Where is Costa Rica?

San José, the capital city of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is located in the Central America and is bordered by Panama, Ecuador, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and Nicaragua.It is home to a total of 4.9 million people. Its capital city and largest city is San José. The country was colonized by the Spanish in the 16th century until 1847 when the country fought hard to achieve its sovereignty. Despite its small size, the country has placed itself relevant in the global map by being the only country to meet all the five United Nations Development Policies criteria making it environmentally sustainable. The population mostly occupies the capital with other regions being sparsely populated.

Political System

The country is headed by the President who has the executive power. Besides the president, there are elected legislatures who exercise the legislative power. The other arm of government in Costa Rica is the judiciary which operates independently. The leaders are elected every four years to their representative positions. The entire country is sub-divided into seven provinces which were initially administered by governors before their legislation was abolished in 1998. As for the political parties, there are several political parties with the active ones being nine in number which are represented in the legislative assembly.

Social Life and Culture

The main language used in communication in Costa Rica is Spanish though other native languages are still spoken. People also communicate using the creole-English which is however dominant along the Caribbean coast. The dishes that people from the region associate with include but not limited to tamale which is a traditional dishes made out of corn. The literacy level in Costa Rica is 96.3% which is attributed to the fact that public education is a guarantee in the constitution and generally the education is subsidized by the government making it affordable to all.


Costa Rica falls under the category of developing countries with great potential to become a developed country in the future. The currency used is the CRC Colón. In a bid to lure foreign investment, the government has issued tax exemptions and offered subsidies. Costa Rica is turning out to be a global high-tech hub with the establishment of firms such as Intel, Procter and Gamble among many other still popping up. From tourism perspective, it is the most visited nation in the region of Central America.


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