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11 of the Most Charming Small Towns to Visit in Texas

Texas, the second most populous state in the United States, is a wellspring of opportunity. Whether indulging in the legendary cowboy culture or roaming the bustling stress of Austin, there is no end to the fun. That said, many people overlook the array of charming small towns scattered across the massive state. Not only do these towns offer an untampered glimpse into Texan hospitality and culture, but they are also perfect for outdoor journeys. Tourists have a range of options, from the haunted tales of Jefferson to the scenic coast at Concan. Moreover, they are free of urban hustle and bustle, offering an amazing retreat for visitors in Texas.


Rockport Texas waterfront
Rockport Texas waterfront, By BrianGrunberger - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, File:Rockport, Texas.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Rockport, the county seat of Aransas County, is a world of fun that beckons tourists from all over. Resting along the Live Oak Peninsula, this town offers access to the scenic Gulf of Mexico. To this end, visitors head straight to outdoor areas such as Rockport Beach and Goose Island State Park. The former boasts a mile of sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing, beach volleyball, and swimming. Meanwhile, the latter is a nature lover’s dream, with 300 acres of forests, seashore, and wildlife. Fishing is among the most popular activities, and anglers can look forward to catching redfish, drum, flounder, and even Speckled trout. Camping is also a blast, with electricity and water available for a soothing overnight retreat.

Back in town, Rockport is a hub of culture with endless alleys to explore. Those interested in history opt for one of the many museums in town, such as the Bay Education Center and Texas Maritime Museum. Both offer unique exhibits, from maritime artifacts to interactive displays of local history. Similarly, the Rockport Art Center is a different take on culture, with dozens of pieces, events, and workshops for endless artistic fun. End the day off with a drink at the Winery on the Bay for coastal views and delicious wine.


Downtown, Jefferson, Texas
Downtown, Jefferson, Texas. Image credit NicholasGeraldinePhotos via Shutterstock

Jefferson is a rustic town in Marion County that transports one to a bygone era. Famed for its history, there are plenty of landmarks and museums spread throughout the streets. Among these, the Jefferson Historical Museum, the 1890 Old Post Office, and the 1872 House of the Seasons are the most popular. From displays detailing local tales to intricate Greek Revival and Victorian architecture, these sites are full of historic charm. Those visiting in May can also experience local heritage through the Jefferson Pilgrimage. Taking place for decades in the Jessie Allen Wise Garden Club, townspeople get together for Civil War reenactments, restored furniture sales, and various tours across the town.

While the daytime is reserved for learning in Jefferson, night calls for a new set of activities. Hidden behind the history is a haunted past, exemplified through ominous buildings and tours. Those willing to brave the horror can opt for one of the many tours in town, which cover locations like the Excelsior House Hotel, Jefferson Hotel, and The Grove. Whether it is a glowing white figure or reports of unknown footsteps, each site is just as spooky as the next.


City Beach Park and downtown streets in Granbury, Texas.
City Beach Park and downtown streets in Granbury, Texas.

Continue the history from Jefferson with a trip to Granbury in Hood County. Founded in the 19th century as a small community with a log cabin courthouse, much of the town’s early days are still visible today. History enthusiasts can head into the town square, which is lined with intricate architecture and historic landmarks. For example, the recently renovated 1886 Granbury Opera House offers an antique ambiance that will make any comedy or musical enjoyable. Similarly, the three-story Hood County Courthouse is an iconic 130-year-old landmark with plenty of 19th-century buildings in the vicinity. With so much to see and do, Granbury has received the “Best Historic Small Town in America” title by USA Today.

Tourists can take a step back into the present and indulge in the vibrant culture of Granbury. From music concerts in the day to partying at night, the town bustles with life at all times. Those visiting in July are sure to enjoy the Fourth of July celebrations, with thousands of people, vendors, and activities. Meanwhile, April marks the Granbury Wine Walk, where one can tour dozens of wineries for the finest drinking experience. No matter when you visit, end the day with a meal at the Mesquite Pit Steaks and Bar B Q for a delicious meal accompanied by views of the Brazos River.

