Great Egret framed by huge trunks of Cypress trees on Lake Martin, Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. Image credit Paul S. Wolf via Shutterstock.

6 Best Small Towns in Louisiana For A Weekend Escape

Escaping the confines of day-to-day routine becomes a delightful endeavor in Louisiana, where a wealth of opportunities abound. Savor an IPA at a local brewery or relish in the soothing sounds of trickling fountains at picturesque plantations with a meditative ambiance. The deep south's rich history has left its mark over centuries, ensuring that intriguing discoveries lie beneath every stone. Often, these discoveries include Louisiana's renowned seafood dishes, served in the many charming eateries that dot the region. The true charm of Louisiana's small towns lies in their ability to encapsulate the essence of southern delight within compact spaces, allowing weekend getaways to be filled with awe.


A boat on the Cane River below the town strip
Boat on the Cane River. Image credit Sabrina Janelle Gordon via Shutterstock.

Nestled along the banks of the Cane River, Natchitoches is Louisiana's oldest permanent settlement, established in 1714. Natchitoches offers a vibrant blend of French, Spanish, and Southern charm with its well-preserved downtown district lined with boutiques, eateries, and a generous dose of history. The 33-block National Historic Landmark District, is noteworthy for its beautifully restored Creole architecture, ironwork balconies, and centuries-old brick streets.

The Cane River Creole National Historical Park showcases the area's rich plantation history, with guided tours of Oakland and Magnolia Plantations. Furthermore, the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame and the Northwest Louisiana History Museum are both housed in an award-winning architectural masterpiece which preserve critical moments in Natchitoches history. Natchitoches is also home to the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, an impressive Gothic Revival church that towers over the historic district.

In December, visitors can witness the world-renowned Natchitoches Christmas Festival, a six-week-long event filled with dazzling lights, festive parades, and spectacular fireworks. For a more serene experience, summer tourists enjoy exploring the meandering Cane River by kayak, and visiting the tranquil landscapes of the Kisatchie National Forest.

Breaux Bridge

Aerial drone photo of the I10 over the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge Breaux Louisiana USA
Drone image of the I10 in Breaux Bridge. Image credit Felix Mizioznikov via Shutterstock. 

Situated in the heart of Cajun country, Breaux Bridge is a vibrant town celebrated for its authentic Louisiana essence. The state legislature designated it as the "Crawfish Capital of the World" in 1959, a legacy that continues with the annual Crawfish Festival each May.

A leisurely walk through the charming downtown reveals a rich history, with antique shops, art galleries, and local restaurants offering delectable Cajun cuisine. The early 20th-century St. Martin Parish Courthouse is an architectural marvel worth a visit. Furthermore the iconic wrought-iron Breaux Bridge Bridge elegantly spans the Bayou Teche.

Visitors seeking an unforgettable outdoor experience can explore the Atchafalaya Basin, the United States' largest wetland. This enchanting swamp teems with wildlife including alligators, herons, and bald eagles. Guided boat tours or kayak and canoe trips reveal the basin's beauty, while the nearby Creole Nature Trail All-American Road offers a 180-mile scenic byway through diverse landscapes such as coastal marshes and prairie grasslands.

Abita Springs

Man in Abita Springs near UCM museum.
Abita Springs street near UCM Museum. Image credit Malachi Jacobs via Shutterstock.

A short hour's drive from New Orleans, Abita Springs presents a rejuvenating retreat from urban life. The town was once a 19th-century resort destination, renowned for its artesian spring water's alleged healing properties. Today, Abita Springs maintains a laid-back ambiance, perfect for relaxation and rejuvenation.

The Abita Springs Trailhead serves as a gateway to the town's attractions, encompassing the Abita Springs Park, the intriguing Abita Mystery House, and the beloved Abita Springs Opry, which showcases live traditional Louisiana music. The Abita Mystery House, with its eccentric folk art and unusual curiosities, is a must-see.

A trip to Abita Springs would be incomplete without sampling the town's namesake beverage at the Abita Brewing Company. A tour of the brewery demonstrates their eco-friendly brewing process, which uses the town's famed artesian water. The tour includes a tasting of their diverse craft beer selection, including favorites such as Purple Haze and Turbodog.

