117, 64118, 64119, 64120, 64123, 64124, 64125, 64126, 64127, 64128, 64129, 64130, 64131, 64132, 64133, 64134, 64136, 64137, 64138, 64139, 64145, 64146, 64147, 64149, 64150, 64151, 64152, 64153, 64154, 64155, 64156, 64157, 64158, 64161, 64163, 64164, 64165, 64166, 64167, 64192.

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