Where Is The Headquarters Of The FAO Located?

FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. Editorial credit: lucarista / Shutterstock.com
FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy. Editorial credit: lucarista / Shutterstock.com

What is FAO?

FAO is an acronym for the Food and Agriculture Organization. This organization is a dedicated agency of the United Nations that is responsible for leading the international efforts of alienating hunger both in the developing and already developed countries.

The Food and Agriculture Organization plays a significant role in fighting hunger in both the first world and third world countries, since no country is superior according to the organization. Therefore, FAO provides a neutral platform whereby all countries meet as equals. It also negotiates debates and arguments policy.

In addition, FAO acts as a source of knowledge; this organization is responsible for providing essential information to the developing countries concerning the improvement of agricultural practices, fishery, and forestry practices.

FAO operates by the Latin motto, which states "let there be bread." Through this motto, the Food and Agricultural Organization ensures that there are proper nutrition and food security for all the member nations.

Headquarters of the FAO

The Food and Agricultural Organization was formed in 1945 in Quebec City in Canada. Initially, the headquarters of this organization was based in Washington D.C. in the US until 1951 when these headquarters were transferred to Rome in Italy. These headquarters are located in the earlier seat of the Department of the Italian East Africa, which was a colony of the Italians situated in the Horn of Africa.

Members of the FAO

The Food and Agricultural Organization is comprised of 197 member countries and other associate members such as the Tokelau and Faroe Islands. Another vital member of this organization is the European Union, which is an economic and political union comprising of 28 member countries that are situated in Europe. This agency is very transparent, and the member states control all its activities. The nations meet after every two years to have a review of the work done and draw a budget for the incoming two years.

The member states majorly fund the Food and Agricultural Organization via the donations that are set at the FAO conference. This organization is capable of accomplishing its tasks through these contributions. According to the 2016-2017 budget, the total budget of FAO amounted to 2.6 billion USD. The donations that are provided by the member countries and other charitable organizations are used to provide mechanical and emergency assistance to the member states.

Development of FAO

Since its establishment, FAO endeavored to make its impact in the United Nations system by primarily focusing on supporting nutrition and agriculture to the member states by providing the technical assistance required to boost agricultural production, fishery, and forestry.

The Food and Agricultural Organization has developed since its creation in 1945, and it has thus expanded its goals and objectives over the years. In its goal of managing and fighting hunger in the world, the organization put in place different main concern like reducing rural poverty, help in improving the flexibility of counties response and preparedness to natural disasters, and help to promote forestry, agriculture, and fisheries.


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