Outdoor enthusiasts can relish the Tammany Trace, a picturesque 31-mile recreational trail traversing lush greenery and offering captivating views of the surrounding landscape. The trail, perfect for cyclists, joggers, and walkers, features varied terrain and opportunities to observe local wildlife. The UCM Museum's Abita Creek Flatwoods Preserve allows visitors to delve deeper into Louisiana's unique pine savanna ecology.

St. Francisville

Rosedown Plantation in St Francisville, Louisiana
Rosedown Plantation mansion in St. Francisville. Image credit Sara Armas via Shutterstock.

Situated among the undulating hills and verdant foliage of West Feliciana Parish, St. Francisville is an enchanting town that captivates both history and nature enthusiasts. A brief drive from Baton Rouge, this idyllic destination is an ideal weekend retreat. A proper sojourn typically begins at the Myrtles Plantation, a 220-year-old mansion renowned for its eerie tales and striking architecture. Here, staff at the plantation provide a guided tour that delves into the residence's storied history.

Further history awaits at the Rosedown Plantation, an exquisitely conserved 19th-century estate encircled by 28 acres of resplendent gardens. Shaded paths run adjacent to captivating flora and a soothing murmur from nearby fountains. Many visitors unwind by visiting the delightful downtown area, where one can peruse quaint shops and relish delectable Southern cuisine. The best accommodations can be found in St. Francisville's inviting bed-and-breakfasts, which are well-ranked on a yearly basis.

Grand Isle

Sunset over Grand Isle.
Sunrise over Grand Isle. Image credit Mark Paul Hebert via Shutterstock. 

Outdoor aficionados will find their sanctuary in Grand Isle, a haven of sandy beaches, crystalline waters, and thriving wildlife. Located along the Gulf of Mexico, this barrier island is a prominent location for birdwatching, with migratory birds assembling in the area annually. Binoculars are recommended here for those that plan to venture to the Grand Isle Birding Trail, where over 100 different species can be observed in their natural surroundings.

A journey to Grand Isle would not be complete without time spent on the water. With an abundance of fishing, boating, and kayaking opportunities, Grand Isle makes the most of its waterways. Numerous fishing locales exist for hobbyists, or, boat charters can be considered as a means of achieving a bigger catch. The region's marshlands and bayous are best experienced by kayak, allowing one to admire the serene vistas and dynamic ecosystem. Last, the seafood at Grand Isle never fails to impress, and booking a stay at a campground is a surefire way to absorb the true character of the region.


People in colorful masks for Mardi Gras in Eunice.
People celebrating Mardi Gras in costumes. Image credit Elliott Cowand Jr. via Shutterstock. 

Louisiana's Acadiana region is famous for its rich cultural mosaic—an ideal setting for a weekend visit to Eunice. Nicknamed  the "Prairie Cajun Capital," this vibrant town acts as a nucleus for music, food, and folk traditions. A weekend in Eunice could begin at the Jean Lafitte National Park Acadian Cultural Center, where interactive displays and live performances exhibit the history and legacy of the Cajun people.

The Savoy Music Center, a local institution, hosts a weekly jam session every Saturday morning. At this gathering, musicians of various ages and skill levels come together to perform traditional Cajun melodies. Visitors can join in the festivities or simply tap their feet to the spirited rhythms.

Experiencing Eunice's tantalizing cuisine is an essential part of any visit to the region. Authentic Cajun dishes, such as crawfish étouffée or boudin, can be found at numerous dining venues throughout the town. To further delve into local culture, travelers might consider reserving accommodations at a nearby guesthouse or bed-and-breakfast, where warm Cajun hospitality and potentially a home-cooked meal are part of the experience.


The charm and allure of Louisiana's small towns are best experienced through a weekend detour into these popular hotspots. Whether it is through Crawfish-Capitals, birdwatching trails, or vibrant music, each town adds a colorful slice to Louisiana's vibrant tapestry. Though staying in after a long work week is tempting, just imagining the scents and sights waiting in this deep-south wonderland makes revving up the car and preparing a travel playlist immediately more tempting. Never hesitate to plan a trip to Louisiana’s small-towns, sure to provide unforgettable weekend trips!

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