The coastal town of Carlingford, Ireland

The Most Beautiful Towns In Ireland

Ireland is a scenically infused place of real strength and beauty. It is the land of leprechauns and rugged coastlines, the ancient East, and medieval castles. Far and close to Dublin, the Irish capital, no two towns are alike, sharing nothing but a small-town atmosphere for unique memories and diverse outdoor adventures. Commence a road trip to visit each, or choose a distinct town to your liking that feels like one big hug.

From seaside towns to cities that will enrich you with sights and local warmth, immerse yourself in an authentic Irish experience in this truly incredible island nation. These ten most beautiful Irish towns, with landscapes and historical features unlike anywhere else, beguile with seemingly simple pursuits that feel magical at first sight, where everything comes alive under your touch.

Allihies, County Cork

Panoramic Sea View from Allihies, Beara Peninsula, County Cork, Ireland.

The postcard-pretty town of Allihies inspires beauty in everything that it touches. From the aesthetic streets, so joyous on a stroll along the colorful lineup of shops, to the surrounding nature, the town invites feel-good pursuits with the best views, like the domineering Caha mountains. Allihies thrived through the 18th century as a copper mine district, with an abandoned copper mine still in the foothills. Discover this rugged and historic site via a spectacular VagaTron 4x4 tour vehicle ride.

According to local folklore, "The Children of Lir" were buried on the grounds of this district town after 900 years of journeying across the sea. From legends to the stunning views of the Iveragh mountains, Kenmare Bay, and across the coast, Allihies is a whole other world to experience that will leave you breathless. Come for endless wanders along the shores, active mountain hikes, and the revered remote feel: it is the furthest town from Dublin, nearly 400 km away, on the island of Ireland, comprising the best cross-country road trip.

Carlingford, County Louth

View of medieval King John's Castle ruins in Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland
View of medieval King John's Castle ruins in Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland.

The tiny shorebound township of Carlington is full of rich history and many legends to uncover along this "other side of the Irish Sea." Enjoy misty morning strolls along the water for one-of-a-kind views facing Northern Ireland and daytime wanders along the streets where the Mediterranean vibe follows you along with the sea breeze to the town square, and every sight is painting-worthy.

While the old toll gate and mint may have seen better days, the impressive King John Castle towers above town in all its glory. It is a reminder of perseverance through hardships and national strength, erected in 1210 after the Normans invaded Ireland in 1173 for this strategic location. A blessing and a curse, the beautiful setting today is a beloved destination for nature lovers, free spirits, and sightseers in the town, with many fortunes to discover. Come to explore this distinctive seaside town with rich heritage and stay for the historic vestiges, sea views, and excellent seafood.

Dingle, County Kerry

Inch beach, Ireland - long sandy beach at Daingean Bay on the Dingle Peninsula, county Kerry, Ireland.
Inch beach on the Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry, Ireland.

This small town with a cute name, where life revolves around its seaside location, has that effortless charm vibe. It is a popular getaway from the city soot, where each breath is fresher than the last, with notes of brine. The notes of brine remind you to throw glances at trawlers landing their catch along the pier, which will be the seafood feast on your plate at dinner. Take a boat trip or a kayak out to Dingle Bay for a tranquil ride with a different view of Dingle and the surrounding seascape. Experience the rugged, in-your-face beauty along the 30-mile Slea Head Drive, by the edge-of-a-knife drops of Europe's westernmost point, with stops for gawking and picnics.

While the awe-striking nature captivates, the charming town awaits with a "quaint vibe and cosmopolitan character," center fare, and an extensive array of cultural pursuits. Visit Dingle to become a real part of the sea-set fantasy, or the most romantic novel. From artisan shops, galleries, and craft businesses to over 50 pubs, with one per 40 residents, you can chillax, have fun, and make friends. Enjoy craft brews alongside chatty locals to the sounds of the vibrant traditional Irish music scene. Dingle's musical talent is on display every night in pubs and venues.

