Historic saloons, bars, and shops bring visitors to Main St. in Deadwood, South Dakota. Image credit Kenneth Sponsler via Shutterstock

10 Best Small Towns To Visit In South Dakota

South Dakota's charm extends beyond its well-known landmarks like Mount Rushmore or the Crazy Horse Memorial. Nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes, small towns offer a glimpse into the state's rich history, vibrant culture, surrounded by scenic masterpieces like Chapel In the Hills and Badlands National Park. From Wild West nostalgia in Deadwood to the serenity of the spring waters in Hot Springs, these small towns offer an unforgettable escape from the bustle of city life. Let your travels take you through Custer's picturesque surroundings or delve into the artsy ambiance of Lead. A trip through the best small towns in South Dakota beckons travelers seeking a slower pace and authentic Americana.


Deadwood welcome sign in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota.
Deadwood welcome sign in the town of Deadwood, South Dakota. Image credit Michael Gordon via Shutterstock.com

Deadwood is an idyllic small town, holding with fewer than 1,500 permanent residents. The tightly knit community is famed for its storied past as a fabled Wild West haven. This under-the-radar gem's main street is a veritable treasure trove of specialty shops like Miss Kitty's Mercantile and ranging over to Wild Bill's Trading Post. Step into the Wild West at the Adams Museum, housing exhibits on the Gold Rush and iconic figures like Wild Bill Hickok. It's worth stopping off to appreciate the solemn beauty of Mount Moriah Cemetery, the resting place of Wild West legends such as Calamity Jane and Seth Bullock.

This gem is nestled in the scenic Black Hills of South Dakota, surrounded by natural wonders. Visitors can explore the nearby Black Hills National Forest, known for its picturesque hiking trails and abundant wildlife.


Aerial View of Custer, South Dakota at Sunset
Aerial view of Custer, South Dakota at sunset.

The municipality of Custer embraces a small yet mighty populace of almost 2,000. A petite community, it makes up for its small size in charming stature. Known as a gateway to the awe-inspiring natural marvels within the Black Hills region, Custer town serves as a perfect launchpad for any South Dakota adventure. The town's main street offers a charming amalgamation of businesses, catering to the unique tastes at Our Place, Purple Pie Place, or The Custer Wolf. One of the town's main attractions is its proximity to the renowned Custer State Park, a vast expanse of wilderness known for its scenic drives, abundant wildlife, and scenic hiking trails where you may sight turkeys, bighorn sheep, and coyotes.

Visitors can traverse the iconic Needles Highway and marvel at the unique rock formations. Another must-visit attraction near Custer is the awe-inspiring Crazy Horse Memorial, the world's most giant mountain carving in progress, celebrating Native American culture.

Hill City

Main street in Hill City, South Dakota
Main street in Hill City, South Dakota. Image credit Paul R. Jones via Shutterstock.com

Visitors are warmly welcomed to Hill City, a picturesque small town right near the Black Hills Cabins & Motel at Quail's Crossing, just off the Needles Highway. It's a hidden spot in South Dakota where low-key tourists can experience genuine hospitality without any fuss. With only 1,000 residents, a surprisingly active main street awaits. Travelers can visit the Handbag Store, trek over to the Alpaca Store, or hit up The Farmer's Daughter for a genuine, one-of-a-kind South Dakota experience.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, biking, and viewing wildlife amid the local majestic beauty. For a trip outside the area, there is a route past Black Miner Gulch and the Newton Fork Ranch. To stay at the main street, take a rest at Just Dandy, then venture over to the town's vintage 1880 train. This historic steam locomotive takes visitors on a local trip. There's even more history at the CCC Museum of South Dakota, also on Main Street. Be sure to check the hours before heading over to Hill City's thriving arts community showcases local talent, making it a haven for art enthusiasts. Quirky shops like Stage Stop Leather and Jewel of the West only add to the town's vibrant cultural scene. 


Main street Keystone, South Dakota. filled with boutiques, gift shops, fine dining, and lodging
Keystone, South Dakota. filled with boutiques, gift shops, fine dining, and lodging.

Another utopian dream resides in Keystone, a quaint town, that draws visitors through its unique environment. From the Keystone Country Store to the Emporium to The Indians, the South Dakota culture is strong in this area. With around 240 locals, this beautiful town is a lively gateway to America's most iconic landmark, the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. On Keystone's main thoroughfare, visitors can enjoy souvenirs from the official shops of the National Parks.


Aerial view of the town of Spearfish in South Dakota.
Overlooking Spearfish in South Dakota.

Travelers get the chance to plunge headfirst into the scenic wonderland of South Dakota in Spearfish. With over 12,000 people, it's lively enough to have an active evening scene, with bars like the Back Porch. The Matthews Opera House and Arts Center, a historical landmark, adds to Spearfish's cultural atmosphere, offering vibrant performances and exhibitions celebrating its rich heritage. For bookworms, Queen City Books is a haven of literary gems.

