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9 Of The Friendliest Towns In Tennessee

Known as “The Volunteer State”, Tennessee is indeed one of the southeastern United States’ most alluring, beautiful, and culturally rich places. With its stunning waterways and rivers, intriguing history, pleasant climate, and even relatively low taxes, Tennessee and its friendly towns are surely great places to discover firsthand. Here a mix of welcoming southern hospitality and unique American geographic beauty make these towns some of the very best destinations for any traveller with a love of the USA.


Historical district of Greensville, Tennessee, via Dee Browning /
Historical district of Greensville, Tennessee, via Dee Browning /

Tennessee’ second oldest town, Greeneville was founded back in 1780 and today is home to a population of nearly 15,500 residents. Located near the Appalachian Mountains, Greeneville hosts many fun and exciting community festivals, yearly fairs (including the Greene County Fair), and local sports leagues that cover a wide variety of interests. In addition the charming historic district is a great place to discover an assortment of 18th and 19th century edifices lovingly preserved and ready to transport guests back in time. Visit such sites like the Andrew Johnson National Historic Site (where the 17th President worked and lived) and his nearby burial place or explore the Maden Hall Farm that was first constructed in 1825. Indeed for a genuine slice of old America in a charming, friendly, and welcoming modern town, Greeneville is one of Tennessee’s very best communities.


Historic downtown in Germantown, Tennessee, By Thomas R Machnitzki - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
Historic downtown in Germantown, Tennessee, By Thomas R Machnitzki - Own work, CC BY 3.0, File:Historic downtown Germantown TN 16.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Founded by German immigrants in the 1840s, the modern community of Germantown is now home to a sizeable population of just over 41,000 inhabitants. A short 30 minute drive from the city of Memphis, this charming town maintains a strong connection with its foundational roots while thriving as a contemporary American hub. With beautiful green spaces and one of Tennessee’s lowest crime rates, Germantown hosts several great festivals which include the well known Charity Horse Show and the Germantown Festival, celebrating all local artists and their craft. In addition a visit to the historic Fort Germantown (listed on the National Register of Historic Places) is an ideal place to learn more about the State’s role in the Civil War.

Kingston Springs

Street view in Kingston Springs, Tennessee, via
Street view in Kingston Springs, Tennessee, via Kingston Springs Business Directory (

An ideal day trip for those around Nashville, travelling to the town of Kingston Springs is indeed a most charming experience. Home to just under 3,000 residents beautiful, forested surroundings make this community a most quaint and relaxing place of escape. Known for its hot summers and warm winters, Kingston Springs is located along the Harpeth River and visitors will surely never be short on opportunities for outdoor adventure.

Here one can partake in kayaking, canoeing, biking, hiking, and jogging all along the water, or simply gaze at the raw natural beauty and lush greenery of the area. Meanwhile back in town a fine assortment of great local diners, boutique shops, and other interesting galleries ensure that Kingston Springs remains in one memory as one of Tennessee’s finest and friendliest small towns.

Tellico Plains

Tellico Plains town square, By Brian Stansberry - Own work, CC BY 4.0,
Tellico Plains town square, By Brian Stansberry - Own work, CC BY 4.0, File:Tellico-Plains-town-square-tn.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Founded in the year 1911, the picturesque town of Tellico Plains is now home to a modest population of just over 750 residents. Situated along the Tellico River and within the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains, this charming and friendly locale is a great place to enjoy tranquility and small town allure. Visitors and residents alike can enjoy many opportunities for fishing, swimming, hiking, and even golfing in the area, while casual strolls along the waterfront are as delightful as it gets. Meanwhile an assortment of appetizing local restaurants and cute shopping outlets round out Tellico Plains’ charm, sure to create a most positive experience for any visitor in the eastern portion of Tennessee.


Aerial view of Dover, Tennessee, via
Aerial view of Dover, Tennessee, via Dover, TN (

Seat of Stewart County, the town of Dover is just some 67 miles from the city of Nashville. Home to a population of just over 1,800 residents, this town on the Cumberland River is indeed a great place to enjoy both fascinating American history and beautiful natural surroundings. Visit such historic sites like Fort Donelson and the National Battlefield for an immersive experience into Tennessee’s role in the Civil War. Including an impressive collection of preserved artillery and the restored Fort, this is without a doubt one historic attraction that will not soon be forgotten.

