Aerial view of the Omaha suburb of Fremont, Nebraska.

Fremont, Nebraska

Fremont is a small city situated in Dodge County in the eastern part of the US State of Nebraska. It is the state's 6th most populous city, with around 26,397 residents. The city was established in August 1856 and was named in honor of its pathfinder and explorer, General John C. Fremont. The city has 21 city-owned parks perfect for recreational activities and mini-adventures. The city is also a natural living environment serving as a reserve for different lakes and recreational areas.

Geography And Climate Of Fremont

Aerial view of the Omaha Suburb of Fremont, Nebraska
Aerial view of the Omaha Suburb of Fremont, Nebraska. 

Fremont is a small city situated along the Platte River in the eastern part of the US State of Nebraska. Fremont covers a total area of 22.92 sq. km, of which 0.13 sq. km is covered by water, and 22.79 sq. km is occupied by land. The city is situated approximately 80km northeast of Lincoln, Nebraska State’s capital, and 56km northwest of Omaha

According to the Köppen climate classification, Fremont experiences a humid continental climate, which is characterized by warm-humid summers and dry cold winters. The average annual temperature is 51°F. The highest temperature is reached in July, which is about 77°F. While the lowest temperature is reached in January, which is about 22°F. On average, Fremont sees about 55.8 days of rain each year, recording around 29.2 inches of precipitation. The average annual amount of snowfall in Fremont is 31.4 inches, where March records the most quantity of snow (9.2 inches). These usually occur between November and April. The average annual relative humidity is around 69%, peaking at about 75% in January.

Brief History Of Fremont

Fremont started to receive a massive wave of emigrants due to the old Mormon Trail, which was a significant route for them and the military traveling to the west. In addition, some speculators wanted to establish a new town along the Platte River because emigrants had been taking a difficult road during their travel across Nebraska. In August 1856, the city was established by homesteaders from Illinois and was named in honor of the military official General John C. Fremont, who was the pathfinder of Fremont and a major explorer of the region. It was a special place due to the flat land and shallow water of the Platte and Elkhorn rivers. And due to the city’s central location in the west, several railroads were extended to it, which led to its industrial boom and population increase.

The Population And Economy Of Fremont

Fremont has a population of around 26,397 residents, where 50.8% are females, and 49.2% are males. The city's racial makeup is 93% white (Hispanic/Latino and non-Hispanic/Latino) and 1.3% African-American or Black. The rest are distributed among Asians, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, and other races. English is spoken by 86.5% of the population. The rest speak Spanish (12.6%), Asian and Pacific Islander languages (0.5%), Indo-European languages (0.3%), and other foreign languages (0.2%). Only 31.9% of the population in Fremont are naturalized US citizens. Veterans make up 8.5% of Fremont's population, of which 97.6% are males, and 2.4% are females. About 63.4% of the population are employed, with a poverty rate of 12.3%. The homeownership rate in Fremont is 55.8%, where the median gross rent cost is $771 per month, with a median household value of $140,400.

Attractions In Fremont

A beautiful farm in Fremont, Nebraska
A beautiful farm in Fremont, Nebraska. 

Historic Visitors Center

This sandstone building with a marble floor was first constructed as a post office and then as a police station. Now it’s a historic visitors center that is filled with maps and geographic information for visitors. It is also rich in historic displays about Dodge County and the establishment of Fremont.

Louis E. May Museum

This two-story brick museum was initially constructed in 1874 as a residence for Fermont’s first mayor, Theron Nye. Then in 1901, it became a residence for Mr. Nye’s Son, who redesigned the building in an Italian Revival style. In 1921, its rooms were utilized by Midland College Western Theological Seminary as dorms and to teach. And since 1970, it became a house for Dodge County Historical Society’s collections and became the official museum for Dodge County.

Fremont Lakes State Recreation Area

This 700-acre recreation area contains around 20 sandpit lakes that attract a million visitors every year. These lakes provide several activities like fishing, powerboating, jet skiing, and camping. The area also contains showers, a shelter house, fireplaces, playgrounds, and restrooms for visitors to have ultimate comfort during their visit.

Fremont is a great place for enjoying recreational activities and adventures like camping, hiking, skiing, golfing, and fishing. In addition, it is the place of choice to enjoy educational trips and learn about Dodge County’s history and the pioneers that arrived and contributed to the establishment of the city.

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