Graiguenamanagh, County Kilkenny

Aerial view of the River Barrow flowing through the beautiful town of Graiguenamanagh, Ireland
Aerial view of the River Barrow flowing through the beautiful town of Graiguenamanagh, Ireland

This ancient town with a name that twists your tongue also strikes you on the spot and blinds you with beauty. Wander the medieval streets between pubs and stone walls and sightsee the iconic structure of the stunning seven-arch, ivy-clad bridge. Take a selfie and cross the bridge to neighboring County Carlow over the rushing Barrow River. Just imagine the moody demeanor of this feature in the moonlight when it is floodlit at night. Despite a slow start, a too-soon, overpriced hotel, and still being hard to find on a map, the quirky beauty attracted tourists.

Feet out this small town's vibe, pronounced "greg-nuh-maanah" and meaning "village of the monks," with modern-day pursuits in a time capsule atmosphere. Visit the small museum and pursue clever walking routes to summit Brandon Hill, or enjoy its great canoeing lanes. You can also buy secondhand books along the neat lanes that weave around the central 13th-century Duiske Abbey, featuring a clerestory, royal effigy, and medieval floor tiles. Save Mick Doyles, a local favorite pub, for the evening, or choose a stout from Leinster, which also sells fishing tackle.

Howth, County Dublin

Howht Harbour, Ireland, Dublin
Boats docked up in the Howth Harbor in Ireland.

Howth, one of the most picturesque towns in Ireland, is among the most accessible from Dublin, just half an hour away. Howth is a popular getaway from the city with something for everyone's scenic enjoyment, like countryside charm, historical background, and modern-day appeal. Choose from the most thrilling experiences, from the Howth Cliff Walk Loop for a fresh-air stroll with head-spinning vistas to Ireland's Eye for breathtaking views from the edge of your teetering seat.

Find coastal nature nearby along the sandy shores, with fishing and birding opportunities around. The town adapts to every interest, with real beauty in the eye of the beholder and the scenery unraveling in front of your eyes. Marvel on a morning stroll along Howth Market and enjoy beachy pursuits until the sunset from the Howth Pier. Historians and sightseers find the 800-year-old castle with its rich heritage insights most admirable, alongside the historical St. Mary's Abbey.

Kinsale, County Cork

A colorful street in Kinsale, Ireland.

Kinsale is a real peaceful oasis amid the waters, on the Bandon River and headed by Kinsale Harbour. Get away from the hustle and bustle of Cork city center to the small-town pursuits amid the lively town center with cafes and cultural sights. Enjoy a joyous stroll along its narrow, decorated streets with charming shops, galleries, and pubs, while the spectacular old ring ramparts of Charles Fort overlook the sparkling harbor and village. This charming seaside town is a dream vacation destination with scenic pursuits for all, like fishing and an annual arts festival.

Visit the Kinsale Museum and stroll to the marina, which has a yacht club and many bobbing fishing vessels throughout the inlet. Enjoy picnics in nature along the Kinsale Loop or by the Shannon River and drinks at Black's Brewery. The colorful building facades veil the doors of numerous pubs and restaurants with food offerings that will make your taste buds sing. Kinsale is the place to relax and peruse in the sea breeze, with shopping, sumptuous meals, and discovering interesting Irish history.

Rathmullan, County Donegal

Salmon and oyster cages moored in a fish farm near Rathmullen, Lough Swilly, Donegal, Ireland.
Salmon and oyster cages moored in a fish farm near Rathmullen, Lough Swilly, Donegal, Ireland.

The tiny, tranquil town of some 500 residents dips and curls sleepily around a sandy beach. Rathmullan is your scenic escape from the city to the beautiful east coast of the Fanad peninsula, in the northmost reaches of the country, and some of its finest beaches, like Ballymastocker. Enjoy the outdoors with vistas from valleys, lakes, and the coast, as well as spellbinding mountain ridges. Rathmullan's Beachcomber Bar on the sea is the best place for drinks overlooking Lough Swilly, Inch Island, and the Inishowen Peninsula.

