Autumn landscape over the lake in Vermont near Groton.

Vermont's Most Charming Beach Towns

Vermont is not the first place that pops into mind when thinking of your next beach-side destination, but any local from Vermont can tell you about its crystal clear waters, sand and stone beaches, and what it’s like swimming amidst vast lands of greenery and wildlife. Known for its picturesque skiing sites, tasty cheddar cheese, wineries and breweries, fall foliage, and famous fresh maple syrup that produces more maple syrup than any other state in the United States, it is also home to many lakes. While it is a landlocked region, the Green Mountain State has crystal clear lakes, most notably, the grand Lake Champlain, gorgeous sandy beaches, natural beauty, and a small-town feeling where ever you go.


Roosevelt Highway across Lake Champlain near Sand Bar State Park, Milton, Vermont
Lake Champlain near Sand Bar State Park, Milton, Vermont.

Milton is the home of seven waterfalls, a small town in northern Chittenden County on the shores of Lake Champlain, fifteen miles north of Burlington. Milton is an amiable place to stay. When passing by Milton, you have to visit the Sand Bar State Park. The name sand bar comes from the natural sandbar between South Hero Island in Grand Isle County and the town of Milton on the Vermont mainland. It’s an amazing area nestled between the gorgeous Champlain Islands and a wildlife refuge. The Sand Bar is one of the most visited day parks in the state, with a 2,000-foot-long shore and shallow beach perfect for family watersports, and fishing. With a lovely view for a picnic, Sand Bar is an incredible place to spend a family evening or chill by yourself in peace.


Lakeside homes on Lake Bomoseen
Homes on Lake Bomoseen.

Castleton is a charming Vermont town in Rutland County, just 7 miles east of the New York and Vermont border. It boasts a rich history and peaceful landscapes and makes the perfect weekend getaway or place to call home. Castleton is in the Lakes Region of Vermont, where you will find the beautiful Lake Bomoseen, the largest lake within Vermont’s borders, with multiple activity opportunities such as hiking, boating, swimming, and fishing, in addition to its lovely beach shores. Castleton is also the perfect fishing and camping site to spend a weekend or longer. 


Foliage on Kettle Pond in Groton, Vermont.
 Kettle Pond in Groton, Vermont.

Gorton is famous for its fall festival and its foliage chicken pie, but the town's summer vibe beats it all. The natural beauty you will find in the Groton State Forest during summer is breathtaking. It is the largest and most superb forest in Vermont. Known for its wildlife habitat, you can find many sensitive species and endangered plants here. The forest has seven state parks; on the top of them is Bolder Beach State Park, named after the large rocks on the sandy beach left by glaciers. Imagine what a beauty it will be to swim with the view of these large rocks and see the sight of trees all along the way; a relaxing destination for your family trips.


Adirondack chairs overlooking Crystal Lake in Barton Vermont
Crystal Lake in Barton, Vermont.

The Old Stone House Museum, Wheeler Mountain, and Lake Willoughby are the popular all-season-round go-to in Barton. However, Crystal Lake State Park is the ultimate getaway for a unique weekend beach vacation. The state park serves as the home for Crystal Lake, an icy lake with a sandy shoreline. The daytime park will offer a wonderful time from sunrise until sunset. Just watching the sunset over Crystal Lake will make your whole day. If you are lucky, you can book a night in "The Cottage," the only cottage in the state park. The park will be all yours under your command. Surround yourself with crystal clear waters, and immerse yourself in nature’s balanced beauties of green wilderness and beach vibes. 


Fall colors around Ludlow, Vermont, Echo Lake
Ludlow, Vermont, Echo Lake. Image credit Bob LoCicero via Shutterstock

A tucked away town in Windsor County, the home of Okemo Mountain, a popular ski resort, but Camp Plymouth State Park is the place to be in the summer. Home to the state’s popular Eco Lake and Buffalo Brook, giving the state park a lovely beach for swimming and getting your summer tan. The State Park also has options for picnicking, horse camping, group camping, and cottage rentals, offering you unlimited summertime fun. Camp Plymouth is your best choice for fishing. The lake offers you a variety of fish species, such as bass, bigmouth, pickerel, and many other tasty species. Ludlow and its many outdoor attractions are an all-in-one destination for plenty of family fun.


Overlooking Waterbury Center State Park in fall, Vermont
Waterbury Center State Park, Vermont.

Waterbury is a town that sits in Washington County in central Vermont on the eastern fold of the Green Mountains. The home of Bens and Jerry’s ice cream, one of Vermont’s most attractive tour sights. People from around the world visit the only Ben and Jerry's ice cream factory open for public visit, constructed in 1986. Waterbury may be small, but there is a lot to do and see beside the water, from shopping and dining areas to several state parks. Waterbury Center State Park has the 9th largest body of water in Vermont, open for visitors from late spring to early fall, with all the summer activities you can think of.


Homes along Lake Elmore, Vermont with fall foliage
Homes along Lake Elmore, Vermont.

Named "The beauty spot of Vermont" in the county of Lamoille, Elmore is mostly a forested and agricultural beach town. Popular destinations in Elmore include Elmore State Park, its Lake, and Elmore Mountain. The park is one of the newly created sandy shore beaches and is among the smallest beaches and the best beach towns in Vermont. The town of Elmore is a popular beach escape for locals of the state because of its friendly locals and designated picnic area. However, it also offers a range of hiking paths and wildlife adventures if swimming isn’t part of your plans. 

Vermont has its very own unique beach atmosphere that no other state can match. Instead of a vast sandy or pebbly shore, Vermont’s environment allows for all kinds of different trees and species to make a home of its lands. Experience the Vermont beach life, inspired by oak and maple trees, dense forests, mountains, and a wildlife landscape.

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