The Liberty Theatre and surrounding buildings in downtown Astoria, Oregon. Editorial credit: Bob Pool /

8 Ideal The Pacific Northwest Destinations for a 3-Day Weekend in 2024

The U.S.'s Pacific Northwest region is a hub of life, home to some of the best destinations in the country. People from all over flock to states like Oregon and Washington for their memorable commercial locales and natural or historical landmarks that leave a lasting impression. This region is ideal for an amazing three-day weekend in 2024 and is sure to bring out the best for travel itineraries and weekenders looking for something fun or exciting. Thus, these eight beautiful destinations may be the perfect options for anyone seeking a newfound vacation this year.

Winthrop, Washington

Wild West themed buildings along a lively street in Winthrop, Washington.
Wild West themed buildings lined along a bustling street in Winthrop, Washington. Editorial credit: melissamn /

A small town in Washington with around 500 residents, Winthrop is a great destination for weekenders who want to experience history and nature within three days of thrills. The Shafer Historical Museum is a must-see for local Methow Valley knowledge, with many artifacts showcasing local history. Similarly, the historical Glassworks of Winthrop is a commercial stop that has a lot of underrated history related to glassblowing and similar art styles. Some weekenders may like the 380-foot-long Spring Creek Bridge, a large pedestrian bridge with some of the best sightseeing points for downtown tourists.

For a more relaxing time out, Mack Lloyd Park is ideal, with calming picnic spots for anyone needing to settle in. After some time outdoors, visitors can head to Sheri's Sweet Shoppe to explore delicious homemade ice cream flavors, chocolate candy recipes, and interesting mini-golf workshops. Or, opt for a full meal at Old Schoolhouse Brewery, known for laidback dining and a live music garden deck. One can try River's Edge Resort or Sun Mountain Lodge for rustic ecosystems and quaint cabin living for lodging and accommodation.

Pendleton, Oregon

View of homes along the countryside in Pendleton, Oregon.
View of homes along the countryside in Pendleton, Oregon.

An Oregon town with 17,000 locals, Pendleton is a wonderful option for weekenders in 2024 who love cultural heritage and museum landmarks. Visitors can check out old schoolhouses and barn estates at the Heritage Station Museum between the 18th and 20th centuries. The Pendleton Underground Tours is a splendid way to take in a three-day weekend, allowing newcomers to explore some of the most mysterious underground tunnels beneath town, which are full of Wild West antiques and memorabilia. Meanwhile, the Children's Museum of Eastern Oregon has many limited-time exhibits, like the Big Blue Blocks, for families on vacation with children in 2024.

Travelers needing a photography spot can try Deadman Pass Viewpoint for eastern low mountain areas and cliffs with a gorgeous overlook of town. Anyone looking to stay in Pendleton can lodge at Best Western Pendleton Inn or Pendleton House Historic Inn for a comfortable historic ambiance and relaxing dining spots. Before leaving, be sure to visit Pendleton Hat Company to get a nifty cowboy hat or leather item to remember your trip to this lovely town.

Astoria, Oregon

The Liberty Theatre in Astoria, Oregon.
The historic Libery Theatre in downtown Astoria, Oregon. Editorial credit: BZ Travel /

An Oregon town near the Pacific Ocean, Astoria is home to 10,000 inhabitants who appreciate a mix of history, nature, and commercial fun. The Astoria Column, atop Coxcomb Hill, is one of the coolest parts of town, with its historical concrete and steel monument structure that is both scenic and reminiscent of the 1920s. The Flavel House Museum is another option for weekend travelers who want to feel influenced by the 1800s era and charming Victorian mansions.

Weekenders with a penchant for historic breweries can try Fort George Brewery for awesome fireplace conversations and some of the best pizza in the Pacific Northwest. If this isn’t enough, hungry stomachs can enjoy Buoy Beer Company or Bridgewater Bistro for top-notch seafood cuisine and scenic views of town. Speaking of views, the Astoria Riverfront Trolley is a delightful 19th-century option for anyone who prefers seeing everything in town with guided narration and downtown stops. After all the fun, visitors can book a room at the Astoria Riverwalk Inn or Norblad Hotel, two of the most charming options with Columbia River scenery and downtown convenience.

Snohomish, Washington

Businesses and cars along 1st Avenue in downtown Snohomish, Washington.
Businesses and cars along 1st Avenue in downtown Snohomish, Washington. Editorial credit: Ian Dewar Photography /

A small town of 10,000 residents, Snohomish is the best contender for commercial stops and weekend enjoyment in 2024. The Snohomish Historic Business District offers the coolest downtown shopping sprees and antiques that will appeal to any traveler needing just a few days for new goods and knowledge about local upbringing. At the Blackman House Museum, visitors can also witness early settlement history and the backdrops of 19th-century families who once claimed residence at Blackman Lake.

