Downtown Fredericksburg, Texas. Image credit ShengYing Lin via Shutterstock

12 Small Towns in Texas to Visit for a Weekend Getaway

The Largest State in America after Alaska, Texas, and, by default, one of the most diverse landscapes. From its southern agricultural towns like Fredericksburg to the desert terrains in the west side of Texas with creatively enhanced small towns like Marfa, the Lonestar state allows visitors to experience various environmental settings. With its expansive land size, the state presents an overwhelming array of options for small-town getaways, making it challenging to decide where to embark on your next adventure. Discover the top 12 small towns in Texas, each offering a unique and enchanting experience for the perfect weekend getaway.


The Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas. Image credit ShengYing Lin via

A small town in the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg is known for its German heritage, wineries, and charming Main Street. Escape to Fredericksburg if you want to spend your weekend strolling vineyards, visiting southern-themed tasting rooms, and going out for nights of fresh fine dining. Visit Signor Vineyards, one of the most vibrant must-see properties adorned with seasonal flowers and beautiful open-concept wooden architecture.

Some of the top-rated dining experiences in Fredericksburg can be experienced at Sage Restaurant and Lounge, Vaudeville, and Otto’s German Bistro. Make your visit to Fredricksburg one to remember and catch the phenomenal Solar Eclipse Festival in Fredricksburg on April 8th, 2024, bringing out the best of local vendors and live music performers.


Gruene, Texas: Old brick building housing an antique store.
Gruene, Texas: Old brick building housing an antique store. Image credit Roberto Galan via

Pronounced "green," Gruene is another historic small town in Texas’ Hill Country region near New Braunfels. Start your escape to Gruene by touring or booking a stay in the downtown historic district; some of the best accommodations in the area include the Gruene Mansion Inn. Important historical attractions to put on your to-do list include visiting Gruene Hall, Texas’s oldest continuously operating dance hall. Find quirky small shops like the vintage-themed Gruene General Store and the Gristmill Restaurant, built in 1977, when exploring downtown and embracing the southern take on classic architecture.


House of the Seasons, Historic House located in Jefferson.
House of the Seasons, Historic House located in Jefferson. Image credit LMPark Photos via Shutterstock

Steeped in history, Jefferson boasts well-preserved 19th-century architecture. A weekend escape to Jefferson is comparable to traveling back to the War Era with over 100 historic homes, a redbrick rustic shopping district, and exciting family tours. Visitors can take steamboat tours along Caddo Lake, one of America’s sizeable flooded Cypress forests, and explore haunted locations like the Excelsior House Hotel in Jefferson. Adding to the fun places to visit in Jefferson is the Jefferson Historical Museum, the Victorian garden of House of the Season, and Scarlett O’Hardy’s Gone with the Wind Museum.


Colorful shop with artwork on display in the small Texas Hill Country town of Wimberley.
Colorful shop with artwork on display in Wimberley, Texas. Image credit Fotoluminate LLC via Shutterstock

This picturesque town in the Texas Hill Country is known for its artisan shops, natural swimming holes like Jacob’s Well, and the Wimberley Market Days, a large outdoor market featuring local crafts and produce. Visit the Blue Hole Regional Park and its cypress creek, and dive into the waters of Jacob’s Well, one of Wimberley's most popular swimming places. Experience the movie set-like wild west theme Pioneer Town at 7A Ranch, and shop Wimberley Square to support local businesses when in town.


Marfa, Texas: A view of the courthouse building in Marfa Texas during a bright summer day, via jmanaugh3 / Shutterstock.comMarfa, Texas: A view of the courthouse building in Marfa Texas during a bright summer day.
Courthouse building in Marfa, Texas. Image credit jmanaugh3 via

Home to the mysterious Marfa Lights, a range of soaring glowing orbs that have fascinated generations of visitors and locals alike, Marfa is also Texas’s standout art colony. A haven for art enthusiasts, the small town is famous for its minimalist installations, like one of the most unique Prada shops in the middle of nowhere, and endless galleries to browse. The town’s unique blend of art, culture, and West Texas landscapes makes it an intriguing destination.

Hotel Paisano or St. George have some of the best accommodations in town and are high-in-demand escape options to book in advance of your visit to Marfa. Stop by the Chinati Foundation, a contemporary art display, and shop at small businesses like the Marfa Book Company and Wrong Store for creative handmade artistic souvenirs to take home.


