Where Was The Declaration Of Independence Signed?

The signing of the declaration of independence.
The signing of the declaration of independence.

The Independence Hall is what Americans consider the birth place of America. This is because the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution were both discussed and adopted at this venue.

The building, which is located on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, was designed and constructed from 1732 to 1751 by Edmund Woolley and Andrew Hamilton. It was constructed as an acknowledgment of the petitions from the citizens of Philadelphia who in 1729 felt the need to build a state house. The building has served several purposes over time. It has acted as the state house for the colonial government in Pennsylvania, a barracks and even a hospital for wounded soldiers.


The red-bricked building is designed on the Georgian style. It is made up of a central section, which is the main part of the building, a bell tower with a steeple. The tip of the spire is the highest point of the building, rising to a height of 168 ft, 71⁄4. .The first floor of the building had two rooms which measured about 40 square feet. In the center of the two rooms was a hall that was about 20 feet in width. The original heating system for the building was open fireplaces which were later replaced.

Restoration And Reconstruction

While the central section of the building remains original, the steeple, side wings and the inside of the building were demolished, reconstructed and restored over the years. The steeple, for instance, had rotted to a dangerous level, such that it had to be pulled down in 1781. In the same year, the brick tower’s roof was made hipped. This tower was replaced in 1828 by a more intricate structure by William Strickland

The initial wings were torn down in 1812 and rebuilt in 1898. Numerous renovations were done from the 19th to the 20th century, with the current interior having being done in the 20th century by the National Park Service.

The Thomas Stretch clock which had been removed the building was restored by its replica in 1973.

As part of the Independence Hall are two buildings on the wings of the building. The Old City Hall is located on the Eastern side while the Congress Hall is on the Western side. The three buildings are on a street block that is referred to as the Independence Square.

Declaration Of independence

The Pennsylvania State house acted as the main meeting point for the Second Continental Congress between 1775 and 1783. It is in this historical building that the Declaration of Independence was signed on the 2nd of August, in 1776.Delegates, 56 in number, from the 13 former British colonies assembled at the Second Continental Congress and endorsed the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration declared the 13 colonies sovereign and independent, free from the British. The actual date for the signing has been long disputed, with some parties claiming that it was signed on July 4th, the same day as the approval, while other parties suggest that it was signed a month after its approval which is on August 2nd. A date that has been settled on by most historians.


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