While Snohomish’s history is charming, the town today is a hub for lively events. Most people await the Snohomish Classic Car & Hot Rod Display set for the end of September 2024 and Winterfest near the end of the year. These events have everything from antique cars to delicious drinks that everyone can enjoy. Those who miss out on the events can head to the Centennial Trail for some laidback equestrian trails and hiking routes. As the day ends, one can check in at Treehouse Place at Deer Ridge for amazing treehouse cabin scenery or Snohomish Inn for classic modern comfort.

Bandon, Oregon

The Coquille River Lighthouse along the coast in Bandon, Oregon.
The Coquille River Lighthouse along the coast in Bandon, Oregon.

South of the Coquille River, Bandon is home to 3,300 residents who know what it means to be near the best scenery around. Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint is perfect for weekenders wanting coastal amusement and rocky features all along a Hollywood-esque landscape in 2024. At the Coquille River Lighthouse, one can discover more scenic viewpoints along a magnificent lighthouse known for its 1890s aesthetic and boathouse history. Those nearby may find the Bullards Beach State Park noteworthy for its welcoming barbecues, ocean breezes, and amazing coral reef views.

At Bandon Historical Society Museum, weekenders may find some interesting artifacts and historical mysteries encompassing the town's local foundation. For a different take on local culture, High Tide Art and Art by the Sea Gallery are two well-known galleries that recognize the importance of creativity through artwork. For lodging, Windermere on the Beach and Lighthouse River Inn provide both ocean cottage beauty and easy beachfront vibes.

Port Townsend, Washington

Aerial view of the harbor in Port Townsend, Washington.
Aerial view of the harbor in Port Townsend, Washington. Editorial credit: Cascade Creatives /

Port Townsend is an easygoing destination with 10,000 locals on the Quimper Peninsula. Cultural enthusiasts head straight to Port Townsend Marine Science Center, a wonderful landmark showcasing maritime history and various fish species. More historical knowledge can be found at the Jefferson Museum of Art & History, a landmark for anyone wanting to observe the 1890s era and jail cell traditions carried down within a historic courthouse.

For weekenders who crave marine thrills, Puget Sound Express offers whale-watching exposure and the best tourism sights of the San Juan Islands and downtown Seattle. Back in town, bar lovers adore Pourhouse for its craft beers and casual crowd. Similarly, those who love a nice slice of pizza can stop by Waterfront Pizza for cheesy handmade varieties. Visitors planning their trip in 2024 can look for lodging at The Starrett House for historic and spacious living and dining or the Swan Hotel for cozy patios and downtown proximity.

Snoqualmie, Washington

The scenic Snoqualmie Falls surrounded by foliage in Washington.
The scenic Snoqualmie Falls surrounded by foliage in Washington.

A small town close to Snoqualmie Falls, Snoqualmie should not be left out for weekenders who want to experience the best natural landmarks and dining locales in 2024. The Northwest Railway Museum offers heritage railway history and some of the oldest books around; it also provides a beautiful two-hour train ride across the Upper Snoqualmie Valley on the Snoqualmie Valley Railroad. Nature enthusiasts can take in the fresh air of the most attractive 270-foot Snoqualmie Falls waterfall. For others, Mailbox Peak may be more fascinating with its elevated mountain beauty and steep hiking routes. Sandy Cove Park has even further allure with its relaxing grasslands and Snoqualmie River grace.

After the outdoors, visitors should stop by Saints & Scholars Irish Pub to enjoy authentic Irish cuisine and the best live music. For anyone checking in for the weekend, Salish Lodge & Spa has stunning riverside valleys, while Denny Creek Campground has solitary hiking trails and pet-friendly resting areas.

Seaside, Oregon

Swan boats on the Necanicum River in Seaside, Oregon.
Swan boats on the Necanicum River in Seaside, Oregon. Editorial credit: Victoria Ditkovsky /

A northwestern Oregon resort town with 7,100 inhabitants, Seaside is ideal for weekend escapes due to its unparalleled beauty and spectacular landmarks. At Seaside Aquarium, weekenders can observe aquatic creatures and participate in marine education tours that immerse visitors. History lovers can also pay a visit to Lewis & Clark Salt Works, a hidden gem for Indigenous storytelling and early settlement history related to famous expeditions from the Lewis and Clark timeline.

Those seeking nature during their escape in 2024 can enjoy Seaside Beach North Promenade, a 15-foot paved walkway with 1920s oceanfront vibes and the best exploration trails. Visitors this year are also in for a treat, as the Surf Weekender is set for late June and offers a blast along the coast. For overnight accommodations, the Gilbert Inn offers Victorian-era amenities, while Lanai at the Cave has scenic coastal splendors and balcony pleasures.


All of these towns are ideal for travelers in 2024 needing the perfect weekend getaway in the Pacific Northwest. Having dozens of locales and landmarks that are breathtaking and amusing in their respective ways, it is no surprise that people often find an excuse to get out of the house to come visit this region. Anyone who has this list in hand will find plenty to see and do on a three-day weekend at any point during the year.

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