Aerial View of the Omaha Suburb of La Vista, Nebraska.

8 Best Places to Live in Nebraska in 2024

As of 2024, Nebraska continues to beckon individuals and families seeking a balance between rural charm and modern amenities. One of the defining features of Nebraska is its diverse geography, ranging from rolling prairies to lush river valleys and sweeping sandhills. The state's natural beauty provides ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, including hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation in its numerous parks and wildlife refuges.

From the bustling urban center of Omaha to the tranquil small towns dotting the countryside, each location has its unique charm and opportunities for growth and connection. Moreover, Nebraska's affordability, low crime rates, and excellent healthcare and educational facilities make it an attractive destination for those seeking a high quality of life. Whether you are drawn to the vibrant cultural scene of Seward or the historic charm of towns along the Missouri River, Nebraska offers a welcoming embrace and a place to call home.

La Vista

La Vista, Nebraska. In Wikipedia.,_Nebraska By Paltron - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,
La Vista, Nebraska. In Wikipedia. By Paltron - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikipedia

The low crime rates, proximity to the vibrant city of Omaha, and its welcoming community make La Vista an ideal place to call home. A highlight of La Vista is its verdant parks, providing ample space for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. One can relish recreational activities in La Vista Sports Complex, hosting twelve soccer fields, a baseball field, and four softball fields on its 62.4 acres. Families also frequent the bustling La Vista Community Center, a hub for fitness classes, events, and social gatherings. Healthcare options are also not hard to find with CHI Health Clinic and Midlands Family Urgent Care right in the town. Talking about housing, you can find yourself a place with about $292,000, which falls below the national average. 


Aerial View of the Omaha Suburb of Papillion, Nebraska.
Aerial View of the Omaha Suburb of Papillion, Nebraska.

Enveloped by the picturesque Papillion Creek, Papillion's crown jewel is its expansive Walnut Creek Lake and Recreation Area, where outdoor enthusiasts can indulge in fishing, boating, and picnicking against the backdrop of serene waters and lush 450 acres of greenery. Just 15 minutes away, you will find the Papio-Missouri River Natural Resources District Trails, where hikers and cyclists can choose trails like the Big Papio Trail, Keystone Trail, and West Papio Trail. The Papillion Landing Community Recreation Center serves as a hub for fitness enthusiasts and families, offering a myriad of recreational activities and events, including race series, farmers market, and book club. 

Furthermore, the Family Hospital At Papillion takes the lead for medical needs in the town. Meanwhile, purchasing a space can be a bit expensive, with prices ranging around $385,000. But you can rest assured about the safety as the crime rate is below the national average. 


Blair, Nebraska. In Wikipedia.,_Nebraska By Ammodramus - Own work, Public Domain,
Blair, Nebraska. In Wikipedia. By Ammodramus - Own work, Public Domain, Wikipedia

As the county seat of Washington County, Blair is a good place to settle down. Nature enthusiasts can bask in the splendor of the nearby DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge, where migratory birds flock against the backdrop of its more than 8,000 acres of landscape. The annual Blair Craft Fair showcases nearly 40 local artisans and craftsmen, giving a glimpse into the town's vibrant arts scene. Those interested in history can visit the Washington County Museum to trace the town's storied past through captivating exhibits and artifacts.

You can get a decent place with around $300,000, and Memorial Community Hospital & Health System operates in the town, giving easy access to medical facilities. 


Sandhill cranes awaken on the Platte River in Kearney, Nebraska.
Sandhill cranes awaken on the Platte River in Kearney, Nebraska.

Renowned as the Sandhill Crane Capital of the World, Kearney boasts a unique ecological diversity that draws nature enthusiasts from far and wide. History buffs can explore the biking or hiking routes to the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument, an interactive museum offering insights into the area's rich pioneer history. Outdoor lovers would like Fort Kearny State Recreation Area, where hiking, fishing, and wildlife viewing abound amidst 186 acres of tranquil woodlands and scenic riverbanks. 

Kearney's commitment to safety is reflected in its well-maintained neighborhoods of Glenwood Park and Kearney South and efficient law enforcement. Additionally, top-notch healthcare facilities like CHI Health Good Samaritan Hospital ensure residents have access to quality medical care.


Courthouse in Seward, Nebraska on a summer night with light trails.
Courthouse in Seward, Nebraska on a summer night with light trails.

As the "Fourth of July City," Seward hosts one of the nation's oldest and largest Independence Day celebrations, drawing visitors from across the state. Nature enthusiasts will delight in the scenic beauty of Plum Creek Park, hosting picturesque picnic spots, nearly 3 miles of walking trails, and swings and slides along the banks of Plum Creek. 

The crime rate in Seward goes as low as more than half of the national average, which makes it an excellent choice for families. Housing can be slightly towards the higher end, reaching $279,000.


A historic hotel building in Aurora, Nebraska. Editorial credit: Sabrina Janelle Gordon /
A historic hotel building in Aurora, Nebraska. Editorial credit: Sabrina Janelle Gordon /

Aurora boasts a scenic network of parks and trails, inviting residents and visitors alike to explore its natural splendor. The top choice is Streeter Park, which has expansive green spaces, walking paths, an aquatic facility, and recreational facilities for families to enjoy. The Edgerton Explorit Center stands as a beacon of scientific curiosity, providing interactive exhibits and educational programs that inspire wonder and discovery for visitors of all ages. 

The town's steadfastness in providing top-notch amenities, including healthcare facilities like Memorial Hospital, ensures residents have access to quality services. You will be able to buy your place with anywhere around $230,000.


Colorful water tower for York, Nebraska in rainbow colors. Editorial credit: melissamn /
Colorful water tower for York, Nebraska, in rainbow colors. Editorial credit: melissamn /

York offers residents a secure environment to thrive in, with safety, community, and natural charm. A prominent attraction in York is the Wessels Living History Farm, where visitors can step back in time and experience Nebraska's agricultural past through interactive exhibits, historic buildings, and hands-on activities. Nature enthusiasts will appreciate the scenic beauty of Beaver Creek Park, offering opportunities for hiking, fishing, and wildlife observation amidst tranquil woodlands and pristine waterways. York General Hospital is at the forefront of medical assistance in the town. Housing is also light on the pocket, stretching to around $230,000. 


Farmland in Schuyler, Nebraska.
Farmland in Schuyler, Nebraska.

Schuyler radiates serenity through its vibrant Latino community, bustling downtown district, and scenic landscapes that reflect its agricultural roots. A must-visit destination in Schuyler is the Colfax County Museum, where you can go through exhibits showcasing the town's pioneer history, ethnic diversity, and agricultural heritage. The nearby Platte River provides recreational possibilities, including fishing, kayaking, and wildlife observation.

Schuyler is comparatively an economical option in terms of housing, with prices near $270,000. You can find the way to CHI Health Schuyler when in need of medical care. The town is also among the safest ones in the state, with a rate that is 11 times lower than the U.S. average. 

Nebraska, in its various facets, proves to be a hidden gem for those seeking a beautiful destination to reside in. While many may envision Nebraska as a vast expanse of farmland, those who choose to live here discover the state's commitment to safety and low crime rates that provide peace of mind to residents and families. Whether exploring historical landmarks, enjoying outdoor activities, or experiencing local festivals, residents find a richness of experiences that exceed expectations. From affordable housing to top-notch amenities, Nebraska offers a quality of life that truly sets it apart. 

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