Come to relax in a serene atmosphere at the views and learn about the deep history tied to Lough Swilly—a deadly checklist of all that went wrong in Ireland in the late 16th century. There are many monumental tales from the past around these lands, like Red Hugh O'Donnell's kidnapping by Queen Elizabeth's Lord Deputy, Sir John, and the capture of revolutionary Wolfe Tone and his execution. It is a real treasure trove for historians to discover the details behind Earls fleeing and Irish societal structures' collapse.

Roundstone, County Galway

View of the town of Roundstone in Ireland.
View of the town of Roundstone in Ireland.

This seaside town with a name that rolls off your tongue defines the picture-perfect Irish village. Roundstone is a joy to the eye, with a vibrant conglomeration of contrasts and postcard views each way. You can easily spend the whole day on the main street alone, winding around a steep hill over the Atlantic. Stroll along the brightly painted streets with colorful houses to the stark ocean views and peacefully bobbing brown boats.

Peruse the town's hotspots into the chilly evening and settle over a bowl of chowder with a glass of creamy stout at O'Dowd's Seafood Bar. Explore the awe-inspiring Connemara region on namesake Connemara pony horseback through the open landscape. A fishing vessel is a great way to take in the views of the harbor, the town, and its Twelve Bens Mountains backdrop.

Sneem, County Kerry

The quaint seaside town of Sneep in Ireland.

One of Ireland's smallest towns, seaside Sneep is like a breath of fresh air that awakens your soul on a relaxing getaway with a myriad of fun outdoor pursuits. From cultural sights through town to hiking and biking around and dining options in the evening, Sneem is a great pit stop on the Ring of Kerry trail. Blueberry Hill Farms is a great family outing with animal petting and feeding and joyous strolls around the picturesque property, where you can even get a handle on candle-making.

Make more sunny memories at the Brushwood Studios and visit the Way the Faeries Went, just a short stroll away, for beautiful photos of miniature faerie homes and sculptures along the water. The Bull Rock sticking out of the sea and the meme collection at Skellig Michael are great sights for photoshoots and picnicking on the beach. Seek quaint culture, art, and shops along the North Square and South Square, and places around to join locals for an evening drink.

Westport, County Mayo

The pretty town of Westport in County Mayo, Ireland.
The pretty town of Westport in County Mayo, Ireland.

Westport is a historic town near the coast of the Atlantic with an unmatched scenic setting in all of Ireland. The town is a national darling for its perfect combination of beauty and fun. Take a stroll right from a fairy tale cover by the Carrowbeg River, cascading and rippling under a triple-arched stone bridge in the town center. The Great Western Greenway beckons for a bike ride along 42 kilometers (26 miles) of dedicated pathway from central Westport through open countryside and the magical Achill Island.

Westport is a fascinating town with picturesque streets, originally designed in the 18th century as a gentry holiday destination. Find a cozy town center with a slew of streets lined by colorfully painted pubs and beautiful Georgian buildings. Historic Westport House, erected by the famous pirate queen Grace O'Malley's descendents, was then the Marquess of Sligo's stately home. Head to the beautiful blue Clew Bay, with islands off shore and the looming holiness of Croagh Patrick mountain near the horizon.

These are some of the world's most beautiful small towns that breathe sea mist and show character through nature and charming discoveries that will truly capture your heart. The natural glory weaves around majestic architectural sights, from Viking strongholds to Norman forts and Christian monasteries, alongside present-day thatched cottages, old pubs, and museum coves within colorful Georgian homes.

Ireland is saturated with scenery and legends, making for an unforgettable journey to the land of Vikings and Leprechauns and its iconic sites, hotspots, and local secret hangouts. Hit the big cities like Dublin and Belfast and divert into the small towns for diverse culture, regional beauty, and friendly locals at each step.

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