Nearby the pinnacle of Black Elk Peak is the highest peak in the state. Spearfish Canyon, a breathtaking natural wonder, enthralls with its towering limestone cliffs and enchanting waterfalls, creating a perfect setting for scenic drives and hiking adventures. Hiking trails like Little Spearfish Falls Trail and fishing spots like Spearfish Creek await nature lovers.


Yankton, South Dakota is a College Town in the Midwest on the Missouri River
Yankton, South Dakota is a College Town in the Midwest on the Missouri River.

Resting beside the Missouri River in South Dakota, Yankton welcomes visitors with its intriguing history, vibrant cultural scene, and exhilarating outdoor pursuits. The town's main street features a mixture of oddities, ranging from Bomgaars to DaaBIN to 9th Street Clothing Co. Feeling up to an epically strange shopping spree? The Meridian District makes its mark with its artisanal crafts that embody the spirit of the town. For book lovers, "Carnegie Library" is a must-visit, offering a curated selection of literary treasures.

The town's marina and riverwalk offer a serene setting for strolls and scenic relaxation. For nature enthusiasts, the Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, found nearby, beckons with its hiking trails. Camping sites like the Meridian Bridge RV Resort and the plenty of trails (both off-book and on-map) make it a perfect spot. Yankton's legacy comes to life at the Dakota Territorial Museum, where visitors can delve into the town's past and gain insights into its pioneer heritage.

Hot Springs

The landscape of Hot Springs, South Dakota, in winter.
Overlooking Hot Springs, South Dakota, in winter.

Discover Hot Springs, a peaceful small town in South Dakota, where the traditional and modern healing properties of thermal springs call visitors both domestic and international. For those seeking relaxation, Evans Plunge Mineral Springs supplies a rejuvenating experience in the town's natural mineral water. Hot Springs' nostalgic style is showcased through attractions like the Mammoth Site, an active paleontological dig site where visitors can witness ancient mammoth fossils.


Stores in Wall, South Dakota.
Stores in Wall, South Dakota. Image credit Paul R. Jones via Shutterstock.com

Tucked away in a remote area of South Dakota, Wall is a hospitable small town with around 800 residents. Its distinguished landmark is the Wall Drug Store, the town's standout specialty store, pulling in travelers on main roads as an official roadside attraction. The roads are easy to navigate, but it's next to impossible to miss the turnoff. It offers the promise of free ice water while the store's colorful billboards along highways have become famous unto themselves. Wall is near the spectacular Badlands National Park, where visitors can marvel at the striking rock formations and diverse wildlife. The rugged beauty of the Badlands supplies a perfect backdrop for outdoor adventures like hiking and photography.


Lead is a popular Tourist Destination in the Black Hills of Western South Dakota
Lead is a popular tourist destination in the Black Hills of Western South Dakota.

In South Dakota, Lead stands proudly as a historic small town with a population of around 3,000. Though small in number, it beckons travelers from within the United States and internationally to explore a unique part of North America. Lead stands out for its mining history, with once-quarries, now man-made lakes creating a wondrous blend of humankind and nature. The town's main street exudes tranquility, hosting Aspire Boutique, Twin City Area Clothing Center, and Lynns Dakotamart.

Art enthusiasts get the chance to enjoy the Homestake Opera House and Art Gallery, which showcases local talent and cultural exhibits. Another draw for this town? Lead is known for offering outdoor enthusiasts opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and snow sports during winter. Lead's mining history comes to life at the Black Hills Mining Museum, where visitors can get a modern look at the region's iconic gold rush era.

Belle Fourche

The Geographic Center of the Nation Monument in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.
The Geographic Center of the Nation Monument in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. Image credit Rachael Martin via Shutterstock.com

With around 5,000 residents, Belle Fourche is a medium-sized town in South Dakota that is uniquely distinguished as the United States' geographical center. To strike the balance between village and supermalls, Belle Fourche is a fantastic spot to hit. Wander along the town’s inviting main street, where a delightful assortment of specialty shops like the Olive Branch or MJ's Market lets you rest and breathe in the environment.

Belle Fourche's Center of the Nation Monument marks the center of the United States, making it a significant point of interest for history buffs and travelers alike. The town's welcoming community spirit is evident in its annual event, the Black Hills Roundup Rodeo, celebrating cowboy culture and traditions with exciting rodeo events and festivities.

As they say, "Great Faces. Great Places." and that's exactly what South Dakota's small towns have to offer. The journey is half the reward, but by getting to experience the unique ambiance of each spot, you can see South Dakota in a whole new light. Each spot along the tour is distinct, from Deadwood's preserved architecture to savoring Custer's history. Embrace the tranquility of Hill City or see the cowboy spirit in Belle Fourche on your next trip to South Dakota.

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