Street view of Miles City, Montana. Editorial credit: Traveller70 /

8 Most Affordable Towns to Retire in Montana

Montana is one of the best areas in which to retire among the Western states. It is moderately tax-friendly to pensioners and offers them a laidback mountain lifestyle. The Treasure State boasts appealing outdoor scenery with diverse landscapes, ranging from picturesque river valleys to dramatic high plains. Across its sprawling territory lies charming little towns that allow pensioners to enjoy financial freedom in their golden years.

With their slow pace of life, relaxed Western atmosphere, and wealth of outdoor recreation, they present an idyllic setting tailored for senior living. Whether you are interested in fly fishing, hiking, skiing, or simply taking in Big Sky beauty, these communities make for remarkable retirements spent indulging in Montana's natural wonders. So, start planning for a fulfilling post-work lifestyle in these pocket-friendly places to retire in Montana.


Rundle Building (208 5th Street South) in Glasgow, Montana.

Rundle Building (208 5th Street South) in Glasgow, Montana. By Publichall, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

The tiny town of Glasgow came up in the late 19th century when the railroad was passing through the area. Today, it serves as a vital economic center in Eastern Montana, making it a suitable option for retirees. Several museums in the town hint at its significance in documenting regional history. At Valley County Pioneer Museum, a small collection of antiques, artifacts, and archives helps document the rich past of Valley County. Meanwhile, the Children's Museum of NE Montana presents an acceptable way to spend quality time with family, especially when the grandkids are around.

The vast wilderness surrounding Glasgow harbors a range of local wildlife that provides retirees with generous hunting opportunities. With Billingsley Ranch Outfitters, you can sign up for remarkable hunting adventures while exploring the beautiful open spaces. Homes are pretty affordable in Glasgow, with the median housing value at $182,700.

Miles City

Street view of Miles City, Montana.
Street view of Miles City, Montana. Editorial credit: Traveller70 /

Classic Western vibes complement Miles City's small-town atmosphere to provide senior citizens with a lovely retirement community. The town houses a charming mix of family-friendly venues that encourage warm social interactions among residents. Whether a fan of the arts or not, exploring the beautiful exhibits inside WaterWorks Art Museum or watching an entertaining flick at the historic Montana Theater is a must-have experience.

Miles City offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor-centric retirees. A low-key game of golf at the Miles City Town & Country Club is an excellent way of spending your moments in the open spaces. But if you fancy a wilder outdoor experience, you can find more options within Pirogue Island State Park, ranging from hiking and fishing to camping and picnicking. Miles City is a relatively affordable town, and retirees will be glad to know that the average cost of homes here is $235,000.


Libby, Montana: A small town in the northwest corner of the state, nestled in a picturesque valley carved by the Kootenai River and framed by the Cabinet Mountains to the south.

Libby, Montana, is nestled in a picturesque valley carved by the Kootenai River and framed by the Cabinet Mountains to the south.

Beautiful outdoor scenery featuring lush forests and rushing river waters makes Libby the ultimate playground for nature enthusiasts. This charming location promises seniors endless adventures whenever they choose to step outside. Libby houses Kootenai National Forest, which beckons adventurers to immerse in recreations like hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing. Newcomers will be intrigued by the beauty of the Kootenai Falls, which is best viewed from the vantage point of the Kootenai Falls Bridge, an excellent spot to appreciate Libby's sheer natural beauty.

When not getting lost in the great outdoors, retirees can try their luck at Gold Pan Casino by playing various slot and table games. Alternatively, a refreshing sip of local craft beer at Cabinet Mountain Brewing Company is the perfect way to catch up with peers at the end of a long day. For potential homeowners, the average cost of housing in Libby is $347,500, which is below the state average.


City Hall in Glendive, Montana, USA.

City Hall in Glendive, Montana, USA. By Larry D. Moore, CC BY 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Nearly eight hours from Minnesota, this tiny agricultural community is home to the Dawson Community College, where senior citizens planning to go back to school can find vital learning opportunities. Retirees have access to a wealth of recreation in Glendive, a huge credit to the sprawling Makoshika State Park. From hunting for prehistoric dinosaur fossils and exploring the badlands to stargazing in pitch darkness, there is no shortage of entertaining activities in the park.

The town center is dotted with intriguing museums that senior citizens can explore. At the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, they can examine the life-size remains of the prehistoric beasts. Meanwhile, a lively restaurant scene in Glendive makes for an inviting social atmosphere, allowing new retirees to make new friends. Elsewhere, the Gust Hauf offers a family-friendly atmosphere for watching live sports while enjoying delicious pizza. Buying a house will not eat too much of your retirement savings, given an affordable median price of $230,000.


