Which Countries Border Sierra Leone?

A map showing Sierra Leone's location within Africa.

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. Archaeological evidence indicates that human communities have lived within Sierra Leone's borders for more than 2,500 years. Despite the long history of continuous habitation, Sierra Leone's boundaries began to take their present-day shape during the colonial era when the Europeans developed a significant interest in the region. Sierra Leone was one of the first regions in West Africa to have contact with the Europeans. The British took control of Sierra Leone during the colonial era, and they significantly influenced the shape of the country's boundaries. In the modern era, Sierra Leone's borders extend for roughly 679 miles. Sierra Leone shares its land borders with two countries: Guinea and Sierra Leone.


Guinea and Sierra Leone are separated by a border of roughly 493 miles long that is situated on the northern and eastern edges of Sierra Leone. In some sections, the border traces the same path as the Great Scarcies River. Other rivers that cross the Sierra Leone-Guinea border include the Lola River, the Kaba River, and the Kaliente River. There are several towns located on the Sierra Leone side of the border with some of the most prominent being Konta, Falaba, and Bendugu. The towns located on the Guinean side of the border, Medina Dula, Forecriah, and Fandie.


The boundary that separates Liberia and Sierra Leone is roughly 187 miles long and is situated on the southwestern section of Sierra Leone. In some sections, the boundary traces the same path as some rivers with some of the most well-known being the Moro River and the Mano River. There are a couple of towns situated on the Sierra Leone side of the border, for example, Sulima, Zimmi, and Gorahun. There are also several towns on the Liberian side of the border such as Robertsport, Bendaja, and Kongo. Lake Pixo is one of the major water bodies situated on the Liberian side of the border.

The Security of the Sierra Leone Border

Constant insecurity in the region has resulted in the government of Sierra Leone investing heavily in securing its borders. The government has also cooperated with other nations to keep the borders safe.


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