Central Park in New York City looking pretty in fall colors. Editorial credit: GagliardiPhotography / Shutterstock.com

Top 12 US Cities To Visit This Fall

It is time to start planning a nice fall vacation that makes the most of the season's pleasant weather as the heat of summer begins to fade. Amazing leaf-peeping. Scenic drives for the bucket list. Halloween escapes with a spook and numerous cuisine festivals. The top tourist destinations in the USA in October provide full immersion in the best aspects of the year. These cities offer everything from magnificent outdoor activity, bustling downtown districts, enjoyable autumn events, and more, whether you're seeking a quick getaway or locations to spend the full season.

Denver, Colorado 

Denver, colorado
Families on a hayride during a fall festival in Denver, Colorado. Editorial credit: Vicki L. Miller / Shutterstock.com

Denver's calendar is usually jam-packed with fantastic events and activities, from entertaining fall festivals to holiday weekend celebrations. Of all the cities in the nation, Denver has one of the longest fall color seasons. This is because downtown Denver is only a two-hour drive from five different temperature zones. Not simply because of the weather, but also because many of Denver's yearly food events take place in September and October. The majority of the days are sunny and warm, with average temperatures ranging from the mid-30s to the mid-60s in October to the upper 40s to the mid-70s in September.

Leavenworth, Washington 

Leavenworth, Washington
Autumn afternoon at the Bavarian themed village of Leavenworth, Washington. Editorial credit: Kirk Fisher / Shutterstock.com

Simply said, fall in Leavenworth is the best season to visit this region with German influences. In addition to having an abundance of fruit that has matured on trees, Leavenworth also offers some of the best outdoor activity opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. You'll experience nature in its purest form as you take in the vibrant foliage and the crisp morning air. Fall in Leavenworth offers infinite adventure, from biking down a challenging mountain track to zipping 200 feet above a golden-leafed valley while eating some of the best German cuisines west of Bavaria. Leavenworth's fall is all about the trees. Every year around this time, the trees burst into life with fiery shades of yellow, orange, and red. 

Boston, Massachusetts 

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusett in autumn.

The fall season offers pleasant weather and the added benefit of beautiful foliage. As well as late June, September and October are fantastic months. Walking about is enjoyable with the mild autumn weather. Boston's parks put on a spectacular show when the leaves change, enhancing the ancient buildings. The low 60s to the low 70s are typical daytime temperatures in the fall. As the leaves change, there will be fewer tourists, but hotel prices will continue to be high until November. 

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee
Two Canadian geese standing by a small lake at Nashville's Centennial Park.

The cooler temperatures and crisp autumn air make fall the ideal time to explore Music City. These months are certainly busy with cultural festivals, regular weekly music events at Centennial Park, city midnight tours, and more since the fall foliage takes over the region and the weather become crisper, cooler, and great for outdoor activities. There is also a lot going on in the vibrant music city during this time. It's time to see the hues of the trees change as autumn approaches. The area around Nashville is a true autumnal splendor, whether you go for a strenuous climb or a relaxing train journey.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh during autumn.

Even though Pittsburgh is beautiful all year round, the addition of fall color particularly highlights the splendor of this adored city and its surroundings. The arrival of fall foliage is rapidly coming. In comparison to other states in the US, Pennsylvania boasts a longer and more diversified fall foliage season. You will be in shock as Pittsburgh's parks, valleys, and hillsides transform from a stunning shade of green to vivacious reds, oranges, and yellows. Pittsburgh has many locations where you can see vivid colors. Among other parks, a stroll through Frick Park or Riverview Park guarantees picturesque moments in the fall. 

Portland, Maine 

A cruise ship anchored at the harbor in Portland, Maine.

In the fall, as the weather begins to cool and the entire Northeast prepares for winter, Portland, Maine, shimmers like its famed lighthouses. There are many things to do in Portland in the fall, from exploring the cobblestone alleys of the historic district Old Port to the industrial-turned-trendy area of East Bayside. This region of the country is known for its leaf-peeping. Portland is the ideal place to go in the fall.

Flagstaff, Arizona 

flagstaff arizona
Fall colors on the mountains near Flagstaff.