Meanwhile the outdoors enthusiast will surely love the Cross Creeks National Wildlife Refuge with a great variety of waterfowl, aquatic plants and splendid river views dot the landscape. In addition an afternoon at the nearby Land Between The Lakes Recreation Area is a relaxing way to enjoy raw nature and get away from all the busyness of modern life.


Lake County Courthouse in Tiptonville,
Lake County Courthouse in Tiptonville, By Flickr user chiacomo - P4230168 | The Lake County Courthouse | Nathan | Flickr, CC BY 2.0, File:Lake County Tennessee Courthouse.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Right near the border with the States of Kentucky and Missouri, Tiptonville is a charming town where just under 4,000 residents call home. Established in 1857, the town has been a popular locale for the outdoors lover for many years and with its location on Reelfoot Lake and the immense Mississippi River, there is truly never a shortage of outdoor fun.

Enjoy opportunities for fishing, biking, hiking, and wildlife watching at the Reelfoot Lake State Park or spend an afternoon at the Lake Isom National Wildlife Refuge. And of course like many smaller communities, a great assortment of local eateries, shopping outlets, and other cute attractions fill out the landscape of town. Whether it is enjoying the gifts of raw nature and taking in the sights of small town Tennessee, Tiptonville is indeed a most pleasing and friendly destination.


Linden courthouse square
Linden courthouse square

Incorporated in the year 1850, the town of Linden is home to around 1,000 inhabitants and serves as the seat of Perry County. Located along the Buffalo River (which runs for 124 miles), Linden is known for its hot summers and mild winter temperatures, making time spent along the water an enjoyable activity throughout the year.

Meanwhile Linden’s historic character is always on display and visitors can experience such landmarks like Main Street and the Perry County Courthouse (1925). In addition outdoor lovers will not want to miss spending time at the Mousetail Landing State Park. Here opportunities for boating, swimming, fishing, and camping are always popular activities. And of course like other small Tennessee towns, an authentic Southern meal and charming hospitality is never far away in Linden and tourists can always expect a most friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


Main road in Waverly, Tennessee, via Sabrina Janelle Gordon /
Main road in Waverly, Tennessee, via Sabrina Janelle Gordon /

One of Tennessee’s oldest towns, Waverly was founded back in 1838 and today is home to a population of just over 4,200. Situated along the Tennessee River, Waverly is a short 80 minute drive to the city of Nashville and is full of historic intrigue and natural beauty. Once a major centre for the Confederacy during the Civil War, the town and its vicinity was the site of the 1864 Battle of Johnsonville, a Southern victory. Visit the Civil War Fort and Humphrey’s County Museum for an informative journey through this important conflict or spend time at the Johnson State Historic Park for a look into Tennessee’s role in the War.

Meanwhile at the nearby Buffalo River, opportunities for jogging, hiking, and even canoeing can be enjoyed, while the charming views of the Tennessee River never disappoint. And with an assortment of great local eateries, shops, and other cute small town attractions, Waverly is never short on providing a friendly atmosphere to enjoy the great State of Tennessee.

Ashland City

Cheatham County Courthouse in Ashland City, By Brian Stansberry - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
Cheatham County Courthouse in Ashland City, By Brian Stansberry - Own work, CC BY 3.0, File:Cheatham-county-courthouse-tn1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The seat of Cheatham County, Ashland City was formally incorporated back in 1856 and now boasts a modest population of just over 5,000. Just some 20 miles from Nashville’s city centre, Ashland City is beautifully situated near the confluence of the Harpeth and Cumberland Rivers. Here tourists can enjoy some of the State’s most beautiful natural surroundings and enjoy great opportunities for camping, swimming, hiking, and fishing.

In addition at the nearby Sydney’s Bluff rock formation, some of the best valley views in Tennessee can be marveled at. And for the real adventurous explorer, why not try one’s hand at rock climbing? And of course not mentioning the many charming galleries, boutique shops, and delicious Southern cooking establishments all across town would be remiss. For when in Ashland City a true sampling of authentic Tennessee life is sure to be enjoyed by all.

Whether it is admiring its stunning bodies of water, learning more about crucial American history, or simply taking in all the charm only a small town can offer, the State of Tennessee is indeed one of the country’s most special places. An important geographic and cultural hub of the Southeastern United States, the “Volunteer State” is full of friendly and fascinating towns and communities that are always ready to be discovered. From the historic town of Dover to the outdoor beauty of Kingston Springs and beyond, visiting these great Tennessee town will surely be one of the best experiences for families and the solo traveller alike.

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