Fergus County Courthouse in Lewistown, Montana.

Fergus County Courthouse in Lewistown, Montana.

About 2 hours south of Billings, Lewistown provides a unique mix of attractions, indoors and outdoors, to keep retirees engaged and on their feet. Indoors are inclined to choose from several pursuits to make the most of the town's attractions. Visiting the Lewistown Art Center is an excellent option, with an opportunity to browse exhibits by Montana artists and watch entertaining live performances on stage. Alternatively, Judith Theater has a welcoming atmosphere for spending quality time with family and watching the latest movies with a cup of buttered popcorn in hand.

On the other hand, outdoorsy pensioners can opt for laidback tee time with peers at Pine Meadows Golf Course, which boasts stunning natural surroundings. Those who prefer a serene environment to commune with nature can tour the Big Springs Trout Hatchery & Park. When it comes to investing in a property, the median housing price in Lewistown is $557,000.

Deer Lodge

 White picket fence gate leading to historic buildings at Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site Ranch in Deer Lodge, Montana.
Grant-Kohrs National Historic Site Ranch in Deer Lodge, Montana. Editorial credit: melissamn /

This historic railroad town offers one of the cheapest spots to retire in Montana; it has a median home value of around $275,000, which is less than the state and national averages. Walking through its small town center reveals a rich mix of museums and historical sites that present a window into the colorful past of Deer Lodge. Car enthusiasts will be impressed by the exhibits inside Old Montana Prison & Auto Museum Complex, which features more than 200 antique automobiles. Meanwhile, touring the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site takes you back to the mid-1800s, when the Western cattle industry was introduced in the region.

History aside, Deer Lodge ensures that recreational needs for seniors are catered to at Cottonwood City Park. This is a great site to stretch out and exercise your legs along peaceful walking trails or take advantage of several sports facilities. Elsewhere, performance art enthusiasts can join other locals inside Cutler Bros. Productions to watch hilarious plays and other stage productions in a warm environment. Deer Lodge is also just under an hour from Helena, allowing quick access to the amenities in the capital.


Library in Baker, Montana
Library in Baker, Montana. By J.B. Chandler, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Baker promises retirees all the perks that come with living in a small town, including safety and low-cost living, featuring a median housing value of only $165,000. This tiny village came up in the early 1900s when the Milwaukee Railroad was making its way through the territory. Senior citizens with an affinity for retro experiences can visit the O'Fallon Historical Museum to learn more about Baker's historical and cultural heritage. On the other hand, the outdoor inclined can bask in the secluded open spaces by joining peers for a game of golf at the Lakeview Country Club, surrounded by stunning water views.

Baker's quiet town center offers a couple of family-friendly venues where seniors can have quality moments with loved ones. The Baker Bowling Center is an excellent example and impresses with a welcoming atmosphere. Alternatively, retirees can catch up with friends after a long day over a refreshing glass of local craft beer at OS Brew Pub.


Roundup Central School in Roundup, Montana. Built in 1911, with the east wing added in 1913. The architects drew inspiration from Italian Renaissance and Romanesque styles, reflected in the building's overall symmetry, multi-paned arched center window, wide eaves, rough stone walls, and triangular parapet.
Roundup Central School in Roundup, Montana. Built in 1911. By JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Roundup accords retirees all the perks accruing from small-town living. This delightful community of about 2,000 impresses with a diverse mix of attractions, ensuring there is hardly a dull time in the town. Notable points of interest include the Musselshell Valley Historical Museum, which takes visitors on a journey back into the old west days, when coal mines, cowboys, and cattle drives defined the land. Senior citizens have a good reason to remain active, thanks to the scenic Roundup Heritage Riverwalk, which rewards them with beautiful vistas of the Musselshell River.

The town boasts several social amenities that help bring residents together and foster friendly interactions. A good example is the Roundup Community Swimming Pool, a popular recreation hub for the whole family, where pensioners can socialize and make friends. For those planning to invest in a home in Roundup, the median listing price is about $365,000.

Ideal Montana Retreats for Affordable Retirement

From majestic mountain hamlets to picturesque river valleys, these affordable yet safe towns to retire in Montana provide appealing settings for an active retirement. Their unique attributes, like access to outdoor recreation and cultural offerings, balanced by reasonable living costs, ensure satisfying golden years while discovering the Big Sky country of the United States. Whether seeking outdoor recreation, small-town charm, or urban conveniences in a chill rural atmosphere, the highlighted locales represent ideal spots to spend senior life soaking in Montana's unmatched beauty and relaxed way of life.

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