Springdale, Arkansas.

Springdale, Arkansas

Springdale is an important industrial city that forms a part of both Washington and Benton Counties in the northwestern region of the US State of Arkansas. The city is set on the Springfield Plateau in the Ozark Mountains and is well known for its thriving job market, great shopping centers, and all forms of entertainment options. Its proximity to the two eclectic cities of Fayetteville and Bentonville makes Springdale the epicenter of fun and a close-knit and multicultural hub of the region. The incredible naturalistic trails such as the Razorback Greenway and the family-fun activities discussed below round off this city as a perfect place to settle with a family or come exploring with a group of friends.

Geology And Climate Of Springdale

Springdale, Arkansas
Springdale, Arkansas. Image credit: Brandonrush via Wikimedia Commons

Sitting on the Springfield Plateau, which is part of the Ozark Mountains, that runs through the northwestern part of Arkansas, the southern part of Missouri, and the northeastern part of Oklahoma; the Springdale area is a geological mix of sandstone and shale, which were deposited on the plateau during the Pennsylvanian Period. Today, the Mississippian limestone formations that can be trekked on the plateau were exposed by erosion during the Ouachita orogeny and uplift.

Springdale covers a total area of 281.8 sq. km, of which 1.8 sq. km is occupied by water and 280 sq. km by land. The formal boundaries of Springdale also extend northwards into the southern part of Benton County. The cities of Fayetteville and Johnson border Springdale in the south; Elm Springs and Tontitown in the west; and the cities of Bethel Heights, Cave Springs, and Lowell in the north. Springdale is the fourth largest city in Arkansas and the second-largest city in Northwest Arkansas. 

Set within the humid subtropical zone with some influence from the humid continental climate, it is no surprise that the summers in Springdale are hot and humid, with the average high temperature during the hottest month of July being 32°C and the low temperature being 21°C. The winter temperatures are considered mild to cool, with January being the coldest month, with an average high temperature of 8°C and a low temperature of -3°C. Summers and winters are dry, with the most precipitation during the other two seasons.

Living In Springdale

A roadside sign in Springdale, Arkansas
A roadside sign in Springdale, Arkansas. Editorial credit: RaksyBH / Shutterstock.com

As per the 2010 census, the city has a population of 69,797 residents. With Northwest Arkansas considered as one of the best places to live in the United States, it is no surprise that Springdale has seen an influx in population, with many also choosing to spend their whole lives in the city.

The city is known for its rich culture, well-developed natural areas, parks, and high-in-demand local restaurants. While the city's restaurants may lack eclectic interiors, the variety of cuisine options is unbeatable by almost any city in northwestern Arkansas. Springdale is home to the headquarters of Tyson Foods, which is the world's largest meat-producing company. The shopping plazas in Springdale include the Sunset Square Shopping Center, the Plaza Shopping Center, and the Elmdale Shopping Center. One can also make an easy trip from Springdale to the Wal-Mart Headquarters in Bentonville or come, hang out on the grounds of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, the other two jewels of Northwest Arkansas.

The Ozark Regional Transit provides the city with a well-developed bus system. A bus-based regional transit system administrated by the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department runs throughout Washington and Benton Counties. The Interstate 49/US Highway 71/US 62 Highway is the only fully controlled access route passing through the area. Completed in the 1990s, it helped Springdale grow while relieving the former US 71 from the unexpected influx of high traffic headed for the thriving Northwest Arkansas region.

Economy Of Springdale

The economy of Northwest Arkansas was comparatively spared during the Great Recession as opposed to other metropolitan areas in the state and the nation. Also faring Springdale's economy well and blessing it with the rapid growth and diversification were the Fortune 500 companies Wal-Mart, Tyson Foods, J.B. Hunt, and the growing University of Arkansas. Known as a significant industrial city of the region, Springdale also has several major trucking companies. The vibrant cultural amenities sector opened up many new leisure and hospitality jobs in recent decades. Still, more jobs were created in the public sector, specifically, in education and health services, following the Great Recession. Nevertheless, Springdale is a continuously expanding business center with new attractions sprouting everywhere on a daily basis. 

Brief History Of Springdale

Along with the rest of the Ozarks region, Springdale was initially occupied by the Native American tribes. The Osage Indians hunted in the area during the season in the late 18th century. The first settlers arrived in the 1830s and erected their new home with the name Shiloh and established the first church in the area, the Shiloh Church, in 1843. The church was burned down during the Civil War but rebuilt in 1868. Since another "Shiloh" already existed in the region, the town was renamed in 1872 to Springdale when it applied to have a post office. It became incorporated as a city on April 1, 1878.

Tourist Attractions In Springdale

The Ozark Highlands Nature Center, spread over a 0.25 sq. km area in the city of Springdale, attracts active nature lovers with its trails and pavilions that are filled with facts behind the region's beauty, including specifics about flora and fauna. Two famous wineries in the vicinity are best visited during summer, spring, or fall. The Tontitown Winery is known for its incredible wine selection and its rich history, having been under the ownership of the Ranalli family since 1923. It is complete with a history room, its vineyard, complimentary tastings, and the Tontitown Grape Festival happening each summer on the property with outdoor live music and events. The Sassafras Springs Vineyard was opened recently in 2014, with a newer selection of wines that tastes as good as the best-aged ones. Nestled on the city's eastern side, the property is spread over a 0.06 sq. km area of terrific outdoor scenery within the mountains. Complete with their own menu to match any wine and outdoor sipping events, the winery is also a hotspot venue for weddings.

Spring Creek runs through Turnbow Park in downtown Springdale, Arkansas. Image credit: Brandonrush via Wikimedia Commons.

The Springdale Aquatic Center features outdoor pools with tan-friendly poolside chairs and shaded areas for more recreational activities. The Harvey and Bernice Jones Center for Families is considered a jewel of Springdale, featuring an indoor junior Olympic-size lap pool, an activity pool with a slide, basketball courts, a fitness center, an indoor track, a conference center, and an auditorium, which also serves as a chapel.

A popular family-friendly activity involves the Arkansas Missouri Railroad station offering a distinctive passenger train experience known as "A Window Seat to History." Featuring an enticing antique passenger train ride through the scenic mountains and valleys of Northwest Arkansas, including the Boston Mountains, the historic Arkansas River Basin, and many bridges along the way, one can feel lost within the past era during the experience. For the museum fanatics and history enthusiasts, there are several museums, including the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History, the Arkansas Air Museum, etc. Having begun with a sole donation of Native American artifacts, the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History was established in 1965 and grew into a world-respected institution with a rich collection of thousands of objects that preserve the Northwest Arkansas history and tell the story of the Ozarks. Inclusive with six historic buildings to explore, the museum also has over 500,000 restored photographs that showcase the people's lives in the region throughout the years. The art fans will reveal that the main space of the Arts Center of the Ozarks is filled with visual art exhibits, while the venue features plays organized by the community members, who also make the cast during the several big shows of the year. The inexpensive experience focuses on local talent and includes some traveling shows. During the Annual Artists of Northwest Arkansas Exhibition in August, talented artists from across the region hold performances at the Center. Lastly, Springdale is home to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, with the Arvest Ballpark offering free viewing of the Friday night fireworks.

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