Countries With the Most Heliports

Heliports facilitate transport to remote and difficult-to-access areas.
Heliports facilitate transport to remote and difficult-to-access areas.

A heliport is an area of land, water or structure intended to be used for the purpose of landing and taking off by helicopters. They are small although in some cases they may have some limited facilities such as hangars for fuelling. The early advocates of helicopters had envisioned several of them, especially in the urban centers to serve both emergency and other transportation needs. However, the noise associated with the helicopters especially in the residential areas has limited their widespread use. Some skyscrapers have heliports at their tops to enable the transportation of essential goods and some wealthy people to their destinations with speed.

Heliports In The United States

The US has the best infrastructural development and connectivity in the whole world including its 5,664 heliports. All the major cities such as New York and Washington among others have them to facilitate both emergency and essential transportation. The military own and operate several of these facilities to make their operations efficient. Hospitals also have them to promote the transportation of patients in need of critical care to their premises. There are also the super-rich individuals that own and operate heliports near their homes to facilitate quick transportation.

Heliports In India

India is the second leading country with a total of 1,141 heliports. Their construction has helped to make the transportation of both people and cargo efficient. India has hosted several international events such as the Commonwealth games that have always necessitated the construction of such facilities to enhance their transportation. They have also proved critical for medical purposes in such crowded cities such as Calcutta and New Delhi. With the country’s huge population and growing economic and infrastructural development, there is bound to be more construction of heliports.

Heliports In South Korea

South Korea has 510 heliports. Its considerable economic power in the region has made it a preferred destination for several international events that have boosted its profile. Heliports have been constructed to enhance seamless connectivity in the country. There was a particularly sharp rise in the number of the heliports from 2004 to 2006 when they increased from 200 to 540. The country’s advanced economy is credited with the increase.

Heliports In Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a total of 170 heliports. The country is an international transportation hub for both passengers and cargo. Over time, it has developed the inter-cities connectivity to make transportation by both tourists and locals more efficient. They serve both military and civilian purposes. Some of the heliports are at Sheung Wan and Chep Lak Tok among other places.

Increase In The Number Of Heliports

There is a widespread increase in the number of heliports across the world. Several emerging countries such as China among others are also in a rush to establish their own especially considering the importance of transport in a country’s economy. However, several countries just still have a single and some even none. Considering their utmost importance in activities such as military operations, medical evacuation, and efficient transportation, it is essential for countries to increase their coverage.

Which Countries Have The Highest Number Of Heliports In The World?

1United States5,664
3South Korea510
4Hong Kong170
5European Union99

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