Aerial view of downtown Norfolk, Nebraska during autumn.

6 Towns Perfect for Retirement in Nebraska

While Nebraska may not always be the first state that comes to mind for retirement, it is a retiree's dream with its tight-knit communities and affordable living costs.

Since it obtained statehood in the 19th century, Nebraska has been showing its true colors with a mix of rolling hills and small towns that have their own special sparkle.

You will find friendly folks, top-quality healthcare, and a local culture that pops up in all the state's towns. Nebraska’s towns offer a retirement that is both rewarding and affordable.

So, if you are thinking about spending your golden years right in America’s heartland, read on to learn about six towns perfect for retirement in the Cornhusker State.


Archway Monument spanning Interstate 80 in Kearney, Nebraska, USA.
Archway Monument in Kearney, Nebraska, USA. Editorial credit: Mystic Stock Photography /

With just over 33,000 residents, this fine option has the personality and charm of a small town with the amenities of a bigger city. The average home in Kearney goes for $294,000 according to Zillow, providing an affordable way to live near those amenities.

The town offers dependable healthcare options, like the CHI Health Good Samaritan Hospital, which has all sorts of healthcare options for retirees to explore.

Kearney offers many fun activities such as parks, golf courses, and paths for walking. If you live here, try heading to Kearney Whitewater Park and Yanney Heritage Park, two outdoor spaces great for a nice, peaceful day outside with friends or family.

If golfing outside sounds like a perfect retirement, the town has both Kearney Country Club and Meadowlark Hills Golf Course right nearby, including other fine options.

Lastly, for some local history, the Fort Kearny State Historical Park is an informative way to learn about the original fort built to protect travelers on the Oregon Trail.


Aerial view of downtown Norfolk, Nebraska during autumn.
Aerial view of downtown Norfolk, Nebraska, during autumn.

This town offers a pleasant, quiet place to settle down after retirement.

The typical rent here is half the national average, so retirees can get a good bang for their buck living here. As well, buying housing is a nice price option, averaging just under $240,000.

Norfolk boasts reliable health care options, like the Faith Regional Health Services. This means residents in town can get medical help close to home without the hassle of long trips.

The town is bursting with cultural life, thanks to places like the Norfolk Arts Center, where people can enjoy art displays, take part in classes, and attend events.

Also, Northeast Community College opens up chances for people of all ages to keep learning and get involved in the community with its different programs and activities.

For active retirees, there are also interesting outdoor landmarks to see. Ta-Ha-Zouka Park, right next to the Elkhorn River, is a top outdoors spot in Norfolk. It is great for enjoying the long blue Nebraska skies, and going for hikes.


Sunset aerial view over Fremont, Nebraska.
Sunset aerial view over Fremont, Nebraska. Editorial credit: Wirestock Creators /

Fremont has sprawling Nebraskan outdoor landscapes all around, with parks and lakes providing a retirement playground. If that sounds like your ideal retirement, you are in luck.

First off, if you are a retiree wanting to cut down on house expenses, a typical place here costs about $239,450.

It is vital to have good healthcare as well. Fremont has healthcare options like the Methodist Fremont Health Medical Center. Also, since Omaha is so close, you can head there to find all sorts of specialists.

Fremont also has a like-minded population to socialize with because in this town, nearly 1 in 5 people are seniors.It is a fun place to be, with plenty of activities perfect for retirees, with a variety of parks and golf courses to enjoy, and it is close to places like the Platte River.

History buffs can see the Louis E. May Museum, housed in a historic mansion, which a glimpse into Fremont's past.

North Platte

Historic Canteen District viewed from N Dewey Street and E 4th Street in downtown North Platte, Nebraska.
Historic Canteen District in downtown North Platte, Nebraska. Editorial credit: Nagel Photography /

This town lies right on the spot where the North Platte and South Platte Rivers come together. If you are hunting for a spot to call home without breaking your piggy bank, this is an option to consider, as homes here go for less than $200,000 on average.

The North Platte Senior Center is a cornerstone of the retiree community. It offers a variety of programs and services tailored specifically for seniors, including Health and Wellness Programs and activities.

The town's got a quality hospital called the Great Plains Health Hospital. It houses many kinds of care options for folks, which naturally is a vital thing to consider for people trying to find a town to retire in.

There are some interesting landmarks to see while living here. The Golden Spike Tower gives you a big panoramic view of Bailey Yard and also offers a visual guide and exhibits detailing the history of the Union Pacific Railroad,

Also, you can visit the Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park. It keeps Buffalo Bill Cody’s classic house and a museum that shares his story.


North side of 2nd Street in downtown Hastings, Nebraska, facing east-northeast from around Lexington Avenue.
North side of 2nd Street in downtown Hastings, Nebraska. By Ammodramus, CC0, Wikimedia Commons

Hastings has a lot of good things going for it. It has a mixed economy, and is home to a collection of interesting and iconic buildings. It is also the place where Kool-Aid started, if you feel like a sweet drink.

The town is safe and welcoming, offering many things to do and assistance for the people who live there. Home prices here are very accessible, averaging $191,097, much lower than the average price around the country.

In town, Mary Lanning Healthcare has good health services and special care for older people.

The town is also a vibrant festival town. You can enjoy music from the Hastings Symphony Orchestra, watch plays by local theater groups, or have fun at the annual Kool-Aid Days festival.

Want to head outdoors post-retirement? Crystal Lake State Recreation Area is nearby and a fine option for spending a day outside. It has all sorts of stuff to do like fishing or just relaxing with family by the water.


Town of Scottsbluff and North Platte River in Nebraska, aerial view from Scotts Bluff National Monument summit.
Town of Scottsbluff and North Platte River in Nebraska.

This town has good year-round weather, and its dry climate makes for bearable weather no matter what month of the year it is.

The town is named after the nearby Scotts Bluff National Monument, an iconic landmark with beautiful views and historical significance. Its colossal bluffs were major signposts for trailblazers who trekked across the country.

In downtown, you will be impressed with its vintage buildings. They have been spruced up and given new life while still keeping their classic vibe. The Midwest Theater, started in 1946, has been preserved and maintained, and is an iconic landmark in town.

Rent here can be found for under $1,000 a month, a good cost for retirees wanting to save. Also, a recent census shows almost a quarter of the town is 65 years old or older, so you will be right at home here in a community of fellow retirees.

Lastly, there is good healthcare, like at the Regional West Medical Center. The center is a comprehensive healthcare facility that provides all the important services you would need.

Why Nebraska is Ideal for Retirement

Nebraska is a great place to retire, with its towns full of friendly neighborhoods and affordable housing prices.

In places like Kearney, you get small town life with big city amenities, while towns like Scottsbluff have amazing views and important American heritage landmarks.

All over Nebraska, you can find quality healthcare, tons of cultural events, and fun things to do in the expansive outdoors.

So, when you are browsing your retirement options, don't forget to give Nebraska a chance.

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