Mineral Wells

A sign over a road in Mineral Wells Texas that reads Welcome to Mineral Wells Home of Crazy
A sign over a road in Mineral Wells Texas that reads Welcome to Mineral Wells Home of Crazy, via jmanaugh3 /

Mineral Wells offers a different side to Texas, with ample access to outdoor opportunities. The quaint town of 15,000 is the perfect rest stop for adventurous travelers looking to explore the nearby wilderness. Lake Mineral Wells State Park is a great place to start, with over 3,000 acres encompassing forests, a canyon, and Lake Mineral Wells. Hiking and biking are among the most popular, and there are over 50 miles (80 km) of trails to explore. Nearby, the Mineral Wells Fossil Park is a natural attraction where fossil enthusiasts have a blast. It is filled with 300 million-year-old fossils and offers visitors the chance to dig and find their own.

While nature may be Mineral Wells’s main draw, the downtown area should not be overlooked. Many fun activities await, such as grabbing a drink at Rickhouse Brewing. This kid-friendly tap room boasts craft beers with a laid-back environment. Or, tour the Haunted Hill House, a local landmark famed for unexplained sightings of shadow people, voices, and even moving objects. As the day comes to an end, stop by the Famous Mineral Water Company to grab a souvenir unique to Mineral Wells.


Performers playing music in Luckenbach, Texas
Performers playing music in Luckenbach, Texas, via Marathon Media /

Retreat from the crowded streets of urban centers to the laid-back town of Luckenbach in Gillespie County. According to the latest census, it is home to less than 100 people and offers a relaxing environment to de-stress. Those in town have a few options for having fun, with the Luckenbach Texas music venue being one of the most popular. This site is designed to resemble an Old West saloon, and one can watch shows, grab some food, and purchase souvenirs for a fun evening. On the other hand, those interested in local history can visit sites like the 1849 Luckenbach Post Office, where interesting tales await. Stop by the Von Netzer Ranch to meet some friendly goats before ending a peaceful day in this charming town.


The small shops at Wimberley Square in Wimberley, Texas, USA.
The small shops at Wimberley Square in Wimberley, Texas, USA. Editorial credit: Roberto Galan /

For those who found Luckenbach a bit too secluded, Wimberley is the best of both worlds. With a population of 2,800 and most of the town set up for ranching, it embodies the term “small town.” Natural areas stand out; most tourists head straight to the Blue Hole Regional Park. Here, one can choose from various pursuits, such as hiking along forested trails, swimming in the natural Blue Hole, or picnicking within nature. If this seems like too much effort, Wimberley features another way to take in the outdoors on the Devil’s Backbone Scenic Drive. This route spans about 50 miles (80 km) along a limestone ridge showcasing the 400-mile-long Balcones Fault and surrounding greenery.

As you head back into the paved streets of downtown, flowers transform into paintings, unveiling the local artistic community. Those interested can opt for various galleries and landmarks in town, such as the Bootiful Wimberley, Wimberley Glassworks, and Art on 12. From a massive boot resting in the middle of town to a stunning 5,000 sq. ft. art gallery, there is no end to Wimberley’s creative charm.


The Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The Main Street in Fredericksburg, Texas. Editorial credit: ShengYing Lin /

Fredericksburg is the epitome of heritage when it comes to small towns in Texas. Founded in 1846 by German immigrants, the town seeps with culture through each alley and activity. For a trip to the boast, one can enter the Fredericksburg Historic District, where over 350 contributing buildings await. For example, the Pioneer Museum provides insight into the past with dozens of unique exhibits. However, the best way to take in as much as possible is on the local trolley tour, which features explanations and information on plenty of landmarks.

After the tour, delve into the local drinking culture prevalent at the Grape Creek Vineyards and Heath Sparkling Wines. These spots offer everything from intricate wine tastings to chilled ale that’ll make any trip enjoyable. Visitors who aren’t drinking can opt for a meal instead, and there is no shortage of German eateries in town. Whether it is delicious German pancakes at the Old German Bakery & Restaurant or authentic schnitzels at Otto’s, the food is another display of local heritage.