Pink facade of buildings in the Fayetteville Historic District, Texas
Fayetteville Historic District, Texas. Image credit Renelibrary, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

With its small-town charm, Fayetteville offers a peaceful getaway. The town square, antique shops, and the historic courthouse contribute to its appeal. An escape to Fayetteville allows outdoor enthusiasts to explore nearby parks like Lake Fayette Prairie Park and its Oak Thicket Park to enjoy birdwatching and watersports. Fayetteville is one of the best escapes near major cities, offering a wild-west mind-calming atmosphere, located between both major metropolises of Austin and Houston. Wooden storefronts enhance the experience in Fayetteville with Instagramable quirky businesses like Orsak’s Cafe and Arts for Rural Texas located around the corner.

Port Aransas

People fishing along the beautiful waterfront at Port Aransas, Texas.
Waterfront at Port Aransas, Texas.

The gorgeous town of Port Aransas, situated on Mustang Island, boasts sandy beaches, fishing opportunities, and a laid-back atmosphere for a coastal retreat. Mustang Island State Park and the Port Aransas Nature Preserve offer natural beauty and outdoor activities. The fisherman’s paradise is home to a range of fishing hotspots, including the nearby Redfish Bay, Astes Flats, and Mud Island. Stop by the Texas State Aquarium in nearby Corpus Christi, catch a sunset on Port Aransas Beach, and take pictures near a backdrop of the secluded Chapel on the Dunes when escaping to Port Aransas.


People dressed in colorful costumes at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival Grande Parade in Waxahachie, Texas
Scarborough Renaissance Festival Grande Parade in Waxahachie, Texas. Image credit Grossinger via Shutterstock

Waxahachie stands out for its Victorian architecture, like the Munster Mansion and the castle-like Ellis County Courthouse. Waxahachie’s historic downtown is a delight for architecture and history buffs; the Scarborough Renaissance Festival and the Ellis County Museum add to the town’s cultural ambiance. Shop dozens of local businesses like Jordan E’s Candy and Popcorn Shop, and embark on a self-guided walking tour with maps of local historic attractions, galleries, and more from the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce.


Downtown street in Georgetown, Texas.
Downtown Georgetown, Texas. Image credit Natalia Silyanov via Shutterstock

Nicknamed the Red Poppy Capital of Texas for its natural, vibrant wildflowers, Georgetown enhances your Texas escape with Victorian-era architecture and trails of scenic views along the San Gabriel River. Shopping, the town’s main street, is the highlight of any visit to Georgetown, and its central town square has been voted the most beautiful town square in Texas by multiple travel blogs. Georgetown Art Center, Framer’s Gallery and Coop, and the Teal Sky Studio boutique are small businesses to check out during your escape to Georgetown, Texas.


Aerial view of sunset in Granbury, Texas
Downtown Granbury, Texas.

This adorable lakefront town boasts a picturesque square, live theater at the Granbury Opera House, and the historic Granbury Ghosts and Legends Tour. The nearby Lake Granbury allows for watersport activities in appropriate seasons, with its Granbury City Beach Boardwalk being one of the best places to catch breathtaking sunsets. Stay at the award-winning Inn on Lake Granbury, Granbury on West Pearl vacation rental, and many other homely rentals. Better yet, the town is just a 30-minute drive from the town of Glen Rose and the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.


Aerial view of Bastrop, Texas
Overlooking Bastrop, Texas.

Bastrop is one of the oldest towns in Texas and one of the best weekend escapes to Texas for flawlessly balancing nature and historic attractions to inspire tourism. The Bastrop Lost Pines Forest presents a scenic cruise when visiting Bastrop with the 13-mile Loblolly Pine Tree stretch along State Highway 21. With outdoor adventures, historic sites, and charming shops along Main Street, you can make your escape to Bastrop a secluded nature trip or a community-oriented small-town experience. Whichever setting you choose, visiting Bastrop State Park and strolling the Main Street of the Historic District is a must when you visit.


Aerial view of the town of Alpine in Texas
Overlooking Alpine, Texas.

The cute town of Alpine is a gateway to outdoor exploration, and a neighboring town to the artistically enhanced Marfa, sitting just 25 miles away. The town sits in the foothills of the Davis Mountains, blending mountainous panoramic vistas with dry landscapes of the Chihuahuan Desert. Stroll the Historic Downtown of Alpine, Texas, and embark on a self-guided tour of spotting creative wall murals that narrate the tales from the town’s history, depicted through innovative efforts of local artists. With its unique blend of art galleries, Western heritage, and proximity to Big Bend National Park, Alpine is an ideal destination for nature lovers and art enthusiasts looking to visit more than just the popular tourist-centric town of Marfa.

Whether visiting Texas for the first time or looking to escape city life for a few days, these 12 small towns in Texas offer an exciting array of activities and attractions for all tastes and interests.

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