Which Countries Have A Coastline On The Levantine Sea?

Levantine Sea coast in Acre, Israel. Editorial credit: NataliaVo / Shutterstock.com
Levantine Sea coast in Acre, Israel. Editorial credit: NataliaVo / Shutterstock.com

The Mediterranean Sea is almost completely surrounded by the Mediterranean Basin and is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and sometimes considered part of the ocean. The sea can be sub-divided into individual seas including Levantine Sea, Aegean Sea, the Ionian Sea, Libyan Sea, Alboran Sea, Adriatic Sea, and the Sea of Sicily. The Levantine Sea is the extreme eastern part of the sea. The coast of the Levantine Sea is also the shortest Mediterranean coast and the coastline is relatively straight. It is bordered by six countries: Syria, Israel, Lebanon, and Palestine (Gaza Strip) to the east, Turkey to the north, and Egypt to the south.


Syria is a Western Asian country bordering the Levantine Sea to the east. It occupies the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and has a relatively short coastline which stretches for approximately 120 miles. Syria’s coastline starts from its border with Turkey and extends to the country’s border with Lebanon. This coastal plain is mainly covered by sand dunes and only broken promontories which run down into the sea. The coastline is bordered by the Al-Ansariyyah Mountains which is the highest point of the generally flat coastline.


Israel is situated in the Levant area and bordered to the west by the Levantine Sea. It is also at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. The sea makes up the majority of the country’s coastline which is approximately 116 miles long. The coastline, also known as coastal plain, stretches from the Lebanese border to Gaza and is divided into five regions namely Southern, Central, Sharon, Hof HaCarmel, and Northern coastal plains. More than half the population of Israel inhabit the coastal plains.


The Israeli coastal plain is separated from that of Lebanon by the Rosh HaNikra’s cliff. Lebanon is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the west and has a coastline of 140 miles on the sea. Lebanon’s coastline is narrow and discontinuous, stretching from its border with Syria in the north to its border with Israel in the south. The coastline is only four miles at its widest point. The coastal plains are some of the most fertile regions in Lebanon with most of the country’s economy revolving around the activities along the coastline.


Turkey is located is in both Asia and Europe and is bordered by the Levantine Sea to the south. The country has a 4,500-mile long coastline (the second-longest after Greece) with the entire coastline found along the Mediterranean.


Egypt is one of the Mediterranean countries with coastline along the south of the sea. The coastline is approximately 650 miles long and stretches from the Sinai Peninsula to the country’s border with Libya near the town of Sallum. The largest town in the Mediterranean, Alexandria, is found along the Egyptian coast. The town has a population of about 4.5 million people.

Palestine (Gaza Strip)

Gaza Strip is a Palestinian territory located along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its coastline along the Levantine Sea is only 24 miles and stretches from its border with Israel to the border with Egypt.


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