The state most famous for its saguaros and sweltering summers also provides a magnificent backdrop for the colors of the fall. One of the best sites in Arizona to see vibrant fall foliage colors is Flagstaff. Fall leaf-peeping is a popular seasonal activity for both tourists and residents due to the chilly, crisp mountain air, sunny skies, forested meadows, and aspen groves. Hike the paths up to 8,000 feet in height to see the fall colors at their best, when vast stands of aspen trees steal the show with their quivering leaves that sparkle like liquid sunshine. The fall foliage season in Flagstaff typically begins in late September and lasts all of October. In certain years, the early half of November still offers the chance to see stunning foliage. Although October is the best month to see the peak color change in the city.

New York City, New York 

New York city
Ice skaters having fun in New York Central Park in fall.

Fall is a fantastic time to visit New York City if you want to take advantage of excellent weather with fewer tourists. Children return to school in late August or early September, and the last of the summer visitors have left, leaving you more shoulder room on city streets. Fall in Central Park is a genuine joy. You can stroll while enjoying the lovely fall foliage in New York City, and the air is significantly less humid. Additionally, the Village hosts NYC's very own Halloween parade. Everyone dresses up and parades through the streets in celebration.

Santa Barbara, California 

Santa Barbara california
Santa Barbara, California.

In Santa Barbara, fall is one of the most stunning and vivid seasons. The nights get cool enough to qualify as "sweater weather," the days are typically still warm and summer-like, and the stunning sunset skies take on richer hues. Farmers' markets are brimming with seasonal treats like pears, figs, and persimmons, while pumpkin patches are open. As the vineyard leaves turn yellow, orange, and red, harvest is well underway in the wine region. Fall in Santa Barbara is distinct from fall in other places. The azure waters are lit up by the sun. The city is framed by the majestic, verdant Santa Ynez Mountains. The town, with its Spanish colonial-style buildings, is expansive and picturesque as it lies amid the foothills and flats extending down toward the lake.

Salt Lake City, Utah 

Salt lake city
Aerial view of the Salt Lake City downtown in autumn.

September through October are the perfect months to travel to Salt Lake City. While the kids go back to school and the skiers still haven't arrived, you'll have the city - and all its cheap hotel rooms - to yourself. The perfect circumstances for leaf-peeping are present when the temperature is between the mid-60s and the high 70s. Additionally, there may be enough snow here by Halloween some years. In addition to football games and the cool mountain air, everyone appreciates the annual phenomena of the turning of the leaves.

New Orleans, Louisiana 

New Orleans in fall
A woman walking in Crescent Park, New Orleans, during the fall season. Editorial credit: William A. Morgan / Shutterstock.com

The fall is the best season to travel to New Orleans, Louisiana. The Big Easy's summer high temperatures have subsided, the humidity has decreased to a manageable level, the skies are clear, and a variety of aromatic flowers are in bloom. It's time for festivities like Halloween and festivals and sporting events. The weather will be nicer the later in the fall you go. Autumn provides relief from the heat and is a pleasant season to travel. Average hotel rates remain cheap, and highs typically return to the 80s and mid-70s.

Louisville, Kentucky 

Louisville, Kentucky
A tree exhibiting fall color at the Arboretum and Research Forest near Louisville, Kentucky, USA

In Louisville, the Halloween season is the best time of year. It lasts for an entire month. Here, fall is marked by crunchy, vibrant leaves, crisp air, pumpkin picking, and bourbon sampling. There's nothing like sipping warm apple cider and strolling through miles of flickering pumpkin sculptures lighted by candles before going crazy in a haunted house. Then there are the cool autumn breezes and crunching, vibrant leaves, the intriguing fall festivals and activities, the spooky ghost hunts, and the breathtaking hikes through some of the country's most stunning fall foliage. 

October brings with it gorgeous autumnal vistas and nice weather across much of the nation. The foliage turns reddish, and the weather cools, making this the ideal season to visit the US. Therefore, the shoulder months are the ideal times to travel if you enjoy outdoor pursuits like hiking, bicycling, and camping.

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