Main Street in historic downtown Grapevine, Texas
Main Street in historic downtown Grapevine, Texas, via K I Photography /

Like its name, Grapevine is a town that continues to spread, with many facets to explore. Home to 50,000 residents, something is always happening in town, especially in terms of events. Visitors in May can join the Main Street Fest, a showcase of local food, shopping, and hospitality along the main street. Meanwhile, the GrapeFest beckons oenophiles with an array of red, white, and sparkling wines in September. Even if there isn’t a festival taking place, the Grapevine Mills Mall is always a party with dozens of retail shops, eateries, and a movie theater.

While Grapevine’s streets abound with businesses and attractions, one can also have a blast in their hotel. The town is home to major resorts such as the Gaylord Texan and Great Wolf Lodge, which boasts many fun opportunities. From amazing restaurants to professional spa services, there is never a dull moment in this Texan town.


Old brick building housing an antique store in Gruene. Editorial credit: University of College / Shutterstock.comOld brick building housing an antique store in Gruene.
Old brick building housing an antique store in Gruene. Editorial credit: University of College /

Gruene offers history enthusiasts the chance to step back in time through its lovely historic district. Dozens of buildings in town are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so history enthusiasts need not look far for a charming attraction. Most adore the 1872 Gruene Mansion Inn, which is located in a lovely Victorian-style inn. Another hotspot is the 1878 Gruene Hall, a rustic establishment that has seen famous artists such as Lyle Lovett and Greg Allman. Today, the building offers a similar vibe, mixing modern performers with an antique ambiance. Speaking of antiques, the Gruene Antique Company is a wellspring of antiquities, perfect for finding a souvenir or keepsake from this lovely town.

While history may be Gruene’s main draw, there is much more on offer in this quaint town. For example, outdoor enthusiasts have a blast at the nearby Comal and Guadalupe Rivers. Tubing, fly fishing, and swimming are among the many ways one can enjoy their cascading waters. After the fun, end the day right with a delicious steak and gin at the Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar.


Norton-Orgain House in Salado, Texas
Norton-Orgain House in Salado, Texas, By Renelibrary - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, File:NortonOrgain1.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Salado, a town in Bell County, is the perfect place to escape urban hustle and bustle. Like Gruene, this small town offers relaxing streets lined with rustic sites, such as the famed Shady Villa Hotel. Built-in 1852, the building was originally known as Stagecoach Inn and is now a landmark destination. Continuing along the streets, visitors will adore the historic Salado Post Office, Salado College, and the George Washington Baines House. Meanwhile, modern businesses are also plentiful, and one can opt for a meal at popular outlets like The Shed and the Barrow Brewing Company. For outdoor enthusiasts, Chalkridge Falls Park is an ideal attraction, boasting scenic waterfalls that will make any trip wonderful.


Sunrise Fall Panorama of Frio River from Old Baldy Garner State Park Concan Texas Hill Country
Sunrise Fall Panorama of Frio River from Old Baldy Garner State Park Concan Texas Hill Country

Concan is a vibrant summer destination in Uvalde County that sits alongside the Frio River. This small community is the perfect link to nature, with areas like the Concan Swimming Hole and Garner State Park. The former is a tranquil abode where one can relax in the turquoise waters of the Frio River. Meanwhile, the latter offers 1,400 acres of untouched wilderness, ideal for camping, booking, and wildlife watching. While these sights are daytime hits, the Frio Bat Cave shines as the sun sets. Here, millions of Mexican free-tailed bats create a unique vibe rarely found elsewhere.

Back in town, Concan is sparsely populated, with few buildings scattered about. For example, the western end of town is home to Hunter’s Ridge Cabins, offering laid-back accommodation amid scenic foliage. Meanwhile, the House Pasture Cattle is a local hotspot, with drinks and food complimented by live music.

These charming small towns in Texas are full of wonderful attractions that’ll make any visit enjoyable. Whether fossil hunting in Mineral Wells or learning about local history in Gruene, there is something for every type of traveler. Moreover, each town is home to natural areas, where one can get away from the stress of urban living and experience Texas’s stunning landscapes. All you need to do is find the right town and head out for a fantastic vacation in Texas.

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