Who Is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Boris Johnson in 2016. Editorial credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com.
Boris Johnson in 2016. Editorial credit: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock.com.

Boris Johnson is the current and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He took office in 2019, following the resignation of Theresa May. After her Brexit deal was defeated numerous times in Parliament, May announced her resignation on May 24, 2019, and it went into effect on June 7, 2019. Boris Johnson won the popular vote to become the new leader of the Conservative Party. 

Early Life

Boris Johnson was born to British parents in New York City in 1964. His father was involved in politics as a member of the European Parliament. He attended a prep school called Eton, followed by Oxford University. He worked as a journalist and writer before becoming a politician, joining the Conservative party as a member of Parliament in 2001. He became the mayor of London in 2008, and he held the position until 2016. He was in power at the time of the London Summer Olympics. Johnson renounced his United States citizenship in 2016.  

Public Persona 

As a politician, Johnson is known for off-beat comments and publicity stunts. Many have called comments made by him sexist and racist. Johnson has been an outspoken critic of both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Prime Minister

Boris Johnson won the position of Conservative Party leader in July 2019. As a political figure in Great Britain, he has a controversial reputation. He has been compared to American President Donald Trump, who he has also praised. Johnson is a very recognizable figure in British politics. He is known for his slanted and often crude banter. 

Political Views of Boris Johnson

- As London's mayor, Johnson was open to more relaxed immigration policies.

- He is pro-Brexit. Johnson campaigned for the "Leave" side in 2016, claiming that the money spent on the EU could be better spent internally in Britain. However, Johnson has gone back and forth on his stance, and previously seemed to have supported the EU. 

- If a goal is not reached by the end of October, Boris Johnson has stated that he is prepared to proceed with a no-deal Brexit. 


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