Historic buildings along the Winnipesaukee River, in Laconia, New Hampshire.

6 Senior-Friendly Towns in New Hampshire

New Hampshire, known as the "Granite State," has been an important part of the country since it became a state in 1788. Today, parts of this rich history remain in different towns and cities throughout the state. Seniors looking for a place to visit or live will find New Hampshire has both beautiful scenery and curious historical locations that are ideal. Each place on this list has its own special touch, ensuring a perfect spot for every personality, whether looking for peaceful nature spots or lively cultural centers surrounded by charming old brick buildings. Ready to explore New Hampshire? Read on to learn about six senior-friendly towns in the state.


Historic town center of Exeter, New Hampshire. Image credit Wangkun Jia via Shutterstock.
The historic town center of Exeter, New Hampshire. Image credit Wangkun Jia via Shutterstock

There is no shortage of American history here. Exeter played a big role in the early days of the American Revolution. Back then, it was the state capital, and they first agreed to its constitution in 1776. So not only does the town have this dense, important heritage, but Exeter is now one of the safest towns in the state, making it ideal for seniors. While house prices are a little higher, at $508,000, it is considered one of the safer towns in the state.

The town is home to the Exeter Hospital, where people can receive a wide range of quality medical care. The hospital is part of a greater group of healthcare centers in the area. Seniors who want to stay active can use the Exeter River. The river is a focal point for fun and offers many activities, such as kayaking and fishing.


Aerial view of Concord, New Hampshire.
Aerial view of Concord, New Hampshire.

Concord is a modern city with lots of benefits and low levels of crime, which makes it easy for any senior to enjoy. House prices here come in around $360,000, and the town's rent is under the national average at around $1,410 for a two-bedroom.

Staying active as you age is vital. Winant Park has plenty of picturesque paths that go through the woods and let you see the gorgeous sights of Concord and the hills around it. The town is also full of life and culture, offering different places to check out for arts and entertainment. Try out the Capitol Center for the Arts or the Red River Theatres for some great experiences.

When you get into town, swing by some of its classic spots. Take the gorgeous brick facade of Eagle Hotel, a gem smack in the heart of downtown. Some big names have strolled through its doors, such as the infamous Ulysses S. Grant.

Another spot that will grab your attention is the New Hampshire State House. The gold dome shines brightly in the sunlight, making it a sight to behold!


The Bandstand in Central Square in Keene, New Hampshire.
The Bandstand in Central Square in Keene, New Hampshire.

Only 30 minutes north of the Massachusetts border, Keene is a quiet and pleasant place to spend time after you retire.

With houses averaging around $274,300, 23 percent lower than the national average, it is also an affordable option.

It is always good to keep health in mind, too, and Keene has a great place for health care called Cheshire Medical Center, so residents can get quality medical help when needed.

Keene is a vibrant place with lots of cultural spots, inviting people from all over with whom you can create new friendships! It is home to the Colonial Theatre, a popular location to catch all kinds of performances and happenings year-round.

Also, the Keene Pumpkin Festival and other community activities provide fun and captivating adventures for everyone, from kids to grandparents. The town is ideally situated near several parks, trails, and conservation areas, such as Robin Hood Park and the Ashuelot Rail Trail, offering easy access to walking, hiking, and biking.


Portsmouth, New Hampshire, harbor.
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, harbor.

Portsmouth is situated next to the Piscataqua River and boasts a gorgeous coast and a lively Main Street. With low crime, it is easy to see why this pretty seaside town is so popular.

Worried about health issues? Portsmouth Regional Hospital is the heart of healing in the city, providing all sorts of health services. With a focus on cardiac care, it is the go-to place for expert help.

Do you feel like heading outdoors? Prescott Park is a lively public space filled with flower gardens and trails for walks, and it is also where the Prescott Park Arts Festival is held. This festival happens every summer and offers live music, theater shows, and movies with views of the nearby river. Downtown Portsmouth is also easy to walk around, making it great for older people and anyone who is seeking a mobile, independent lifestyle.


The Baker-Berry Library on the campus of Dartmouth College. Editorial credit: Jay Yuan / Shutterstock.com
The Baker-Berry Library on the campus of Dartmouth College. Image credit: Jay Yuan via Shutterstock.

Homes in Hanover might cost more than those in other places mentioned, but they make up for it by offering a calm, safe environment. According to Bestplaces.net, violent and property crimes here are vastly lower than the national average.

Considering its safety, you might not mind the house prices that average around $793,700. Additionally, the town is a hotspot for top-notch care in this corner of the country. At Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, a group of kind medical professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch care to everyone who visits.

If you are a senior who loves having nature close by, the town is right by the Appalachian Trail. This trail stretches from Georgia all the way to Maine, and is a nice way to keep those legs moving.

Even though Hanover might be small, it is big on culture. This place has the Hopkins Center for the Arts, known as the "HOP," where you can enjoy music, theatre, and dance shows, along with movies.


Waterfront homes along the Winnipesaukee River in Laconia, New Hampshire.
Waterfront homes along the Winnipesaukee River in Laconia, New Hampshire.

This town sits in Belknap County, with both Lake Winnipesaukee and the grand White Mountains nearby.

Looking for a two-bedroom? Rent here goes for about $1,310 a month, less than the national average, handy for seniors looking to save money. In Laconia, seniors can rest easy about health matters. The Lakes Region General Hospital is a top-notch hospital not far away. It offers the medical help retirees need, so they have one less thing to worry about.

While Laconia offers the tranquility of a smaller town, it is also relatively close to larger cities like Concord and Manchester. This balance makes it easier to enjoy peace and quiet without feeling isolated. If you like being outside, Weirs Beach is a quality place to visit when it is warm. It has a big sandy beach and fun things to do on the boardwalk. This spot is at the heart of the action on Lake Winnipesaukee, where you can enjoy boat rides and fishing.

New Hampshire is a timeless, charming state, perfect for those in their golden years. The state is known for its bright autumn leaves and memorable views, allowing seniors a peaceful yet culturally rich lifestyle year-round. Places like Exeter and Portsmouth are safe and full of interesting things to do, making retirement enjoyable and fulfilling. Seniors looking for a place to retire will find the atmosphere here just right. So, if you want a spot to retire or just a cool place to check out, don't forget to put New Hampshire on your list of places to consider.

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